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Two weeks ago I wrote a blog about the most common places to find gas leaks, and I said I'd follow up with a blog about gas connectors - those short, flexible, corrugated things that are used to connect gas appliances to gas piping.  Today I'll go over the items that I look for on gas connectors...
  As I took a walk through my neighborhood last weekend, I noticed that a lot of houses in my neighborhood have sump pumps, because they kept discharging water.  We've had a rapid snow melt here in Minnesota, and that means saturated soils... which leads to water in basements. While installing dr...
The one home inspection item that consistently causes home buyers to 'freak out' more than anything else is a gas leak. Gas explosions like the ones that recently happened in Edina and Saint Paul are probably the main causes of all the paranoia about natural gas.  Believe it or not, small gas le...
When I inspect a home in Minneapolis or Saint Paul that has electric baseboard heat, it's usually a dead giveaway that someone did some remodeling, or someone flipped the house.  In fact, the only houses that I run across in the Twin Cities metro area with all electric baseboard heaters are hous...
It's an industry standard: if a furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, it gets replaced.  The American Gas Association has even put this in writing - they say "Any visible crack or hole is reason for requiring replacement of the heat exchanger or furnace."  When I inspect a furnace and I find a c...

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