Arizona an Investment Opportunity for Canadian Investors?       11/29/07 Joel Lawson/Owner Broker Integrity Realty & Assoc, L.L.C. Those who read my blog know. I'm a Real Estate Broker, in Snowflake, Arizona. This post goes to the advantages for...
Arizona white mountains, a great place to invest in the United States as a foreign investor. 11/27/07 Although the national news continues to refer to Arizona, along with Nevada and the few other states as a place suffering some of the worst subprime problems. The foreclosures and drop in home pr...
Why is Snowflake, Arizona a great place for self sufficient living.   11-23-07Snowflake Arizona sits at an altitude of between 5300 and 5800 feet above sea level.  Snowflake sets over the Coconino sandstone aquifer.  This aquifer is one of the largest in the Southwest, with most private Wells hit...
Green living solar and wind trends are up-and-coming. 11-15-07. For the past 10 years, we at Integrity Realty have been selling homes, powered by solar and wind. Although we probably feature more of these type homes than most communities. The percentage of self sufficient homes, is not nearly as ...
Americans are too busy to pay attention.                         11/07/07This is a little off the subject of real estate, but not really.It always amazes me that so much goes by and unnoticed.  Concerning real estate, no one seemed to notice when the old standard of 36, 41 ratios began to disappe...

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