home sellers guide: Selling Your Home During the Pandemic - 08/13/20 02:17 PM
Real Estate with Covid-19When COVID-19 started at the beginning of 2020, a lot of things undergo readjustment; and it does not spare the real estate market in San Gabriel, California. Homeowners putting their properties on sale observe proper health protocols to avoid COVID-19 transmissions. The realtors can still present properties to possible buyers and still close the sale through online means. It is unmistakable that people are still shopping for homes regardless of the big blow in the economy. There are still a lot of ideas and tools to boost your sales volume during this crisis if you are resourceful enough … (1 comments)

home sellers guide: Disinfecting Your Salem, Oregon Home from Covid-19 - 08/12/20 10:52 AM
How to Effectively and Safely Sanitize Your Salem HomeThe Covid-19 Virus
The Corona Virus pandemic has drastically shifted the way people live their lives. You must learn about the virus so that you can adequately protect yourself and your family. Covid-19 is an envelope-type virus that's transmitted from one person to another through droplets that get into your airways. This usually occurs when you touch your nose or mouth with your hands or something that's contaminated by the virus. 
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Handwashing and Social Distancing
Washing your hands with plain soap and water is one of the best ways of … (0 comments)

home sellers guide: Disinfecting Your Grand Rapids, Michigan Home from Covid-19 - 08/12/20 09:54 AM
Home Disinfection and CleaningThe Covid-19 Virus
The Corona Virus Pandemic has drastically changed the lives of everyone around the world, and it's essential to learn more about the virus to help prevent its spread. The virus is an envelope-type virus that encases the human cell-damaging RNA. To help stop the virus, you'll want to stop it from getting into your respiratory system or killing it through regular handwashing or disinfecting surfaces that may be contaminated. In this article, we share some of the best ways you can help stop the spread of Covid-19 and protect yourself and your loved ones from the … (1 comments)

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