indiana: Homes for Sale in North Manchester, Indiana - 11/12/21 04:24 PM
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North Manchester is a well-established town in Kosciusko County, Indiana, distinguished mainly by its vast land. It is lined with mature trees on the neighborhood's street roadways, giving the place a more natural beauty than other districts. North Manchester is also home to various historic landmarks, including a post office that has been in operation since 1838. North Manchester Public Library, established in 1912, is a two-story rectangular American Craftsman style dark red brick building with a basement, is also found in the town. Manchester is also home to several notable and award-winning educational institutions, including Manchester Junior-Senior High School. … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in Milford, Indiana - 11/12/21 04:17 PM
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Milford is a modest town tucked away in the northern segment of Kosciusko County, Indiana. Aaron M. Perrine founded the town in 1836. He is a well-educated person who had made his home in the neighborhood together with his family. Milford was named after a mill that existed beside a ford. The town began as a bit of an enclave, just like many others, with only five streets in the community. Perrine sold this collection of lots for between $10 and $50 apiece. With more than 1,500 residents today, the town is a thriving community that benefits from the region's … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in North Webster, Indiana - 11/12/21 04:10 PM
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North Webster is a well-established community in the heart of Kosciusko County, Indiana. Incorporated in June 1937, it maintains a variety of historic structures and is constantly adding new businesses and activities to serve its citizens. Locals take pride in their community's unique atmosphere, defined by its modest boutiques and local specialty merchants. Like the majority of towns and cities in Kosciusko County, North Webster is surrounded by its own natural lake. Webster Lake is a popular year-round destination for residents and visitors alike, comprising 540 acres and containing the site of Epworth Forest. Webster Lake's expansive waterways, parks, and … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Palestine Lake, Indiana - 11/12/21 04:00 PM
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Palestine Lake is a lovely residential community located in Kosciusko County, Indiana. A variety of recreational opportunities are available in and around the neighborhood, including boating, water skiing, house boating, and camping, as well as recreational vehicles (RVs), canoeing, and fishing, all of which are excellent for relaxing. Young professionals and families looking for a new home will appreciate the many attractions within and around this neighborhood. The area features lots of trendy small stores, cafes, restaurants, and top-ranked schools. If you are in the market for a new home located within a well-established community, you'll surely love what the … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Syracuse Lake, Indiana - 11/12/21 03:46 PM
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Syracuse Lake is a picturesque natural lake in Kosciusko County, Indiana, that borders Syracuse. The surface area of this pristine freshwater is 1.67 square kilometers (414 acres), with a maximum depth of 10 meters (34 feet) and an average depth of 3.9 meters (13 ft). Like its aquatic sister, Lake Syracuse is lined with over 1,000 waterfront residences and condos whose owners enjoy breathtaking vistas and unrivaled access to the lakes' pure waters. Whether it's summer or winter, this lake town is alive and well, with both seasonal and year-round residents enjoying an oasis of superb recreational activities and cultural … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Lake Webster, North Webster, Indiana - 10/22/21 09:56 AM
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The charming town of Lake Webster is located in Kosciusko County, Indiana. This Lake has a size of 653 acres, and it is one of the best lakes you will ever see in the state. This place offers many different activities that you and your family will enjoy. Among these are exploring exciting trails, ice fishing, gardening, shopping, and participating in festivals and craft shows.
As for the real estate options in this neighborhood, the Median home price is $194,500; the average home sale price is $211,00, and a Median price per sqft of $132. Homes for sale … (1 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Lake Tippecanoe, Leesburg, Indiana - 10/22/21 09:43 AM
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The beautiful town of Lake Tippecanoe has a population count of approximately 550. The lake occupies about 786 acres, with a max depth of 122 feet and an average depth of 37 feet. Residents who live in this town have an amazing view of the Lake. You will never get tired of watching the beautiful sunsets each day from your balcony and window.
This place prides itself on its beautiful setting and its winsome housing opportunities that come at an affordable price. The median home price in Tippecanoe Lake sits at $299,900 with an average home sale price … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Lake Wawasee, Syracuse, Indiana - 10/22/21 09:37 AM
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Lake Wawasee is a natural lake you will find southeast of Syracuse, and it is the largest natural lake in Indiana. Real estate opportunities near Lake Wawasee are once-in-a-lifetime chances, and If you are interested in living near waters, you will love the homes for sale in this town. The pristine view is something that you would want to see every day. 
