houston: Things to Do in Houston, TX - 11/18/22 02:35 AM
Incredible as it may sound, Houston, Texas, is well worth a trip. Houston, Texas, is home to various attractions and activities, from historical landmarks to unique ethnic markets. There are numerous dining options, art galleries, and a space center.
The Top 10 Things You Should Do When You Visit Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas, is home to an abundance of exciting attractions, so to help you plan (and avoid becoming too overwhelmed), we've compiled a list of the top ten.
Visit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
To truly experience Houston, Texas, a visit to a rodeo is a must. The best time to visit is … (2 comments)

houston: Buying a Home in West Oaks, Houston, TX - 09/13/22 11:47 AM
Neighborhood Information
Within ten minutes, you can be in Uptown, the Galleria, or Downtown Houston from the well-maintained affluent neighborhood of West Oaks. Because of its proximity to several major highways, West Oaks is a desirable neighborhood in Houston, Texas. Restaurants, stores, and higher learning institutions are all nearby, making it a popular place to live. One of Houston's most desirable areas, it is known for its verdant streetscapes and picturesque views of its high-end homes. Many generations of residents have made this area their permanent residence. With our help, you can acquire first-rate residential or commercial properties. If you give us … (1 comments)

houston: Buying a Home in Tanglewood, Houston, TX - 09/13/22 11:47 AM
Neighborhood Information
Houston, Texas, is home to many beautiful neighborhoods, including Tanglewood. Several well-known Houstonians call the quiet, affluent neighborhood of Tanglewood home. It is located near the historic Houston Country Club and is renowned as George H.W. Bush's longtime home. Due to Houston's notoriously bad traffic, the journey here can seem endless. Nonetheless, once they've made the final few turns leading up to the destination, they're eager to settle in for the long term. Cars quietly pass by a row of spotless houses landscaped with lush green bushes that line the sidewalks. Send us a message if you want to make … (0 comments)

houston: Buying a Home in Briargrove, Houston, TX - 09/13/22 11:47 AM
Neighborhood Information
In Houston, Texas, the neighborhood of Briargrove is known for its middle-class atmosphere and welcoming families. With strong community bonds, this residential area is both secure and friendly. There are about 900 single-family homes, a private pool, a gym, and other amenities. Residents of Briargrove take great pride in that their community is frequently ranked as one of the top choices by those in the market to buy or sell a home. This area is ideal for families with easy access to transportation hubs and shopping centers. Get out of the city and into a classic suburb, where you'll find … (0 comments)

houston: Buying a Home in Hyde Park, Houston, TX - 09/13/22 11:44 AM
Neighborhood Information
Houston's Hyde Park is one of the city's most fascinating areas. Houses in Hyde Park, a historic district of Houston, are available for affordable prices. Settlement in the area began around 1930, and growth has not stopped. Those who want to be close to the action of Houston City but also have access to a quieter area of the city will find what they're looking for in this Inner Loop neighborhood. Those who decide to make this area their new home will be able to take advantage of the area's excellent educational opportunities, retail options, recreational areas, and leisure pursuits. … (2 comments)

houston: The Perks of Living in the Outer Loop Neighborhoods in Houston, TX - 07/09/22 10:27 AM
Houston is home to many unique communities as a large and dynamic metropolis. If you want to live in a city but still have access to suburban amenities, consider one of the city's outer loop neighborhoods. These neighborhoods cater to working professionals, retirees, and young families by providing a wide range of services and facilities. Outer loop communities have easy access to the rest of the city via major highways and are conveniently located near parks, shopping, and dining.
Bayou Woods, Bellaire, Brompton Court, Bunker Hill Forest, Bunker Hill Village, Burkhardt Plaza, Campbell Palace, Farnham Park, Head Wig Village, etc., are all … (0 comments)

