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May I opine?Everyone should read something every day that will edify, encourage, and educate them.  Give 30-minutes to yourself to learn your craft and become a better person isn't a bad thing.  That being said, I would like to recommend the following books:Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon HillThe G...
If you would be so kind as to critique this vt it would be of invaluable assistance to me not only as a realtor, but as a photographer as well.  I am most interested in knowing your thoughts onimage qualityspeed of touruse of musicoverall thoughtsthe tour in question is here. Thank you. 
Here is an interesting idea.  I haven't tried this yet but the person I learned this from uses it frequently.  Obviously it is important that you check with your local board for any compliance issues.Let's assume you have an established farm area of at least 1,000 homes.  Now, go to local busines...
Good Morning,This is an approach that I have successfully used to diffuse home owners when they see me at their door.  I don't recall where or from whom I learned this gem; it may be old hat to most of you.  However, if it helps one agent with a fear of this form of marketing, it is well worth th...
Create a ten minute video packed with testimonials, actual successful sales statistics, and area sales statistics, don't make it trite and corny, but professionally done.  Get with your marketing department or hire someone familiar with writing great copy for television commercials.  Hire a video...
Being new here at AR, I'm not familiar with all the rules yet and so I hope I'm not violating any with this post.  I thought I'd submit my business card for your opinion.  My wife says I'm a bit to stern looking, but I was going for that "Harley Bad-boy" look.  What do you think?  Also, I've alwa...
Good Monday morning my new friends at AR,Since joining a few days ago, I have already enjoyed learning some marvelous new things to help me keep my business growing.  For that, I express my sincere thanks.I wanted to ask a couple of general questions about using a professional photographer to sho...
Well, isn't that the $64,000 question?For those of you that remember the 1980s, will recall the interest rates too.  Guess what, people still bought homes even while qualifying for a mortgage loan rate in double digits.Today the market is as tough as it has been in nearly two decades.  The thing ...

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