cabo corridor: Solaria Condos, Cabo Corridor Homes for Sale - 07/11/22 11:48 AM
About Solaria, Cabo Corridor 
The spectacular panoramic view of the Arch, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Cortez is one of the highlights of the exclusive and high-end Solaria condominium development, which can be found along the Cabo Corridor. Solaria provides you with the lifestyle you deserve by ensuring you have an excellent endless view from every point of view. Solaria's impressive and elevated location guarantees its residents to enjoy the spectacular company on the ocean view terrace as the sun descends into yet another perfect Cabo evening or the seemingly endless horizon of the Sea of Cortez greets when the … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: The Cape Residences, Cabo Corridor Homes for Sale - 07/11/22 11:48 AM
About The Cape Residences
The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel that cannot be compared to any other. From its beachfront location, this resort boasts breathtaking views of El Arco and the Cabo San Lucas Bay from every room and vantage point. This five-star resort provides spectacular views for all 157 rooms, suites, and villas. There are two pools for guests and owners to choose from (an infinity pool with a swim-up bar and a saltwater pool built into a natural rock formation on the property), a rooftop lounge and garden with an exceptional view of the … (1 comments)

cabo corridor: Condos for Sale in The Cape Residences, Cabo Corridor - 12/14/21 08:54 PM
Neighborhood Information
The Cape Residences is a premium collection of 32 full-ownership properties that feature one to three-bedroom oceanfront luxury residences nestled at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel on the edge of the Baja California Peninsula.  The Cape Residences is located above the sea on Monuments Beach, offering spectacular views of the Arch, which is a landmark of Cabo San Lucas. In addition to providing the ultimate lavish lifestyle, each turn-key property also allows its inhabitants to take advantage of the oceanfront hotel's amenities at a significantly reduced rate. With a vintage 1960s SoCal - Baja atmosphere, The Cape perfectly combines Thompson's … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Homes for Sale in Twin Dolphin | Maravilla | Montage, Cabo Corridor - 12/13/21 09:58 AM
Neighborhood Information
Twin Dolphin | Maravilla | Montage is a relatively premium resort attraction. The Twin Dolphin Golf Club is the newest addition to Los Cabos's growing list of golfing diversions. There are spectacular vistas of the Sea of Cortez from every hole on this Fred Couples Signature golf course, which has been skillfully designed to blend into the Baja desert. Twin Dolphin combines flowing fairways and snappy courses with spectacular arroyos and natural bunkers to create an unforgettable golf experience for residents and guests. The club transcends the classic game of golf for its members, their families, and their guests while … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Homes for Sale in Punta Ballena, Cabo Corridor - 12/13/21 09:46 AM
Neighborhood Information
Punta Ballena, a private and exclusive residential community in Los Cabos, is positioned just three miles out beyond Cabo San Lucas. There are 53 single-family and multi-family premium residences in Punta Ballena, as well as three- and four-bedroom villas and condos and a 56-room deluxe hotel. Punta Ballena is the epitome of comfort and relaxation. Residents can take advantage of the numerous attractions that the community has to offer to families and visitors. With more than two miles of walking trails, private athletic fields, and an exclusive resident-only beach club that features a restaurant and bar, gymnasium, swimming pool, and … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Homes for Sale in Cresta Del Mar, Cabo Corridor - 12/13/21 07:50 AM
Neighborhood Information
