listing info: Signature Collection, Westlake Village, CA - 02/27/20 07:46 AM
Signature Collection, Westlake Village, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Signature Collection Neighborhood
Signature Collection is a high-end luxury subdivision in the city of Thousand Oaks, California. Centrally located in the northernmost part of the Westlake Village district, this neighborhood is located across the North Pointe subdivision and south of the Lang Ranch community. Signature Collection is a gated master-planned community that features beautifully designed green spaces and streets lined with trees. The neighborhood offers a private and safe living environment ideal for homebuyers looking for a quiet home at a reasonable distance away from the city center.
The homes in Signature Collection are generally large … (1 comments)

listing info: North Pointe, Westlake Village, CA - 02/27/20 07:40 AM
North Pointe, Westlake Village, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe North Pointe Neighborhood
The neighborhood of North Pointe Townhomes is centrally located on top of Westlake Boulevard. North Pointe’s grand estates and landscaped yards appeal to a lot of homebuyers. The homes inside this beautiful gated community are built relatively recently. North Pointe is an ideal option for homebuyers looking for a large and move-in ready house in a secured and private neighborhood. The subdivision is located ten minutes away from the downtown district of the city, but far enough that you can escape the noise of the busy city streets. In addition to … (0 comments)

listing info: Northgate, Westlake Village, CA - 02/27/20 07:34 AM
Northgate, Westlake Village, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Northgate Neighborhood
Northgate is an unconventional neighborhood in comparison to the rest of Westlake Village. Located within the tree-lined streets and scattered oak trees, Northgate is a welcoming community. It’s also considered one of the less costly gated communities in town without sacrificing value for money. Northgate Townhomes have special features like patios, plus sweeping views of the wash that runs through the neighborhood is a pleasant treat. Northgate homes are also built with low upkeep yards, which tend to draw downsizers and those who are more inclined to domestic life. The Northgate populace trends … (0 comments)

listing info: Sedona, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 07:24 AM
Sedona, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Sedona Neighborhood
Sedonia is one of the latest luxury residential developments in the outskirts west of the city of Thousand Oaks, California. This residential area houses a family-friendly community far from the hustle and bustle of the city center. However, homebuyers do not have to sacrifice the convenience of living in the city as Sedonia is relatively close to commercial and recreational establishments. This gated community offers privacy and security to its residents.
Sedonia properties offer a selection of custom-built single-family homes which residents can choose from a variety of design and architecture. Sedonia residences are … (1 comments)

listing info: Westlake Vistas, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 07:02 AM
Westlake Vistas, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Westlake Vistas Neighborhood
Situated along the E. Hillcrest Drive right in the heart of Downtown Thousand Oaks, California is the lovely apartment complex of Westlake Vistas. Built on the northwestern part of the Westlake Village, Westlake Vistas is an ideal housing option for career-driven professionals who prefer to be located near the city center. Properties within this complex are priced lower than the city average, which makes it the perfect home for buyers seeking a property within their budget. Low-cost housing makes it easier, especially for busy professionals who are looking to live close … (1 comments)

listing info: Los Robles Estates, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 06:55 AM
Los Robles Estates, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Los Robles Estates Neighborhood
Los Robles Estates is a community centrally located in Thousand Oaks, California. Los Robles Estates mainly comprises mid-sized homes that are competitively priced. This neighborhood is a well established network of middle-class families that maintain to attract interest from home buyers who are looking to settle within the Thousand Oaks area. Los Robles Estates is a charming little neighborhood where you'll discover both single-family homes and town houses at the back of the gates. The beautiful single-family homes line the streets within the community while the rest of the … (0 comments)

listing info: Oakbrook, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 06:47 AM
Oakbrook, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Oakbrook Neighborhood
The neighborhood of Oakbrook sits right at the corner on one of the most active parts of Thousand Oaks. Oakbrook is nearby the local 23 freeway, which makes getting around town convenient for residents in the area. This gorgeous neighborhood features single-family homes that are not too high on the price. Beautiful homes on this side of the village can be expensive, yet some single-family homes allow buyers to update and renovate to their own liking. There is a green belt that cuts through the center of the subdivision, which not only adds … (0 comments)

