mexico real estate: Playa del Carmen Real Estate Hosts Riviera Maya Int. Jazz Festival - 02/22/13 07:35 AM
Playa del Carmen hosted its tenth annual jazz festival from Thursday, Nov. 22 through Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012. The Riviera Maya International Jazz Festival has grown substantially over the past decade, attracting new visitors from around the world to discover the beauty of Playa del Carmen real estate.
This year’s event has brought together a variety of big names, along with some of the world’s brightest rising stars from the modern, international jazz scene. Each year, the shows kick off on the beach in the early evening, beginning at 7 p.m. at Mamita’s Beach Club in Playa, which can be … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Puerto Vallarta Real Estate: Virgin America Say New Route Very Popular - 01/25/13 03:34 AM
In a 2012 interview with Travel Weekly, Virgin American airlines announced that its new service from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is already paying off, and paying off big time. It is only the third destination in Mexico to be added so far by Virgin America, which is based out of Burlingame, California, but at this rate it is surely not going to be the last.
“We’re seeing strong demand,” shared Ross Bonanno, who is vice president of airports and guest services for the airline. “It’s a popular and very safe resort area. We’ve seen that demand is as … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Tequila: History and Tasting in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate - 09/27/12 08:13 AM
According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, tequila tasting in Cabo San Lucas is increasingly being treated with the same importance that fine wine tasting enjoys in many other parts of the world. Considered to be Mexico’s unofficial national drink, tequila is a distilled spirit that is typically between 70 and 80 proof, with a strong but smooth flavor.
Tequila boasts a rich and storied history throughout Mexico and in the area surrounding Cabo San Lucas real estate. It is distilled from the juices of the blue agave succulent, which was originally planted and used by the Aztecs, who … (1 comments)

mexico real estate: Mexico Real Estate: Live in Hollywood’s Favorite Destination - 08/31/12 06:22 AM
There are a large number of really great reasons to consider buying Mexico real estate; from the fabulous, world-class beaches to the exciting nightlife and award-winning cuisine, there is always something new to experience. Perhaps all of this is also why there are so many celebrities and Hollywood stars who choose to visit Mexico each year over the world’s many other tropical destinations. Most recently, the vacation hotspots of Cancun and Cabo San Lucas were the destinations of choice for some of the world’s biggest stars, who were spotted in Mexico enjoying quiet getaways and attending a variety of film promo … (1 comments)

mexico real estate: Tulum’s Rapid Growth Means Infrastructure - 06/01/12 04:24 AM
The USA Today reported recently that few places in the world have developed as quickly as Mexico’s Riviera Maya and that includes Tulum.
Tulum, not only is it home to the only seaside ruins of a once majestic and powerful empire, it is currently the most talked about town in all of the free world.
Tulum’s growth rate has now surpassed that of Playa del Carmen and garners the distinction of being the fastest growing town in Latin America. 
The Wall Street Journal just recently reported that Tulum is in the top 3 of the World’s Top Ten … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Mexico Real Estate: Wall Street Journal Reports on Mexico’s Economy - 06/01/12 04:17 AM
The Wall Street Journal reported in April of 2012 that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given Mexico’s investment potential and the country’s financial system a favorable evaluation. This is also great news for Mexico real estate, which is continuing to increase in popularity as savvy investors worldwide look for alternatives to the failing traditional global markets.
“Mexico’s banking system is well capitalized and positioned to deal with severe shocks after proving resilient during the 2008-2009 global financial crisis,” stated analysts from the IMF, after completing an assessment of the country’s financial sector in 2011.
The World Bank also … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Mazatlan Real Estate Popular Among Retirees - 03/14/12 03:52 AM
More and more retirees are purchasing Mazatlan property, including many expats who have chosen to make Mexico their permanent home. One reason is that Mazatlan real estate is very affordable, leaving plenty of savings to enjoy retirement.
In fact, many Mazatlan homes for sale are so affordable that buyers will have enough income left over to hire help around the house, such as a maid, gardner chef or butler. In Mexico, these service are also very affordable, making it an excellent choice for retirees who are on a fixed income or strict budget. Ever since the 1930s, Mazatlan real estate … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Cancun Real Estate Value Bolstered by Airport Expansion - 11/25/11 07:29 AM
The appeal of Cancun real estate has blossomed over recent decades, especially since its airport practically doubled in size in 2009. Why the exponential influx of flights?  You won’t be at all surprised once you get an eyeful of the tropical paradise that this region's landscape offers.  Consequently, new and used Cancun homes for sale line sprawling, white sandy beaches, only miles from modern shopping malls, top-rated restaurants, and innumerable tourist activities. 

