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Top Ten Minnesota Home Inspection Defects 10.  Tree Branches Rubbing On The Roof Tree branches do a lot of damage to roofs.  Just think about branches rubbing on the roof all day long while the wind is blowing.  This adds up to a lot of damage.  Tree branches too close to the roof will also give...
Summer is gone, fall is here, and it’s time to get around to all the fall chores – put up your storm windows, turn off the outside sillcocks, cover up the air conditioner… wait, scratch that last one.  Don’t waste your time or money installing a cover on your AC unit.  I’ve already seen people s...
I get a lot of questions about FHA Inspections, and it's about time I sat down and blogged about it.  Here are the most common questions I get asked about standard FHA loans.  This information does not apply to FHA 203(k) Loans. Can You Do The FHA Inspection? FHA loans do not require a home insp...
I don't think I'll be recommending any more furnace certifications.  Heresy you say?  No, I have good reason not to.  I started out meaning to write a blog about what's involved in furnace certifications and who does them, so I contacted 40 local HVAC contractors. I was shocked at most of the re...

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