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  I find a fair amount of water heaters in Minneapolis and Saint Paul that backdraft.   Backdrafting happens when the exhaust gases from a fuel-burning appliance,  such as a water heater, spill in to the room rather that rising up and out of the house through the vent.  This is a potential safety...
In November of 2009, a home inspector in North Vancouver was ordered to pay nearly $200,000 after a faulty home inspection.   I read about all of the mistakes that were made at this inspection, and the most important piece that I came away with was that the judge decided that the home inspector ...
When an electric panel is filled with standard circuit breakers and more circuits need to be added, the solution is sometimes to install tandem breakers.  These circuit breakers allow for two circuits to be installed under one space, so they're often call cheaters.  A few other terms that I comm...
  I was recently asked whether or not HUD homes require Truth-In-Housing evaluations, and my thought was sure, they’re required on all properties… but I said I’d check on it.  I did some research on this topic, and I was quite surprised at what I found: The rules don’t apply to the federal govern...
  I'm sure we all have a few phrases that we hear on a regular basis that make us cringe.  Here are a few of mine (all of which I recently heard in one day).   Confident Real Estate Agent:  "You won't find anything wrong with this house." If you brought your infant to the doctor for their one mon...
  They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I guess they're right.  I inspect a lot of old houses in Minneapolis and Saint Paul that still have two prong outlets, and testing these outlets has always been much more time consuming than testing three prong outlets.  I started thinking abou...

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