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The Most Important Aspect The most important aspect of the home-buying transaction is the mortgage process. If you discover too late that you can not afford your mortgage payment, you could lose your home and be unable to purchase another home for years. Obtaining information is easy. Mortgage information sources are as numerous as mortgage types. Websites, topical newspaper articles, mortgage books, consumer seminars and workshops can help. Needless to say, our team of mortgage professionals is here to assist you with your mortgage needs.
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What can this FREE Chart Do? 1) Calculate monthly PITI payments2) Calculate interest-only payemnts3) Automatically calculate approximate mortgage insurance.4) Calculate DTI (debt-to-income)5) Calculate approximate tax write-offs for home ownership6) And much more!!! Hello everybody, I have just U...
Do not waste another minute showing properties to unqualified borrowers! Hello everybody, I have just totally revamped my website www.IntuitiveLoans.com and I thought that all real estate professionals and home buyers would be interested in an Excel spreadsheet I've created.  It's taken about a y...
Hi Everybody,I need your help!I've got a couple of really nice leads for residential loans.  One is 8M and one is 15M.  They are both 60% LTV and full doc.  I know these leads are real because I just closed a 2.3M and 5.025M loan given to me by the same company.8M and 15M!Without breaking the law...
Hello again,With the industry changing daily (sometimes twice daily), I wanted to give everybody a heads up as to where we stand right now.  FHA loan limits have been increased for the rest of 2008.  This means that you can purchase a home that is 700K+ in some areas with only 3% down (which can ...
Recently, the #1 question that I have been asked is, "Should I refinance my property while rates are low?"  How can you tell if the benefits of the monthly savings out weigh the cost?  As I am fond of using actual figures to demonstrate my view point, please allow me to explain how to calculate t...
I have been approached my many people recently for advice on whether or not to wait for the market to "bottom out" before they buy their next house.  These clients wonder if it would be more beneficial to move now or to wait for a better (different) market.These questions can only be answered by ...
Hi again from Intuitive Loans!As you may have become aware, many lenders are now requiring 5% of the purchase price of a home to come from the borrower.  Lenders want to make sure that the borrower has some of their own money invested in the property.  This helps to insure that the borrower will ...
Hello again and thank you for stopping by!Today, I wanted to share my views on using your home as an Automated Teller Machine.  Over the past decade, more and more families have been pulling equity out of their home in order to make purchases and investments.  While there are many view points on ...
Hi again from Intuitive Loans,With all of the negativity surrounding and permeating the real estate and mortgage industries today, I wanted to share my thoughts and perspective.  Rather than write a long and drawn-out thesis, I'll summarize today's thoughts in the following 10 bullet points.1) Th...

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