Cresta Del Mar is a neighborhood in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, nestled on the desert main road along the Cabo corridor, approximately 6 kilometers from the city center.  Several small stores that provide home products, groceries, and refreshments are conveniently placed in the community. At the same time, major retail centers are available in the surrounding area and can be reached within five minutes of driving. In this secluded, tranquil, and exclusive community, residents are guarded by  24-hour security and can enjoy walking through the paved streets across the neighborhood. The area can take advantage of available underground utilities and … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Homes for Sale in Chileno Bay Golf and Beach Club, Cabo Corridor - 12/13/21 07:42 AM
Neighborhood Information
Chileno Bay Golf and Beach Club is ideally positioned along the Cabo Corridor and provides its residents with an exceptional community that allows them to enjoy the tranquility of Mexico's coastal environment. You can spend the morning working out with a trainer in the health center, playing 18 holes or hit the driving course with mates, relax in the pristine parks in the surrounding area, spend the afternoon in the wellness center, or complete the day by dining with a fantastic view. The residents of the community are safe and secured, given the entrance guarded by a 24-hour security system.
Chileno … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Homes for Sale in Casa Mexicana, Cabo Corridor - 12/13/21 07:29 AM
Neighborhood Information
The area is a suitable location for families with younger folk who need to be enrolled in an educational facility.  Delmar International School,  Universidad de Tijuana, and Gymboree Los Cabos are the three schools closest to Casa Mexicana. Numerous alternative educational institutions in the region cater to local and international students. If you intend to relocate to the area with your children, you'll be pleased to know that there are several fantastic options available to accommodate their educational needs.
Real Estate Information
The neighborhood offers a range of two and four-bedroom floor plans with 4 bathrooms on average to choose from. These … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: San Jose del Cabo Ultimate Guide - 01/28/19 02:15 AM
Your Ultimate Guide to San Jose del CaboSan Jose del Cabo is the town on the eastern end of the Cabo Corridor. Unlike Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo features more culturally rich neighborhoods, historic landmarks, art galleries, and local businesses. The city is more quaint and family-friendly perfect for day tours and walking around to get to know the locals.
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1. Enjoy the Food
The city of San Jose del Cabo is home to many authentic Mexican restaurants, farm-to-table restaurants, and family eateries serving delicious dishes and meals. Explore the pedestrian-friendly streets of the city … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Top 7 Best Food and Drinks in Cabo - 01/28/19 01:00 AM
Top 7 Best Food in Cabo1. Tostadas
Tostada is a Spanish word meaning "toasted" and is a common term used for various toasted dishes. In Cabo, it's simply fried tortilla served with various fresh toppings. Seafood such as shrimp, lobster, and tuna are common toppings added to coastal variants of the dish.
2. Mole
Mole is the sauce added to a rice dish and is considered a staple in Mexican cuisine. There are various ingredients used to make the sauce with chocolate on the primary components. The unique texture and flavors mixed with the chocolate make the dish stand out and is a definite must try … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Perfect Vacation in Cabo - 01/27/19 09:16 PM
How to Have the Perfect Vacation in CaboCabo is the typical dream holiday for honeymooners, spring breakers, and anyone else looking for a vacation experience they won't soon forget. The region provides beautiful beaches, friendly locals, excellent luxury resorts, and various attractions and establishments that support the many tourists visiting the area regularly. If you are planning to go on vacation here for yourself, we've created a list of things you should consider for yourself to ensure a perfect vacation in Cabo.
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San Lucas vs. San Jose
Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are the … (2 comments)

