ice dam prevention: Preventing Ice Dams From The Exterior - 01/03/11 10:11 PM
I've been doing a lot of attic inspections for Minneapolis homeowners with water leaking in to their houses, and in almost every case I find obvious problems in the attic that should be addressed to either prevent or significantly reduce ice dams.  I mentioned most of the stuff that I look for in last week's blog about preventing ice dams.
Occasionally I'll come across a house with no attic space in the areas where heat loss is occurring, or there isn't access to the attic areas.  In these cases, it probably isn't cost effective to fix the problems that are causing … (16 comments)

ice dam prevention: How To Get Rid Of Ice Dams - 12/13/10 10:09 PM
While I've already written about how to prevent ice dams from happening, I've found that I get far more inquiries about how to get rid of ice dams.   There are plenty of 'hack' methods out there, so I decided to try them out and blog about it. The methods I'm going to discuss involve axes, ice picks, pantyhose, salt, heat cables, and a blowtorch.  Of course, the most effective and safe way of getting rid of ice dams is to hire a professional ice dam removal company.
I originally posted this blog almost a year ago, but here in Minneapolis we're currently … (58 comments)

ice dam prevention: How To Get Rid Of Ice Dams - 01/04/10 10:34 PM
Last year at about this time I wrote a blog about ice dams, covering what needs to be done to prevent ice dams from happening, both on the inside and outside of the house.   This year I'll discuss a bunch of different ways to get rid of ice dams.  The methods involve axes, ice picks, pantyhose, salt, and heat cables.

Axe The most obvious way to get rid of ice dams would be to just take a blunt instrument and hack away at the ice dams.  I tried an axe.

Pros: Fast results - I hacked through several feet … (30 comments)

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