inspiration station: 4th of July - 06/18/14 05:40 AM
This is a big, big one everyone!  Fourth of July posts generate massive amounts of traffic so be sure to light this firework!
Need a template for a local event?  Here you go.
Need some free images to include in your post?  Here you go.  
Need a kick in the pants to do this?  Come on over ;)
I cannot stress enough, 4th of July brings in the traffic.  Each blog you generate shows your face, your name, your company. You should be all over this!!
Google a term you would use if you were looking for events in your … (20 comments)

inspiration station: Farmer's Markets are Here - 06/10/14 07:30 AM
Living in Seattle means we don't have year-round Farmer's Markets like some of you in those sunshine states.  Last week our local farmer's market opened for the first time and will run through September.
How about your community?  I was excited to search and read the blogs locals had written on new vendors and themed days coming up.  We love getting fresh fruit and live for the kettle korn.
Write a local post about your Farmer's Market.  Do you have:
Pictures you can upload into your blog?  
Parking info?
Insider Tips?
Food Trucks Vendors?
Pet Policy?
Check out our blogging template to get you … (9 comments)

inspiration station: Father's Day Events 2014 - 06/02/14 06:48 AM
Sunday, June 15th is Father's Day.  I know I've already started looking for a gift as well as fun activities to take the old man to; so if I've started there are plenty of other daughters and sons doing the same.
Getting your posts out now to ensure you maximize potential traffic.  What are the restaurants hosting a special Father's Day brunch?  Any beer festivals or special concerts happening in your community? Car shows, pet parades, ballgames, whatever it may be, write about it!
Don't forget we've got you covered with our Blogging Blueprints.  It's easy to get inspired and then … (2 comments)

inspiration station: How To Find a Real Estate (Agent, Homestager, Inspector) in (City) - 05/22/14 03:35 AM
We're back to the "How To" posts and we're here because potential clients are starting their Google search for you with this term. 
I know you want to be their agent, homestager, loan officer so write a post about yourself, business and skills.  
Title your post just as a searcher would type it into Google:
How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Kirkland
How to Find a Home Inspector in Wallingford
How to Find a REALTOR® in Bellevue
Be sure to include links to your website where they can find out more about you, available listings and other helpful information.  Include seller/buyer tips depending … (34 comments)

inspiration station: Homes For Sale in (neighborhood) between ($) & ($) - 05/15/14 04:27 AM
Homes for sale in Kirkland between $300K and $400K
Homes for sale in Juanita between $250K and $325K
Homes for sale in Wallingford between $400K and $500K
This search term is used by potential home buyers to start their online search.  A Google term that you can easily rank for if you get narrow enough in the location or price range.  You're sure to get in front of someone who is probably closer to buying than someone that types in "homes for sale in Kirkland".
A good IDX will produce a landing page for your search term, ie homes for sale in Juanita … (70 comments)

inspiration station: What One Room Should Sellers Focus On to Sell? - 04/09/14 03:49 AM
Your clients are getting ready to sell.  They're asking you, the expert, what's the one room in their home they should spend time and money on to have the biggest impact on the sale of the house.  
What do you say?
Which room should they choose? What's a Do-It-Yourself project they can easily accomplish? What project do they need a contractor for? How should they go about their project?  
Tell the world the best Move In Ready Room to focus on and why.
Once you've written your post...GET FOUND!
Share your content on social … (40 comments)

inspiration station: The Value of Staging Your Home - Tell Consumers Why! - 04/03/14 04:46 AM
We all know staging works, the experts who stage the little reading nook just so are quite mastered at what they do.  The eye of knowing how to create space, warmth and light is an art that homestagers possess.
Consumers may not understand the benefits of staging their home for sale.
They may wonder why spending X amount of dollars is important.  What's the ROI?  Is it worth it?  Can't the home just sell as it is now?
Pick one subject and give the consumers ideas on:
Before & After
Staging on a Budget
Staging - Hot or Not?
How Not to Hurt the Sellers Feelings … (7 comments)

inspiration station: Write About the Spring Selling Season - 03/26/14 02:38 AM
Spring Selling Season is here. Can you smell the daffodils, cherry blossoms, and coming commission checks?!

We want you to write a blog post about the Spring Selling Season.

ActiveRain is full of experts from every stage in the buying/selling process, so we want to see you write a blog post filled with your own personal expertise and focused on your region of the country.
Agents and Brokers - Write about why spring is such a great time of year to list your house or move into a new home.
Home Stagers - Talk about how to make the inside of … (14 comments)

inspiration station: Write a Blog About the Hidden Gems Infographic - 03/21/14 03:01 AM
ActiveRain has produced its latest infographic for you to use in your marketing plan.  We asked the AR Community which hidden gems create the most value in a home and 1,500 of you responded.  
Take the information from the infographic and blog about it! Talk about how it relates to your market, neighborhoods and areas.  This information goes beyond the standard details of a home. Home buyers should be on the hunt for these hidden gems.  Extra value and resale value are just two that come to mind. 
Have you been waiting for an opportunity to reach out to current, … (31 comments)

inspiration station: Investing in Your Future - 03/20/14 05:05 AM
Investing is a subject currently being researched.  With tax-time upon us, those big return checks can be the starting point for a new investment.  What advice do you have to give?   People are looking for content that’s timely – content you’d see on tv and read in the news. The best way to accomplish this is to take your already great advice and apply it to current trends. Consumers are looking for your take on current events through the lens of being experienced real estate professionals. Of the three topics below, choose the one that connect with you. Try not … (26 comments)

inspiration station: Time to Change the Clocks - 03/03/14 06:45 AM
Time to Spring Forward!
This Sunday we'll be getting one less hour.  But all is right because that means spring is that much closer, more daylight is ours!
On Sunday, March 9th at 2am it is officially Daylight Saving Time. Turn the clocks forward one hour; Saturday night before bed works too.
Don't forget to remind your followers of this wonderful time of year!

