california: Cost of Living in Oakland, CA - 11/18/21 07:47 PM
From one place to another, the cost of living might vary substantially. In other words, the cost of living in one location may be utilized to calculate the cost differential in another. In order to have a better choice on whether or not you should relocate from your current location to Oakland, California, you must first learn about the cost of living in the area. Several variables, such as your profession, typical salary, and the real estate market in the region where you currently reside, might have an impact on the estimate.
Located in the East Bay, Oakland is the most populated … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale Montaire, Simi Valley, CA - 11/05/21 08:20 PM
Neighborhood Information
Montaire Simi Valley is an extensive residential development in the city of Simi Valley in the state of California. Montaire Located in the heart of Simi Valley. This established suburban town was first created in 1999 and completed around the year 2000. This gated community's curved avenues are flanked by mature trees and open spaces, creating visually separate neighborhoods. 
Front yards are meticulously kept, and roadways are lined with trees in the area, where residents take pleasure in their homes. Since the Montaire Neighborhood is located just a few blocks from the 118 Freeway, award-winning schools, and other amenities like shopping … (1 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Moorpark Highlands, Moorpark, CA - 11/05/21 07:56 PM
Neighborhood Information
Located in the city of Ventura, California, Moorpark Highlands is a beautiful neighborhood that you can call home. It is primarily composed of large homes that are reasonably priced in comparison to the surrounding community. Pinnacle Estates in Moorpark Islands is a gated neighborhood of luxury properties located near the 23 and 118 Freeways intersection. There has been a con increase in the size of this group ever since it was founded in 2006. Let us show you around the community's numerous listings and highlight its many excellent characteristics.
This gated community features seven unique home styles, three of which are … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Country Club Estates, Moorpark, CA - 11/05/21 07:53 PM
Neighborhood Information
Country Club Estates in Moorpark, California, is a beautiful master-planned suburb with mature trees along the community's streets. Homes in Country Club Estates are often large, well-maintained, and reasonably priced. Since 2002, this community has increased in both size and sophistication. One may see mature trees along the neighborhood's many suburban streets in this community. An abundance of greenery can be seen all around the suburb, with numerous parks and designated forest areas. There's a great deal to like about the neighborhood's variety of property types. You'll find apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes at Country Club Estate that fit a … (1 comments)

california: Country Lane, Simi Valley, CA - 10/25/21 07:32 AM
Located in the northeastern portion of Simi Valley, California, Country Lane is a peaceful yet charming subdivision.
Subdivision is a small private neighborhood with a limited number of houses available to those interested in the region. Continue reading if you're interested in learning more about the few homes in the area. Send me a note or give me a call if you have any concerns about the district.
15 UNIQUE HOMES: Country Lane is a small neighborhood made up of fifteen single-family homes, all located around a street called Country Ln. There is a wide range of floor plans to choose from, making … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Silverthorne and Shadowhawk, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 05:26 PM
Simi Valley's Silverthorne and Shadowhawk communities, located northeast of the city, are excellent places to live.
As with other neighborhoods in this part of the city, Silverthorne and Shadowhawk have luxurious single-family homes situated on quiet cul-de-sac streets perfect for families. The detailed community pages we've prepared for these two neighborhoods will appeal to buyers interested in moving to this highly sought-after part of the city. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
LUXURY NEIGHBORHOOD: Silverthorne and Shadowhawk are premium communities with meticulously designed street layouts and upscale home designs set above generously sized lots. Beautiful front lawns, … (1 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Wildhorse Canyon and Encantada, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 05:03 PM
Wildhorse Canyon and Encantada is a charming suburban development on Simi Valley's northern outskirts.
A private enclave and well-built single-family houses may be found in this area. Those looking for a quiet neighborhood in Simi Valley should look into Wildhorse Canyon and Encantada, which have properties for sale. For more information, continue reading and see how beautiful this suburban is!
