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Accentuate the PositiveYou don't have to peer very deeply to find negativity.  It is all around us.  This is especially so in a down economy.  Discouragement will raise its ugly head and you must decide how to deal with it!
If you are a Boomer, you encounter other special issues.  A recent report on formal EEO complaints revealed the following; "The amount of cases pertaining to age discrimination have increased dramatically over the past couple years to the point that these complaints are nearly as common as race and gender based claims."
As Psychotherapist, Karen Chambre, states it; "Baby Boomers … (1 comments)

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Remember the statement; "No man is an island?"  Well, that is truer than ever in business today.  Thanks to the internet, the world is so connected today that it is virtually impossible to operate any gainful business alone.  Even the guy who details my cars has a beautiful website!
I always got a kick out of the expression "self-made millionaire."  What's that?  You mean that they didn't need to connect with any other businesses to get where they got?  No way!  I became a millionaire several years ago and the credit is shared with about a couple dozen significant players.  … (2 comments)

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Take Responsibility
While having a quality Mentor and acting on his/her advice is a key element, as a new Entrepreneur you must be willing to accept the consequences for every decision you make.  Most Small Business Owners are more than ready to accept the rewards of business ownership, yet there is so much more that goes on behind the glamour of success.  The point is that as the Owner of a business you must be prepared to make whatever sacrifices needed to keep the ship afloat.  We call this taking responsibility.
I was on the phone today with one of my … (3 comments)

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Take Massive Action!
I have to laugh when I think of the stereotypical religious revival where the audience gets all worked up as they are filled with the charisma in the air.  The audience is stirred up and highly motivated only to lose that feeling within hours!  They may have felt "motivated," but could not take it to the point of personal application.
The very same applies to your small business.  You can get "pumped up" over an array of inspiring books, speeches, seminars, TV shows and programs that stimulate the senses.  Nevertheless, without meaningful action, and a lot of it, … (0 comments)

home based real estate busines: Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #5 - 04/27/11 05:03 PM
Get a MentorHistorically, a young man was mentored by his dad in the family business, while a young lady worked closely alongside her mother. Today, while secular values have changed, the need for mentorship has not. We can all benefit from skilled, accomplished Mentors.Since 2008, I have taken my 25 years of experience and applied it to mentoring Boomers internationally. Having seen first-hand the trepidation of new business owners in my field; Real Estate Investing, I have become an even stronger advocate of mentorship. As I mentioned in a former article, fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. With a Mentor, … (0 comments)

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Once you have done your research, you must follow through.  This calls for commitment.  Commitment is manifested in a variety of ways, one of which includes determination.  Once you've committed to your business, you must be unwavering.  With this mindset, you won't vacillate back and forth.
Sadly, this is a very easy thing to do.  The world is full of negative opinions with its naysayers and haters.  You must not waver and allow these inclinations to get the best of you.  Commitment calls for maintaining mastery over your own destiny, not allowing trials and set-backs to cause you to pull … (0 comments)

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Decide to Make the Move
In my last article we discussed the importance of recognizing the opportunities for Boomers contemplating starting a business.  You are, in fact, in the right place at the right time.
Today we will discuss the idea of overcoming the initial fear of breaking out of the mold.  Are you an employee?  Have you been one for decades, perhaps?  Entrepreneurship is a whole different ball game, and not for the faint of heart!  For many, implicitly relying on an employer, the government or other may not be the wisest course to take.  In light of the many … (0 comments)

home based real estate busines: Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #1 - 04/13/11 06:18 PM
Recognize Opportunity
This week my wife and I finally went to see the movie "Social Media;" the story of FACEBOOK Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg.  This story features the young 20-year-old college student, in the early days of his blockbuster internet career.
 Today, FACEBOOK has surpassed Google in internet traffic and Mark, in his mid-20s, is the youngest Billionaire in history!  Like all Hollywood box office hits, drama sells!  The allure of youth on the verge of a colossal triumph certainly caused even the slightly curious to pony up the money to purchase tickets to view this version of the Zuckerberg saga.
Now … (1 comments)

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