Home for sale near Lake Wawasee ranges from $1,300,000 to $5,999,000. They measure 2,236 SqFt up to 5,787 SqFt with built-in bars, extensive balconies, large recreation rooms, walk-in closets, full baths, and up to 3 car … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in Nappanee, Indiana - 10/21/21 12:51 PM
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Located in the heart of Amish Country, Nappanee is home to the country's 6th-largest Amish community. Thousands of tourists come to this area each year to visit Amish Acres, eat hearty home-cooked meals, and shop for hand-crafted furniture, woodworking, and crafts. When it came to promoting Nappanee, the well-known Rise 'n Roll Bakery played a huge role! Rise 'n Roll doughnuts are so delicious (and addicting!) that they are often referred to as Amish Crack by the locals.
Nappanee's annual Apple Festival attracts over 80,000 visitors during the third week of September. A 7-foot apple pie, which is … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in Claypool, Indiana - 10/21/21 12:27 PM
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Claypool, Indiana is a small town located around 10 miles south of downtown Warsaw. Residents of this village, which has a population of slightly more than 400 people, enjoy living in a relaxing and peaceful farm town environment. Claypool was chosen by the Louis Dreyfus Agricultural Industry in 2006 as the site of their newest and largest biodiesel manufacturing plant in the state.
Claypool has a lot of lands available for farming and raising livestock, which makes it a great place to live. If you spend the same amount of money in town, you'll receive a lot more … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in Mentone, Indiana - 10/21/21 12:10 PM
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Since it contributes significantly to the country's egg production, Mentone has named itself the Midwest's Egg Basket. Every June, the town holds the Egg Festival to honor its rich tradition and display the world's largest egg, a giant concrete statue near the town center. The town is also well-known for its aircraft museum, which can be found off of State Rd 25.
It's no surprise that Mentone is popular with people who like a more laid-back lifestyle and a sense of community. The town has a population of slightly more than 1000 people and a total of 460 … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Chapman Lake, Warsaw, Indiana - 10/21/21 11:12 AM
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You'll find Chapman Lake just about three miles northeast of Warsaw. Unlike numerous vacation lakeside communities in the vicinity, Chapman is a year-round lake community that caters to residents who appreciate lake living all year long. A channel connects Big Chapman Lake to the north and Little Chapman Lake to the south, giving residents access to both lakes from their homes. Both Big and Little Chapman Lakes receive their water from nearby springs, yet they are vastly different in terms of both size and composition.
Big Chapman Lake is a 500-acre body of water with a natural average … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in Winona Lake, Indiana - 10/21/21 10:44 AM
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Located inside the Warsaw metropolitan area, the little town of Winona Lake is home to about 5,000 people. Winona is well-known for the abundance of artisan stores, boutiques, and restaurants in "The Village," which are all located in the same area. Weekend art events, the Fat & Skinny Tire Festival, a network of hiking and bike trails, and the historic Billy Sunday Museum all draw travelers from all over the Midwest to this small town.  Grace College is located near Winona Lake, and many of the school's former students and faculty have chosen to make Winona Lake … (1 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale Near Dewart Lake, Syracuse, Indiana - 10/21/21 09:21 AM
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Located three miles south of Syracuse, Indiana, and three miles east of State Road 15, Dewart Lake is easily accessible. The Elkhart River Watershed encompasses more than 5000 acres, including the 550-acre lake. Wetlands and wildlife can be found at the lake's south side and northeast corner. Among the many plants that grow in the lake are cattails and water lilies, as well as seven different species of turtle. There is a public boat ramp on the lake's northwest shore for those who want to launch their boats and take in the scenery.
Fish including Black Crappie, Bluegill, … (0 comments)

indiana: Homes for Sale in Warsaw, Indiana - 10/20/21 01:50 PM
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Warsaw is known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World, and it is the administrative center of Kosciusko County, with a population of slightly more than 15,300 residents. Depuy, a major medical equipment manufacturer based in Warsaw, was founded in 1895, followed by Zimmer in 1927 and Biomet in 1977, all of which are still in business today. The medical device, implant, and instrument industries have a long and storied history in the town, which draws specialists from all over the country and the globe. However, Warsaw's medical device industry is only one of the city's many … (0 comments)