Cancun investment property has become increasingly popular in areas like Playa del Carmen, whose Fifth Avenue district boasts quaint shopping and dining with a European accent and … (1 comments)

mexico real estate: Mexico Rises to Top M&A Market Worldwide in 2010 - 09/01/10 11:12 AM

According to a Thomson Reuters’ research report last month, Mexico has now replaced Brazil as the top M&A Market in the Americas and surpassed 15 other M&A markets worldwide including the U.S., Switzerland, Indian, China, Spain and Australia in the first half of 2010.  
Mexico announced their M&A values jumped incredibly from $1.2 billion in 2009 to $47.1 billion thus far this year.  This rise represents a dethroning of Brazil as Latin America’s top M&A market and positions Mexico as a leading player in the Merger’s marketplace worldwide.  
For those who have not noticed, Mexico has … (1 comments)

mexico real estate: A Tale of 3 Cities: The Coming Boom in Tulum - 08/26/10 12:10 PM

Growth of Cancun 1978 - 2007
Finding and taking advantage of real estate booms can be a risky and tedious proposition, especially when looking internationally.  Real estate deals sometimes look enticing from a distance but a granular look exposes weaknesses.  Yet, once in a while you stumble across an opportunity that your common sense tells you is obvious.  Something that you have seen happen before and you sense it will happen again.  Such an opportunity may be unfolding on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.
First, there was Cancun.  In 1970, Cancun, Mexico was an undeveloped and uninhabited barrier island. … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: U.S. Trades China for Mexico - 08/20/10 05:09 AM

According to a report from CNN Money, Mexico has defeated China as the #1 place to manufacturing assembly products bound for the United States.  Mexico is becoming so much more attractive that even Chinese companies are moving to Mexico to take advantage of NAFTA benefits when exporting to the U.S.
It makes sense.  Mexico offers better access to the U.S. with faster, shorter and cheaper transportation routes as apposed to shipping products thousands of miles by ship across the Pacific as is the case when manufacturing in China.  Many of these manufacturing companies moving to Mexico are actually owned … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Mexico’s Carlos Slim (The World’s Richest Man) Owns Huge Stake in The New York Times -- Newsweek Magazine May Be Next - 08/19/10 06:43 AM

Perhaps the richest man you’ve never heard of, Carlos Slim, who beat Bill Gates to become the first non-American in 16 years to become the “Richest Man in the World”, is now the New York Time’s largest single independent shareholder.  The terms of his agreements allow him to buy up to 18% more of the New York Time’s common stock.
The Mexican billionaire has amassed a $53.5 billion fortune and a sprawling empire of more than 200 companies which include retail stores, airlines, banks, restaurants, mining, printing, construction, and principally telecoms.  
He also owns a 20% stake … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Mexicans Beat Brits in U.S. Property Market - 08/16/10 05:59 AM

That’s right, for the first time the British have now fallen behind Mexicans in the purchase of property in the U.S.  The National Association of Realtor’s study showed Brits account for 9% of foreign property purchases, while Mexican buyers have jumped up 10% this year.  In fact, Mexican investment in the U.S. now tops $10 billion annually.
31 Wall St. economists recently reported that the Mexican economy is surging out of the recession with a 4.5% growth rate, beating both Britain and the U.S.  Mexico citizens are also enjoying double-digit loan growth, low national debt, lower unemployment, a stronger … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Could Tulum Mexico Make You Rich? - 08/10/10 09:22 AM