BEAUTIFUL LUXURY HOMES: On elevated hilltop lots overlooking the surrounding Californian environment, the Wildhorse Canyon – Encantada residential real estate market offers magnificent single-family homes. Floor plans for the homes here are enormous, featuring many bedrooms and large living areas. Large residential plots … (1 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Groves, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 04:54 PM
Groves is a prestigious cul-de-sac neighborhood in Simi Valley's northeastern section.
Looking for a mid-priced Simi Valley suburban single-family home close to the Ronald Reagan Freeway? The Groves neighborhood has plenty to offer. Continue reading our page for more details about the area, or send us a note if you have any specific queries.
BEAUTIFUL SPANISH-STYLE HOMES: For those looking for a suburban single-family house in a great location, go no further than the Groves neighborhood. Classic Spanish-style architecture was popular in California during the 1970s and 1980s housing boom. Homes in this design are known for their distinctive orange tiled roofs, attached … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Texas Tract, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 04:32 PM
There is a family-friendly suburban community called Texas Tract in Simi Valley, California's northeastern portion.
The Texas Tract neighborhood in Simi Valley has a lot to offer families seeking a reasonably priced bedroom community. If you'd like to learn more about the area, feel free to keep reading or contact us right now!
MID-PRICED SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES: Homebuyers in Texas Tract are drawn to the area because of the affordable prices of the Craftsman-style houses. Ranch-style homes like this were popular during the housing boom of the 1960s and 1970s because of their timeless design. Homebuyers seeking a starter house or a move-up property … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Hadleigh South Hills and Centex, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 04:17 PM
Simi Valley's Hadleigh South Hills and Centex is a gated community in the city's southern limits.
The neighborhood's remote position makes it an ideal haven for buyers seeking a quiet place to call home in the metropolis. Please continue reading to learn more about the suburb, or contact us today to speak with a city realtor who can help you.
SPANISH-STYLE SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES: For the most part, homes in the suburbs of Hadleigh South Hills and Centex are designed in the Spanish architectural style. The majority of homes have a contemporary two-story design with numerous bedrooms, large living areas, a modern kitchen, and … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Heather Hills, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 03:57 PM
In Simi Valley, California, a subdivision known as Heather Hills is part of the Madison County master-planned community.
The development, built between the late 1990s and the early 2000s, is a great area for families searching for a new home in the city's southeast. In order to learn more about the region, feel free to browse our site or give us a call at any time with a specific query regarding Heather Hills real estate.
CONTEMPORARY SUBURBAN HOMES: In Heather Hills, homes have a modern suburban design with large multi-bedroom layouts and comfortable living areas. Heather Hills is a suburban community. Families will … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Big Sky, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 02:17 PM
In Simi Valley, California, a hilltop community known as Big Sky can be found north of the city.
Big Sky is a master-planned town nestled within the picturesque mountains to the north of the city. This is an excellent spot to start your search if you want to be close to the city center but not in it. Please continue reading to find out more, or contact us right away to arrange a visit.
MASTER-PLANNED COMMUNITY: Located on the gorgeous hillsides of North Simi Valley, Big Sky is a premium master-planned residential community with appealing houses. Several exceptional community amenities are available to … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Sinaloa Highlands, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 01:56 PM
At the southernmost tip of Simi Valley, you will find a charming suburban enclave called Sinaloa Highlands.
Single-family homes are numerous in this wonderfully constructed suburban community.  If you want to learn more about Simi Valley, you can do so by visiting our community page or contacting me directly.
SUBURBAN SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES: Sinaloa Highlands has a wide range of well-built single-family homes in the suburbs. Houses have practical layouts that are ideal for people who want a new place to live in the city. There is also a comfortable layout in the suburban-style with large living spaces and backyards.
AFFORDABLE HOME OPTIONS: If you're … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Highland Estates, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 01:32 PM
Highland Estates is a lovely small subdivision located in the southwest part of the city of Simi Valley.
