home inspection: Understanding the Home Inspection Report - 04/11/18 08:29 AM
Once the Home Inspection is completed and you have a chance to go over the findings with your client, here are a few tips to help you through the process:
1. Know the standards of practice the report was written to (or at least know where to reference them). The largest association is InterNACI and here is a link to their SOP: for reference
2. Understand what is being communicated. There is, for instance, a difference between a material defect and a Major Defect. A Material Defect is the more serious of the two and is something that would have a significant impact on the … (0 comments)

home inspection: Certified Master Inspector Walt Fish Inspecting the UP - 01/01/17 04:35 PM

Marquette, Houghton, Ironwood and everywhere in between. If your buying a home in 2017, there's only one place to go for your Inspection! Why? Because I am the ONLY Certified Master Inspector covering these areas. And, I've been Inspecting full time since 1998.
Hi, I'm Walt Fish...owner of "Bay Area Home Inspection"! As you may know, there is no licensing of Home Inspecors at this time in Michigan. So, if you want the best, your going to have to do your own research.
Clicking this link will bring you to my website where you can schedule your inspection from my online calandar.   
Or, give me a call at … (4 comments)

home inspection: Inspectors are not all the same in Michigan - 01/28/16 08:03 AM

I created this animated video over fours years ago and it's still relevant today! 

home inspection: When Your Home Inspector Lets You Down - 12/15/15 11:03 PM
I recently got a call from a gentleman who had purchased a home after having it inspected by another company. He was beside himself. The company, in his view, had missed some very important problems with the roof, the electrical and with the crawl space, among others. He hired me to go reinspect it.
I did the inspection, and he was correct. I also viewed the previous report he had been provided. The roof was described as having normal wear and in satisfactory condition. The readily visible portion over the new addition was in good condition. However, the original roof over the main portion of the home … (4 comments)

home inspection: Handling the Inspection Report Findings - 02/15/15 04:08 AM

As a Home Inspector, I find a wide variety of issues. Most are fixable, most are relatively minor. Not always though.
I have, on occasion, found major structural issues that had never been disclosed. I call them out for what they are. 
How do you resolve the issue brought up in the Home Inspection report?
with the buyer?
With the seller or listing agent?
with the mortgage underwriter?

home inspection: When is a home finished? - 02/14/15 03:22 AM
Question?  When is a new home finished?
Is it when all the walls are drwalled?
when electrical is roughed in?
When all the baseboard has been installed? 

home inspection: Marquette Home Inspector - 03/20/10 01:24 PM
As many of you know, tags are useful in linking keywords to your blog. In my case, Marquette, Michigan is one of my primary inspection areas. I've been doing SEO for some years now, so will share a small tip. The title of this blog will bring me more customers in Marquette than the tags will.
For those of you viewing this who need a home inspection in the Marquette area, take one minute to check out my website www.UPsBestInspector.comand remember that you can schedule an inspection time to your convenience from my on-line calendar and also pay with a credit card. … (0 comments)

home inspection: Being Self-Employed Isn't a Real Job...Right? - 03/18/10 08:37 AM
Hey all, Just a quick note to vent about an issue that has been nawing at me lately. I am involved in a number of events and associations, sit on a couple boards...ect. and schedule myself to be available to particiapte in volunteer activities.
Lately, it seems, people keep asking me for help with various projects that they would never ask another. The feedback I have gotten is that..well, you have more time being self-employed.
For the life of me, I don't seem to be able to communicate that my job does not start and end at the Inspection. I can spend … (4 comments)

home inspection: A Home Inspection is money well spent. - 02/27/10 01:46 AM

The Home Inspection Business has been a mainstay in many staters for decades. It has been popular in Lower Michigan now for over 20 years. In the Upper Peninsula though, it really began to take off in late 2006 when I first began promoting myself as an inspector in the UP. I was in a good position to advocate on behalf of this service because I had been doing home inspections in Wisconsin for years and had first gotten my state license there in 1999. One of my goals was to meet most of the Realtors and Bankers in my … (4 comments)

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