city inspections: Why municipal inspectors wear blinders - 06/13/11 10:58 PM
I've taken many building code classes that were taught by the Building Official for the City of New Hope, Roger Axel.  He's a fantastic teacher.  In his classes, I remember him repeatedly telling us to take off the blinders; what he meant by this was to not miss the forest for the trees.  Sure, the deck ledgerboard has lag screws every six inches... but if the house was built with floor trusses, what are those lag screws going in to? The wall sheathing? Look at the big picture, keep an open mind, don't make assumptions, question everything.

Despite this sage advice, municipal … (29 comments)

city inspections: Who Inspected Your Roof? - 02/15/10 09:03 PM
Last week I mentioned that municipal inspectors will sometimes miss important details on permit inspections, partially because they just don't have the time to go over every little detail on a home the way that a private inspector does.  That reminded me of another aspect of municipal inspections in the Twin Cities that most people don't know about:
Municipal inspectors typically don't walk on roofs to inspect them.
That's right.  When municipal inspectors in the Twin Cities come out to inspect roofs, they will rarely set foot on the roof, or even lean a ladder up against the roof.  The rules … (10 comments)

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