"A Gold Rush" - Travel & Leisure
Despite hyped-headlines and the barrage of “salesy” articles and press releases that are currently flying around the blogosphere, the sleepy town of Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast could make quite a few people very, very rich.
Only a few years ago, you could purchase a piece of this sacred strip of Mayan beach and jungle for peanuts (one fifth) compared to what it would cost you now, and this upward spiral is only in its infancy.  Why the stunning growth?  It appears the perfect (real estate) storm has precipitated for this … (2 comments)

mexico real estate: Where Are The Wealthy Keeping Their Cash in 2010? - 08/07/10 02:34 AM

Do you really think that the uber-wealthy are riding out the dramatic, roller-coaster gyrations of the stock market alongside every other American stock holder?
If not, then you might want to listen up.  What I am about to tell you could dramatically affect your economic future.  
How would you like to know where the wealthy are keeping their cash these days?  Would  it interest you to know what the number one investment secret of the rich and famous is?  
It is a perennial secret that the wealthy have used for decades to make millions, … (1 comments)

mexico real estate: Oil Spill Drives Property Values Down $56k, Sending Buyers to Mexico - 08/06/10 03:14 AM

“600,000 homes face $3 billion loss over 5 years” - Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg reported yesterday, that in the wake of the BP oil spill (the largest in history), some Gulf Coast homes and properties have lost an average of $56,000 each, a whopping 35% since May alone.  Over 600,000 waterfront properties in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida face value losses of over $3 billion or more over the next 5 years.  
The disaster is expected to completely wipe out the premiums homebuyers and investors paid for water access and ocean views, and commercial buyers and developers will see … (1 comments)

mexico real estate: Millions of Americans Are Moving Next Door (to Mexico) - 08/04/10 08:22 AM

Despite hyped-headlines about drug war violence, Mexico, surprisingly, remains the reining #1 favorite vacation spot for North Americans.  In fact, the number of American visitors coming to Mexico is up about 30% from this same time last year.  
What may be even more amazing is the number of Americans that are now actually making Mexico their home.  According to the U.S. State Department, over 1 million American citizens now reside in Mexico, more than any other country outside the borders of the United States.  Every single month an average of 5,000 new Americans are making the move, crossing … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Energized Economy Raises Middle Class in Mexico - 07/23/10 06:00 AM

With headlines of drug lords dominating the news, it’s easy to imagine Mexico to be a place with little hope.  The fact is, in many cases, quite the opposite is true.  In tourist rich areas of the country, like Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, the middle class is burgeoning and most Mexicans say their future appears to be brighter than ever, more than it has in generations.    
In Playa del Carmen, thousands of miles removed from border-town drug wars, brand new VW’s, Chevy’s and other inexpensive cars (along with a few BMW’s and Mercedes) pull into the parking lot … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: Can I make money with my vacation property? - 07/20/10 08:48 AM

Many people are considering buying a second or vacation home in Mexico and only want to spend a few weeks or part of the year in it.  The financial opportunity exists to make enough rental income to cover the property's costs.  A purely hands-off rental investment property is extremely desirable.  You can generate income while a property in the Riviera Maya appreciates in value.  Certainly not the case now, or in the near future, anywhere in the US.  How can this be accomplished?
The first factor to consider is tourism figures.  The Riviera Maya, along the beautiful Caribbean coast, … (0 comments)

mexico real estate: International Monetary Fund Raises Growth Forecast for Mexico - 07/19/10 06:36 AM

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the powerful organization that oversees the global financial system, significantly raised its economic forecast for Mexico this month and in fact, warned that the economy South of the Border may be in danger of “overheating”.  
Latin America’s second largest economy is racing out of the recession at a 4.5% growth rate, faster than the U.S. and a full three points higher than previous IMF predictions.  International capital is now flowing faster into Mexico as this emerging market is accelerating.  Lower debt and sound economic fundamentals are getting the attention of individual and institutional … (0 comments)

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