listing info: Trentwood, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 06:34 AM
Trentwood, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Trentwood Neighborhood
Within the southern part of the city of Thousand Oaks, California is the highly sought after Sherwood Valley community of Trentwood. This charming townhouse development comprises 24 buildings with one to four units per structure. Trentwood homes are perfect for those who are seeking entry-level homes within an exclusive suburb at a relatively affordable price range. Trentwood homes feature fantastic red brick exterior layouts complemented with large windows that let in ample light. Homeowners will adore the beautiful backyards that come with most homes that feature outdoor lounge furniture. These beautiful homes include … (1 comments)

listing info: Woodridge, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 06:03 AM
Woodridge, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Woodridge Neighborhood
Within the city of Thousands Oaks is the charming community of Woodridge. This beautiful neighborhood is centrally located among the hills of Thousand Oaks and is surrounded by sprawling mountain views and scenic hiking trails. The neighborhood of Woodridge is an exclusive community that houses luxurious homes in a gated neighborhood. Woodridge features wide and spacious home layouts with a more contemporary construction – for the modern family.  Woodridge homes are grand, often with large living spaces. The layouts for these homes incorporate wide-open kitchens, sprawling family rooms, and suite size master bedrooms. … (0 comments)

listing info: Lynnmere Estates, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 05:41 AM
Lynnmere Estates, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Lynnmere Estates Neighborhood
Within the fabulous town of Thousand Oaks is Lynnmere Estates, a gated community with the backdrop of the California hills. Lynnmere is one of the nicest planned communities on this side of the city. The streets of Lynnmere are appropriately wide and lined with tall trees and nearby trails that give a feeling of local delight.
One thing that appeals to buyers of Thousand Oaks estates like Lynnmere is the traditional curb and well-manicured lawns of these beautiful homes. Homeowners keep Lynnmere houses to an even high standard. Being a little detached … (0 comments)

listing info: Rancho Conejo, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 05:23 AM
Rancho Conejo, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Rancho Conejo Neighborhood
Located in the urban city centers of Thousand Oaks, California is the residential community of Rancho Conejo. Masterfully designed with the urban resident in mind, Rancho Conejo is most suitable for professionals working within the area. The gated community is built in a location that is conveniently near schools, community amenities, and business centers. The location of the neighborhood makes it an ideal property choice and investment opportunity for many employees in the city. The estates in Rancho Conejo Village consists mostly of single-family homes that feature a varying degree and … (2 comments)

listing info: Chanteclair, Thousand Oaks, CA - 02/27/20 04:53 AM
Chanteclair, Thousand Oaks, CA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Chanteclair Neighborhood
California offers a variety of gorgeous private neighborhoods, including Chanteclair. Situated within the town of Thousand Oaks, California is the beautifully gated Chanteclair. With its large estates and guarded facilities, Chanteclair can be a bit high on the price point, especially for buyers who are tight on the budget. This neighborhood is one of the most sought after estates in the area, which may make it uncommon to find a vacant property.
The large properties of Chanteclair mostly feature spacious homes that are competitively priced. If you are equipped with remodeling skills, Chanteclair residences … (0 comments)

listing info: Falconhead, Austin, TX - 12/30/19 01:48 AM
Falconhead, Austin, TX Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Falconhead Neighborhood
Falconhead is a beautiful golf community on the western edge of the city of Austin, Texas. The neighborhood is one of the most sought after luxury communities in the region offering world-class golf facilities, easy access to schools, shopping malls, parks, and some of the best built luxury properties in the region. Thanks to its location, residents are a short drive to Downtown Austin but still be far enough that you can avoid the busy urban streets of Austin.
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Falcon Head Amenities
The best part of the Falconhead community is the professionally designed … (0 comments)

