frost heave: Goodbye Post Hole Digger - 06/12/13 08:27 PM
Goodbye post hole.
Goodbye post hole digger.
Goodbye worker bending over the hole.
Goodbye two-man auger,
and the gas that goes in it.
Goodbye concrete mix.
Goodbye wheel barrow.
Goodbye sonotube,
and the rebar inside it.
Goodbye frost heave,
and Goodbye heaved steps.
Goodbye heaved footings,
and Goodbye heaved decks.
Goodbye to the homeowner
cursing "what a mess".
Goodbye waiting for concrete to cure.
and Goodbye waiting for footing inspections.
Goodbye old-school deck footings everywhere.
OK, I don't really think standard footings are going to become a thing of the past just yet, but there's a cool new product in town that's … (45 comments)

frost heave: Frost Heaved Decks and How to Avoid Them - 06/05/13 07:51 PM
One of the most common problems with decks in Minnesota is frost heave. Today I’ll explain how this works, why it matters, and what steps can be taken to help prevent damage from frost heave when building a deck.
How Frost Heave Works When expansive soils freeze and expand, the earth rises. Wikipedia has a nice illustration of how this works, shown below.

How much can soils heave?  It depends.  I once lived in a townhouse in Saint Louis Park with a patio that would heave about 4” during the winter; it got so bad that I could barely open … (15 comments)

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