florida keys: Buying a Home in Curry Hammock State Park Florida - 06/01/23 02:02 AM
Explore Curry Hammock State Park Florida Homes for Sale
Experience the magic of Curry Hammock State Park in the heart of Marathon, Florida, a haven for wildlife and a natural setting. Take in the breathtaking scenery of the Florida Keys, a true tropical paradise with its turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and soft tropical breezes. Curry Hammock State Park is a South Florida oasis of natural beauty. It is a hidden gem known for its pristine landscapes and unique ecosystems. Stroll along picturesque routes that snake through the verdant greenery, and you will come across a wide variety of fascinating wildlife … (2 comments)

florida keys: Sombrero Beach Florida - 06/01/23 01:57 AM
Sombrero Beach Florida: Unveiling the Tranquil Paradise of Florida's Hidden Gem
Sombrero Beach is a Florida jewel found on Marathon Key and is loved by residents and tourists. This beach, far removed from the noise and chaos of the city, is a true oasis of calm. Sombrero Beach offers a tranquil and unspoiled vista that enchants those fortunate enough to find it. The beach is known for its powdery, unspoiled sands and breathtaking cerulean seas. The beach is excellent for a day of leisure and recreation thanks to its facilities, including picnic spots, pavilions, volleyball fields, and swaying palm trees. Divers … (2 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Home in Key West Florida - 06/01/23 01:50 AM
Find your Dream Property with Key West Florida Homes for Sale
The vibrant city of Key West in Florida's Keys is renowned for its alluring appeal and laid-back vibe. Being the most southern state in the country, it provides a rare chance to relax and experience the easygoing culture. Meet the friendly locals who take life as it comes, then cool off in the sea or try some exciting water sports for an adventure you will remember. For accommodations in the area, Key West Florida Homes for sale can rent for up to $13,000 per month. In contrast, a studio apartment … (2 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Home in Islamorada Florida - 06/01/23 01:30 AM
Discover Your Dream Getaway: Islamorada Florida Homes for Sale
Islamorada is located in the Florida Keys, a chain of four islands that serves as a tourist destination. Islamorada is a popular vacation spot since it offers plenty of exciting activities and peaceful settings for visitors. Visitors looking to take advantage of this Area will be satisfied with the picturesque bay, breathtaking views of ocean water and sunsets, and many outdoor activities. If you're looking for a Vacation home, Islamorada Florida Homes for Sale caters to buyers across a wide price range. Rentals in the region can range from $5,500 per month … (2 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Hawks Cay, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:55 PM
Neighborhood Information
Hawks Cay is a stunning vacation resort on Duck Key in the Middle Keys. This 61-acre tropical paradise has been recognized for its excellence for quite some time, and now you can be part of its history. Hawks Cay, like all the Florida Keys, is a real offshore place that gives you the impression that you are on your island, miles away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Atlantic Ocean provides a stunning backdrop for various recreational pursuits, from fishing and diving to spa treatments. Homes for sale in Hawks Cay, Florida, may be the solution if … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home with Boat Slip in Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:55 PM
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Along Florida's southern shore is the magnificent archipelago, the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are truly one-of-a-kind, offering residents breathtaking tropical landscapes and a wide variety of wildlife. There is no better place than the Florida Keys to buy a boat slip. If you want to acquire a boat slip so you can always keep your boat in the same area in the Florida Keys, this is the best place to do it. Our professionals have plenty of expertise handling client requests, so whether you require clarity on whether you should purchase a boat slip or what features you need, … (2 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Oceanfront, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:55 PM
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Along Florida's southern coast lies an attractive group of islands known as the Florida Keys. This stunning area offers various outdoor pursuits, stunning beaches, and world-class snorkeling and scuba diving locations. Along with having a lot of interesting landmarks and a rich history, it is also home to a variety of species that locals may see up close. The area is wonderful for residents because of all of these advantages. However, the Florida Keys' oceanfront properties are the region's real gems, as they have breathtaking views of sun-drenched scenes teeming with people who have come to the area to enjoy … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Tranquility Bay, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:55 PM
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The low-lying network of 1,700 islands known as the Florida Keys serves as the country's southeastern border. The Spanish word cayo, which means little island, is where the term "key" originates. The 42 bridges linking the various islands in the Florida Keys make getting around simple. Additionally, Florida Keys provides all types of luxury condos for sale. Due to their excellent amenities, private pools, and access to the beach, these residences are highly sought-after. Furthermore, you may take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation while still having access to activities like dining, shopping, and nightlife unavailable … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Sombrero, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:38 PM
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The residents and the fortunate few tourists who find their way to Sombrero Beach regard it as one of their favorite destinations. One of the most stunning and well-known beaches in the Middle Keys is located at Marathon's southernmost point. Sombrero Beach homes for sale are constantly in high demand since they are in the ideal position for sunbathing, swimming, picnics, and volleyball, as well as being within easy walking and biking distance. Sombrero Beach real estate features a sandy beach, providing residents with a rare amenity while also providing a prime vantage point for watching boats entering and leaving … (0 comments)