listing info: Bee Cave, TX - 12/29/19 11:35 PM
Bee Cave, TX Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Bee Cave Neighborhood
Bee Cave is a masterfully planned city in Travis County, 17 miles west of the city of Austin, Texas. The city has a land area of 2.6 square miles comprised mostly of luxury subdivisions, undeveloped hillsides with local greenery, and well developed commercial districts. Real estate in Bee Cave is mostly luxury residences with custom designs and architecture and various home models of the many exclusive subdivisions in the community. Families looking for a new home will find fantastic move-in ready houses in the area. The typical home in the area features three … (0 comments)

listing info: Northwest Hills, Austin, TX - 12/29/19 07:29 AM
Northwest Hills, Austin, TX Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Northwest Hills Neighborhood
Northwest Hills is a beautiful luxury neighborhood built on a lovely hillside in the northern part of the city of Austin, Texas. The community provides a quiet living environment surrounded by wooded areas and built right next to the Bright Leaf Nature Preserve. The area features several fantastic properties that are some of the best homes you can buy in the city. These homes have quite a high price tag with some properties hitting over a million dollars but you'll surely understand why once you get a chance to tour around the neighborhood.
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listing info: North Shoal Creek, Austin, TX - 12/29/19 05:18 AM
North Shoal Creek, Austin, TX Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe North Shoal Creek Neighborhood
North Shoal Creek is a mixed-use urban neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Austin, Texas. Highway 183, Burnet Road, W. Anderson Lane, and N. Mopac Expressway bound the neighborhood borders. Like many neighborhoods in this part of the city, there are plenty of commercial developments along its main roads with various shopping centers, car dealerships, restaurants, and other establishments. Located in one of the busiest parts of Austin, homes in North Shoal Creek are perfect for busy professionals who prefer to live close to work.
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listing info: Mueller, Austin, TX - 12/29/19 03:40 AM
Mueller, Austin, TX Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Mueller Neighborhood
Meuller is a masterfully-planned neighborhood featuring eco-friendly designs that provide a green living environment. The community includes a variety of family-oriented and modern features that make the area one of the best communities to live in the city of Austin, Texas. Homes in the area come in a selection of contemporary architecture and energy-efficient designs. Homes in the community range between two and four-bedroom layouts complete with ample living space including a full kitchen, dining area, and living room. Home types in the community include the affordable two-bedroom models and the much better luxury … (0 comments)

listing info: Cherrywood, Austin, TX - 12/29/19 02:32 AM
Cherrywood, Austin, TX Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Cherrywood Neighborhood
The Cherrywood neighborhood or more commonly known as French Place is a historic suburban neighborhood located east of the central portion of Austin, Texas. The neighborhood is bounded by I-35 to the northeast, Airport Boulevard to the east, and Manor Road to the south. Thanks to its location in the suburb, it is an excellent option for home buyers who are in the market for a property close to Downtown Austin or the University of Texas - Austin Campus. Residents also get to enjoy easy access to family-friendly amenities making the area an ideal place to … (1 comments)

listing info: Summit-University, St. Paul, MN - 12/28/19 04:00 AM
Summit-University, St. Paul, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Summit-University Neighborhood
The Summit-University neighborhood is a historic district directly west of the downtown district of Saint Paul, MN. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, the area is a perfect haven for busy individuals who prefer to live close to the city center. There are fantastic suburban single-family homes within the Summit-University neighborhood providing ample opportunity for buyers to choose a property that best suits their needs and budget. If you would like to visit any of the properties in the area, please feel free to Contact Us today to schedule a tour.
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listing info: Thomas-Dale, St. Paul, MN - 12/28/19 03:08 AM
Thomas-Dale, St. Paul, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Thomas-Dale Neighborhood
Thomas-Dale is an urban neighborhood in the city center of Saint Paul, MN. The neighborhood is more commonly known as Frogtown and features a good mix of suburban areas and various well developed commercial districts. Thanks to its location, busy professionals will find excellent housing options in the neighborhood providing a short commute to and from work. Real estate in the community is mostly single-family houses ranging between two and four-bedroom layouts, and they come with varying designs and architecture.
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Thomas-Dale Amenities
There are several conveniences within the Thomas-Dale community … (1 comments)