houston: The Top 16 Neighborhoods in Inner Loop Houston - 06/15/22 07:15 PM
Interstate 610, also known as the "Loop," forms a circular barrier within Houston, Texas, separating different areas of the city and serving as a useful geographical reference point for getting around. In general, single-family homes are more common in Houston's Outer Loop neighborhoods, while apartments and townhomes predominate in the city's Inner Loop.
Moving to Houston's Inner Loop is a great idea if you want to live close to the city but still have a manageable commute to work. These are the 16 best Inner Loop neighborhoods.
Afton Oaks, Houston, TX
Luxury single-family homes can be found in abundance in the affluent neighborhood of … (0 comments)

houston: Things to Know Before Moving to Houston, TX - 03/31/22 02:43 AM
Houston, Texas, is a city that exudes an incredible amount of energy. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United States, with residents from all walks of life. There are museums and galleries in Houston dedicated to just about every kind of art. Everything from contemporary art to traditional folk art is included in this category.
In addition, Houston is an excellent city for sports fans! They have teams from both the NFL (Texans) and the MLB (Astros).
Choosing to relocate to Houston is a fantastic decision. There's no shortage of things to do or opportunities to take advantage of. … (0 comments)

houston: Houston Homebuying Tips: The Complete Guide - 02/08/22 03:48 AM
Located in the southern United States, the city of Houston is a major metropolitan area. Purchasing a home in Houston is an excellent decision. If you're looking for a place to call home, you'll find it in this bustling metropolis with its diverse neighborhoods.
In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about buying a house in Houston.
Look For A Real Estate Professional In Houston With A Proven Track Record And A Grasp Of Local Communities
You need a real estate agent who knows the Houston market inside and out when you're looking to buy a house. You want someone … (0 comments)

houston: Relocating to Houston? What You Need to Know - 12/22/21 08:44 AM
Houston ranks fourth as the largest city in the United States and the largest city in the state of Texas. This thriving city is one of the most popular cities for those wishing to migrate for various reasons, including its reasonable cost of living, beautiful weather, high-quality healthcare, good schools, and more than 11,000 food establishments!
If you're thinking about relocating to Houston, continue reading to learn more about what you can expect from your new home.
It’s Less Expensive to Live in Houston, TX
Houston Offers Lower Cost of Living
Living in Houston is far less expensive than in other major metropolitan areas such … (1 comments)

houston: Cost of Living in Houston, TX - 10/21/21 04:37 PM
Cost of Living
The amount of money a family must spend each month on maintaining a certain quality of living is known as the Cost of Living. Employment, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and many other variables all have a role in determining a city's total cost of living. All of these elements combine to form a community's overall cost of the living score, which is useful for families looking to relocate.
Cost of Living Index
The Cost of Living Index is a theoretical price indicator for the relevant cost of living factors in any particular geographical region. The following table from bestplaces.net compares the … (0 comments)