cabo corridor: Things to Do, Food to Eat, and Places to See in the Cabo Corridor - 01/27/19 07:13 PM
What to Do, Eat, and See in the Cabo Corridor 
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1. The Corridor
The Cabo Corridor or Tourist Corridor is a 33 kilometer coastline along the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula. The beautiful strip of beaches are home to luxury resorts and beachfront communities between the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. The Corridor is the center-piece of the entire tourism industry and it provides a wealth of activities and attractions that any visitor will surely enjoy. Whether you're planning to visit with your family, as a couple, with your friends, or … (3 comments)

cabo corridor: Top 10 Hidden Gems in Los Cabos - 01/27/19 05:30 PM
Top Things to Do in Cabo San LucasThe tourist-friendly city of Cabo San Lucas offers a long list of places to visit, natural wonders, cultural and historical sites, and many more attractions that you can enjoy with the family. There are popular beaches along the corridor, various ocean and beach rental services, amusement parks, golf courses, and more. You can spend your entire vacation in these destinations and still have more places to visit.
However, if you are looking for hidden gems that aren't on most tours, you might want to visit the places on this list. We've compiled a few attractions … (3 comments)

cabo corridor: Top 8 Activities in Cabo San Lucas - 01/20/19 12:34 PM
Top Things to do in Cabo San Lucas 
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1. Visit Playa del Amor
Playa del Amor or Lover's Beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Cabo San Lucas. The private cove can only be accessed via small water taxis that drop you off on a beautiful beach with fantastic views of Land's End. The white sand beaches and crystal blue waters make this paradise perfect for swimming and enjoying a fun day on the beach with the family.
2. Take a Whale-Watching Cruise
Whale watching is a seasonal activity during December to April where visitors can … (1 comments)

cabo corridor: The Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas - 01/20/19 11:44 AM
When Should You Visit Cabo San Lucas?Cabo San Lucas is a tourist-friendly community that offers a perfect destination for families planning for a holiday getaway. The different months of the year provide a variety of experiences when visiting Cabo. Depending on your reason for visiting you may want to plan your trip accordingly.
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Best Seasonal Weather in Cabo
The warmest months in the Cabo San Lucas region is usually June or July where the ocean is perfect for swimming and other activities. Another warm season is between October and December if you plan to go swimming a lot. … (2 comments)

cabo corridor: Top 8 Best Restaurants in Los Cabos - 01/19/19 10:23 PM
Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Delicious Meals in Cabo San LucasGoing on a holiday in Cabo San Lucas would not be complete without trying the many delicious delicacies and meals in the region. Whether you're looking for Authentic Mexican Dishes or are craving for seafood meals, there are many restaurants in the district that can satisfy your cravings. 
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Flora's Field Kitchen at Flora Farms
Flora's Field Kitchen is a cozy restaurant that offers fresh garden meals that they have grown in their farm. The menu provides sustainable food options where guests can enjoy the meal in an open restaurant … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Top Beaches in Cabo San Lucas - 01/19/19 09:31 PM
Beach Lover's Paradise - Best Beaches in Cabo San LucasThe beautiful beaches of the Tourist Corridor in Los Cabos is a long coastline of beautiful white sand beaches. These beaches offer a wealth of tourist-friendly activities that visitors and residents in the region love and enjoy. Have fun swimming, surfing, whale watching, boating, snorkeling, and so much more. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Cabo, here is a list of excellent beaches you can go to on your trip.
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Santa Maria
Santa Maria is a beautiful horseshoe shaped beach in Los Cabos. The site … (1 comments)

cabo corridor: Misiones Condos, Cabo Corridor, Mexico - 10/17/18 03:38 PM
Misiones Condos, Cabo Corridor, Mexico Community Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Misiones Condos, Cabo Corridor, Mexico
Misiones del Cabo is a condominium and resort development in Cabo Corridor, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The condominium complex is located on a hilltop overlooking the Sea of Cortes with fantastic panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. The six condominium buildings offer over 120 residential units ranging from one to two bedroom layouts. These homes feature kitchen and dining areas, balconies, beautiful ocean views, and many of these are fully furnished. Residents will love the exclusive resort-like amenities that the property provides. The condo has direct … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Ventanas, Cabo Corridor, Mexico - 10/16/18 09:06 PM
Ventanas, Cabo Corridor, Mexico Community Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Ventanas, Cabo Corridor, Mexico
Ventanas is a premier resort-style community located on the eastern part of Cabo Corridor, Mexico. Like many of the neighborhoods in the area, the development was built alongside a variety of luxury amenities to serve both homeowners and their guests. Real Estate in Ventanas is a combination of low-density condominiums, single-family homes, and luxury villas. These properties are excellent both for families and expats looking to stay long term in the area as well as investors looking for a rental property. The community association provides several services to … (0 comments)

cabo corridor: Santa Carmela, Cabo Corridor, Mexico - 10/16/18 08:51 PM
Santa Carmela, Cabo Corridor, Mexico Community Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Santa Carmela, Cabo Corridor, Mexico
Santa Carmela is a residential neighborhood situated in between Villa Serena and Punta Ballena in Cabo Corridor, Mexico. It is a gated community featuring direct beach access and exclusive resort-like amenities including wide paved roads and walkways as well as well-maintained green spaces to reflect the desert region of the southern tip of California. The neighborhood has 87 unique single-family homes that have custom-built features and designs. These homes range from three to five bedroom layouts including several properties with swimming pools and open-air cabanas to … (0 comments)

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