Real estate in the area is in high demand from purchasers seeking a luxury metropolitan residence. Please visit our community page or contact us with any questions you may have.
MILLION-DOLLAR HOMES: Affluent home buyers come to Highland Estates because of the gorgeous custom-built million-dollar estates there. Spacious floor plans, beautiful exteriors, and carefully groomed yards are standard features in today's houses. Custom plans guarantee that each home has its distinct charm and charisma, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the houses … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Westwood Ranch, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 01:04 PM
Simi Valley's private luxury development Westwood Ranch is located in the area's southwestern corner.
There are only a few hundred homes in this exclusive luxury community, which is located along Madera Road, just a short drive from downtown Simi Valley. For sale in Westwood Ranch, Houses will appeal to those looking for an exclusive neighborhood full of magnificent luxury residences. If you'd like to set up a tour in the community or have special concerns regarding the area, please don't hesitate to contact our team.
LUXURY HOMES: Simi Valley's most wealthy real estate can be found in Westwood Ranch. The distinctive architectural styles … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Madera Hills, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 11:47 AM
Madera Hills is a charming neighborhood in West Simi Valley, California, located along Madera Road.
The subdivision provides family-friendly living settings, a well-established residential neighborhood that caters to families in the local area. Buyers looking for a house in the heart of the city yet only a short drive away will be pleased with the selection available at Madera Hills. If you're interested in learning more about the neighborhood, feel free to keep reading or send me a message!
IDEAL LOCATION: The town of Madera Hills is situated in a prime location, close to everything you could possibly need. Local strip malls, business … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Bridle Path, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 11:18 AM
Bridle Path is a charming neighborhood in Simi Valley, California's southwestern portion.
Buyers looking for a move-in-ready property in this part of the city will be pleased to know that the neighborhood is one of many to choose from. Contact me right away if you have any concerns about the neighborhood or would want to arrange a home tour.
COMFORTABLE HOMES: Bridle Path provides a range of classic 1970s ranch-style single-family home designs. Buyers who don't want to bother with climbing up and down stairs on a daily basis will appreciate these houses because they often have a single-story layout. Most houses have … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Greystone, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 10:32 AM
Grey Stone is a charming neighborhood in Simi Valley, California, located just west of Central Simi Valley.
Simi Valley single-family homebuyers seeking a mid-range price point would appreciate the excellent houses available in the Grey Stone neighborhood. Contact me if you're interested in learning more about the subdivision or would want to see what properties are currently available for sale.
BEAUTIFUL MEDITERRANEAN HOMES: A collection of well-built single-family homes with magnificent Mediterranean architecture may be found at Grey Stone. The consistency of home architecture and well-kept lawns all contribute to a visually appealing residential area. Large home lots and open floor plans are … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale in Wood Ranch, Simi Valley, CA - 10/24/21 10:07 AM
A prestigious golf community located in the hills southwest of Simi Valley, Wood Ranch is home to some of the country's top golf courses.
There is an excellent range of single-family homes in the brilliantly built luxury development, suitable for those looking for a move-in-ready property nearby. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the neighborhood or want to read more about it on our neighborhood page.
MASTER-PLANNED COMMUNITY: Wood Ranch has been thoughtfully constructed to create a lovely and comfortable home for its residents. The area is filled with well-located recreational activities, and a nearby commercial space can … (0 comments)

california: Homes for Sale near La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, CA - 08/12/21 11:08 PM
La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, CA
Community and Real Estate Information
On top of the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, an ice-age excavation site has been preserved. At 5801 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, the landmark is located right across Hancock Park. Heavy oil fractions of gilsonite make up the majority of the natural formation's composition. In the middle of a major urban area, it is the only Ice Age fossil site that is presently being excavated. The Tar Pits have been excavated more than a hundred times since they were first discovered in the early 1900s, resulting in the discovery … (0 comments)