houston: Closing Costs in Houston, Texas - 10/21/21 04:17 PM
Houston, TX Real Estate Closing Costs
Closing costs are the additional fees associated with buying or selling a home that is not included in the purchase price. In most cases, these charges will be paid at the very end of the home buying or selling process. First-time home buyers should seek advice from a reputable realtor on the various closing fees associated with their purchase before making an offer on a property.
Closing costs in real estate transactions can be divided into two groups. In most cases, these are costs paid by the home buyer, while the seller covers them in other instances. … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Kettering Oaks, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 04:08 AM
Kettering Oaks, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Kettering Oaks is a beautiful suburban development in Houston, Texas's Afton Oaks area. Kettering Drive, which is accessible through Westheimer Road, runs through the heart of the area. One of the suburb's main selling factors is its easy access to the adjacent Uptown district's numerous business and commercial sectors. The convenience of the neighborhood will appeal to busy professionals working in adjacent office complexes.
The single-family houses in Kettering Oaks were primarily built in 1955, and they retained the traditional suburban appeal of most residential projects at the time. Traditional suburban architectural forms predominate in … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Braeswood, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 04:02 AM
Braeswood, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Braeswood is a mixed-use community in southwest Houston, Texas, close to the Old Braeswood district and the Texas Medical Center campus. The neighborhood is made up of 17 subdivisions with beautiful houses conveniently placed near one of the city's biggest business areas. Although this neighborhood was established in late 1940, it did not grow until the late 1940s. The Braeswood Place Homeowners Association was formed in 1951. Residents founded the Stella Link Redevelopment Association (SLRA) in the 1990s to help restore the area. Although most homes were upgraded in the early 2000s, several original ranch-style … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Oak Estates, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 03:53 AM
Oak Estates, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Oak Estates is a beautiful suburb in Houston, Texas, located in the southwestern part of the River Oaks area. The Highland Village Shopping Mall is just north of the community, while River Oaks Baptist School is straight west. The Oak Estates area is often described as a rural estate in the city. It has the most convenient access to business establishments. Both the Southwest Freeway and Loop 610 are about a mile apart. Uptown and Downtown Houston, the Galleria, and Highland Village are close to the Oak Estates area. S.N. Adams created Oak Estates … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Burkhardt Plaza, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 03:49 AM
Burkhardt Plaza, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Burkhardt Plaza is a charming suburban community located in the western portion of Houston, Texas, near Hilshire Village. Ridgeley Drive, which links to Wirt Road, leads to the community, which is immediately near to Big Little School. The Burkhardt Plaza neighborhood was established in 1962 and is conveniently located between Memorial City, the Galleria, and City Centre. Valley Oaks Elementary, Spring Branch Middle, and Memorial High School are all within walking distance. With rich landscaping and plenty of green space to explore, the neighborhood is calm, pleasant, and safe. There are several parks, restaurants, … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Bunker Hill Forest, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 03:43 AM
Stablewood, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Bunker Hill Forest is a neighborhood in Texas' southern region. It's just minutes from City Center, Memorial City Mall, and the Energy Corridor, and it's located northeast of Hennessey between I-10 and Beltway 8. It is also zoned for the highly acclaimed Spring Branch ISD, making it a great choice for families searching for a new home. Bunker Hill Forest was once a sleepy hamlet with farms and sawmills. Bunker Hill Road, which runs through the community's heart, was named after Issac Bunker, a German immigrant who owned a significant tract of property in the … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Brompton Court, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 03:37 AM
Brompton Court, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Brompton Court is in Houston's Piney Point area, which is recognized as one of the wealthiest zip codes in the state. The tiny neighborhood, which is located along Blalock Road in the hamlet center, contains a collection of 12 luxurious estate houses. Beautiful trees, nice pathways, and well-built homes adorn the streets of the area. Its convenient location allows it to reach local food stores such as Trader Joe's and Kroger. Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, and Escalante's Mexican Grille are just a few coffee shops and restaurants in the area. Brompton Court is also … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in Crestwood – Glen Cove, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 03:28 AM
Crestwood – Glen Cove, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
Crestwood is a predominantly residential area in Houston's western suburbs. Between Memorial Park and the Rice Military District, you will find the community.  Crestwood was a World War I training camp known as Camp Logan that was later converted and built for residential usage. Will and Mike Hogg originally brought the land from Houston in the 1930s and later sold it. Builders began constructing magnificent homes in the neighborhood in the 1940s. As the demand for real estate in Houston rose in the 2000s, the old houses were renovated and replaced with … (0 comments)

houston: Homes for Sale in River Oaks Country Club Estate, Houston, TX - 07/30/21 03:20 AM
River Oaks Country Club Estate, Houston, TX
Community and Real Estate Information
The River Oaks Country Club Estates is strategically located within the Inner Loop of Houston, Texas, similarly titled River Oaks. The Galleria, Downtown Houston, and the Texas Medical Center are all within a few minutes drive. Together with their friend Hugh Potter, Will and Mike Hogg purchased 200 acres of property in 1923, which began the development of the community. Hare & Hare, landscape architects, then created a master plan for a new neighborhood. A world-class golf club, stunning green spaces, walking paths, well-planned suburban residential neighborhoods, and an exclusive luxury … (0 comments)