florida keys: Luxury Marathon Condos for Sale, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:38 PM
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Marathon, located in the Florida Keys, is often referred to as the "Heart of the Florida Keys" for its welcoming atmosphere and strategic position. In search of adventure and pleasure, more than five million tourists visit the Florida Keys every year. It should come as no surprise that many people need one visit to this tropical paradise before deciding to make it their permanent home because its climate and surroundings are more similar to those of the Caribbean than the rest of Florida. Condos for sale in Marathon Key, Florida, are an excellent option for people who want a second … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Coral Lagoon, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 09:38 PM
Neighborhood Information
A neighborhood with a resort-like atmosphere can be found in the center of the Florida Keys known as Coral Lagoon. Marathon's Coral Lagoon is ideal for affluent living. Homeowners who choose to make this location their permanent residence will find 25 stunning villas with three bedrooms each, spread out over six acres of tropical vegetation and palm trees. Coral Lagoon is a traditional fishing community with Key West-style structures and a private marina. This neighborhood is one of the few in the Middle Keys that let you rent for less than seven nights and makes a great place to stay … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Coco Plum, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 12:16 AM
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Bonefish Tower, located in Coco Plum, is a well-known landmark in the Middle Keys and, at 143 feet, the highest building in the entire Florida Keys. Coco Plum was mostly undeveloped until the last couple of decades, with many empty lots and only a few rundown marinas and commercial fishing operations. Coco Plum Florida Keys real estate has only recently become popular among buyers. While some of the old buildings remain, a drive down Coco Plum Drive today will reveal a bustling community that is now home to some of the most expensive luxury real estates in the Coco Plum, … (0 comments)

florida keys: Luxury Florida Keys Condos for Sale, FL - 01/28/23 12:12 AM
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Condo living could be the solution if you want a low-maintenance lifestyle that gives you more time and energy to do the things you love. Condos in the Florida Keys range in size and price from small, non-waterfront units with one bedroom to large, waterfront units with multiple bedrooms and various high-end features. You can spend more time doing what you love, like exploring the island and making memories, because the tropical landscaping, private pools, and exterior building maintenance are all taken care of for you. Some of the condo developments in the Keys even have private sandy beaches and … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Grassy Key, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 12:12 AM
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Grassy Key is the northernmost island in the chain that makes up Marathon and can be reached in fifteen minutes from the actual city. Grassy Key is located in the Middle Keys and is considered by some to be a "suburb" of Marathon due to its proximity to the city. Some of the largest residential lots in the Middle Keys can be found on Grassy Key, giving the area a more rural feel and contributing to its tranquil atmosphere. Homes for sale on Morton Street in Grassy Key are a great starting point for homebuyers looking for waterfront property with … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Stirrup Key, Florida Keys, FL - 01/28/23 12:12 AM
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One of the Middle Key's best-kept secrets is the community of Stirrup Key, which is located on the Gulf of Mexico. Because of its remote location, most people only happen to find their way to Stirrup Key Marathon, Florida. Those who do end up wandering down the mangrove-lined causeway leading to this hidden treasure will be left to ponder what lies behind the gatehouse. Stirrup Key Marathon, Florida, is one of only a handful of gated neighborhoods in the Middle Keys, and it sits on about 60 acres with 105 mainly developed residential lots. Residents are drawn to Stirrup Key … (1 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Duck Key, Florida Keys, FL - 01/27/23 11:52 PM
Neighborhood Information
The shape of the islands is strikingly similar to the shape of a duck's head, leading some to believe that the name Duck Key comes from the small number of duck species found in the Florida Keys. Duck Key, an isolated island between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, was first used to produce salt in the 1820s and 1830s. Duck Key has been a popular spot for high-end vacationers since the 1950s when it first opened as a resort. Since then, it has become a prime location for high-end residences, and its addresses are among the most prestigious … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Key Colony Beach, Florida Keys, FL - 01/27/23 11:52 PM
Neighborhood Information
Key Colony Beach, Florida, is a small, close-knit community where many residents only visit during "Snowbird Season," despite its reputation as "The Gem of the Florida Keys." One can easily miss Key Colony Beach, a small island community accessible only by a single causeway off of Overseas Highway. You can find a wide range of homes in Key Colony Beach, Florida, at various price points if you're interested in living in a neighborhood ideal for strolling and riding bikes. Key Colony Beach, Florida real estate is in high demand because it is known for having some of the best-maintained properties … (0 comments)

florida keys: Buying a Luxury Home in Marathon, Florida Keys, FL - 01/27/23 11:52 PM
Neighborhood Information
Marathon, the "Heart of the Florida Keys," is a welcoming island community. Halfway between Key Largo and Key West, Marathon has a long and storied fishing history that has been passed down through the generations. As the home of numerous "conchs," the area takes great pride in its proximity to and water use. Many of the homes on the market in Marathon, Florida, are situated on the water and come with dock space, making it easy to enjoy the many water activities available. The Middle Keys are famous among wealthy home buyers because of the nearby Florida Keys Marathon International … (0 comments)