inspiration station: Tax Breaks - 02/06/14 02:12 AM
The end-of-year statements are rolling in and people are about to start their annual duty of doing their taxes.  New homeowners may not know about the available tax breaks offered to them. People who had a short sale are searching the web for answers to their tax questions.
Write a blog post about this year's tax breaks and send it off to your clients past and present.  Not only is it a great way to say hello and remind them you're still in the business but it's an extremely timely piece that is both useful and appreciated.
Here are a few examples … (23 comments)

inspiration station: Valentine's Day - 01/28/14 05:37 AM
If you're smart and would like to keep on breathing, the thought of Valentine's Day may have crossed your mind by now.  The little lovebirds out there are beginning to see what their city has planned, which restaurants have Valentine specials and creative gifts to give their one and only.
Know of the hottest Italian restaurant?  What about a romantic setting or a kid-friendly restaurant for the night?  Have any gift ideas that are hot right now?
Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year which puts a bit more stress on making plans as weekends are already busy.  Time to … (28 comments)

inspiration station: Best Spots to Watch the Super Bowl - 01/21/14 04:09 AM
Our city is on fire with excitement of going to the Super Bowl!  Did you know the most called in sick day is the Monday after the Super Bowl? "Something" must be going around...
Well that means there will be sports fans looking for events in their area.  Get out there and blog about the best places to watch this year's Super Bowl.  Include any insider tips or pictures of the venue you may have.  
Parking, food/drink specials, viewing times, kids, anything you can think of to help someone make their decision.
Good luck and GO HAWKS!

inspiration station: Chinese New Year - 01/14/14 06:56 AM
It's the year of the Horse (congrats to all the other Horses out there)! On January 31st, many people will be celebrating the New Year.
When I Google "Chinese New Year events", the results are coming up with local events in Seattle and surrounding cities.  Google Authorship, the author's photo, appears for trusted writers making me click on their posts.
Be that trusted writer!  It may open your world to a new sphere of people.  Hopefully they'll catch one of the calls to action on your blog and start reading more of your posts or contact you directly for real estate … (4 comments)

inspiration station: What Is... - 01/08/14 06:58 AM
Think about your potential clients and what they are typing into Google.  You are the expert of these real estate terms which are foreign to many home buyers so they rely o
Sifting through Google Analytics shows massive clicks on titles starting with 'What is'.  Titling your post along with quality content is key.  

Check out some posts that continue to get the clicks:
What is a Non-Arms Length Transaction?  Major, major clicks.
What is a Non Warrantable Condo?  Written in 2008 and STILL gets the clicks!
What is a Flag Lot...  Thousands of clicks.
What is Repair Escrow? Written … (9 comments)

inspiration station: 2014 Resolutions - 01/02/14 05:23 AM
Happy New Year! Hopefully you have a good idea of what you'd like to see happen in 2014.  Your resolutions should be ready and your plan of attack in play.  You may be saying to yourself "But it's only January 2nd", well, we've only got 354 days left!!
Writing your resolutions down is a good idea to solidify them in your mind one more time.  You'll have this post to look back on in 12 months and you'll also inspire other members of the community with good business ideas.
On Wednesday, January 8th, Bob is hosting a webinar where you'll find … (1 comments)

inspiration station: Holiday Events - 12/04/13 05:34 AM
It's the most wonderful time of the year...ding dong, ding dong...
Get out there and get hyperlocal!  Everyone from Grandma to little Sally is searching the web for the holiday events in their area.  
Use our Local Event Blueprint as a guide to making your posts great.  Include information on hours, pricing, parking, what to expect, what to wear, if pets are allowed etc.
You may need to do some research of your own to find out more about these events.  Many cities have a Patch website that might have the information you're looking for.
Need some photos?  Check out … (7 comments)

inspiration station: Winterizing Your Home - 11/21/13 06:52 AM
Tis the season for homeowners to get their homes ready for winter.  It's started in many parts of the country already but some don't know where to start.
Tips for winterizing a home are a good way to keep your readers engaged and continue to show your expertise.  Include tips on things like:
Air Ducts
Fire Alarms
Include information and service numbers for company's that can help homeowners with these tasks.  A one-stop-shop blog post is priceless and will leave your readers indebted to you.
Try reaching out to your … (27 comments)

inspiration station: Thanksgiving Events, Dinners and More - 11/13/13 03:50 AM
The countdown to Thanksgiving is on. Writing your posts now ensure extra clicks and views for those searching early.  Analytics show the entire month of November high for everything Thanksgiving.
The below titles are popular and a good idea for titling your posts.  What would you type into Google?  Use that as your keyword phrase.
Thanksgiving Day Events in (city)                         
Thanksgiving Day 2013 Events in (city)
Thanksgiving Events (city)
Where to Volunteer on Thanksgiving in (city)
Thanksgiving Dinner in (city)
Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner (city)
Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities in (city)
(city) Thanksgiving Events 2013
Praful wrote … (7 comments)

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