meridian: Real Estate Market Report Meridian, Idaho - 07/30/19 07:31 AM
Real Estate Market ReportMeridian, Idaho
Meridian is a beautiful city for families looking for a new home in Idaho. The city is the third-largest in the state and home to 99,926 residents. There is a good number of new residential developments in the area ideal for buyers looking for a new home as well as long-standing communities with classic single-family home models. 
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Types of Homes in Meridian
There are quality real estate options available to home buyers considering to purchase a property in Meridian. About 86.5% of properties in different neighborhoods in the city are single-family homes, many of … (0 comments)

meridian: Best Schools in Meridian, Idaho - 07/05/19 03:37 AM
Schools in Meridian, IdahoBest Elementary Schools
1. Chaparral Elementary School
Chaparral Elementary School is an excellent learning center located next to Fuller Park in the western part of the city of Meridian, Idaho. This educational institution is a great option for families with young children who live in the nearby neighborhoods of Parkside Creek, Castlebrook and Chesterfield, Ten Mile, and more. The adjacent ballpark provides an ideal sports venue where kids can play with their friends and learn the fundamentals of baseball.
2. Barbara Morgan STEM Academy
Barbara Morgan STEM Academy is the second-best performing school in the city offering advanced classes for gifted youngsters. The schools … (0 comments)

meridian: Meridian, Idaho Cost of Living - 05/03/19 08:22 AM
Cost of LivingCost of living is the amount of money a household has to spend in order to maintain a good quality of life in a certain community. There are several factors that affect the total cost of living in an area including food, healthcare, real estate, utilities, and more. Families who plan to move into a new city should consider these costs before they make a decision. In our report, we provide an overview and a few examples of the typical expenses individuals and families have to spend when living in the city of Meridian.
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meridian: Golden Valley, Meridian, ID - 02/18/19 04:42 AM
Golden Valley, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Golden Valley, Meridian, ID
Golden Valley is a masterfully designed residential development in the southern part of Meridian, Idaho. The neighborhood is in between South Linder Road and South Stoddard Road next to Victory Middle School and Stonehill Church. The ideally located subdivision is a short drive to nearby schools, outdoor parks, amusement parks, shopping centers, and more. Residents are a short drive to Downtown Meridian. Professionals working in the city looking for a suburban home will appreciate the properties for sale in Golden Valley.
Homes in the neighborhood are single-family units that range from three … (0 comments)

meridian: Pear Blossom, Meridian, ID - 02/18/19 03:16 AM
Pear Blossom, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Pear Blossom, Meridian, ID
Pear Blossom is a private estate community in the southeastern edge of the city of Meridian, Idaho. The small residential neighborhood is home to 20 individual home lots that feature custom-built residences. These homes have large lots, multiple bedrooms and baths, excellent designs, and beautiful architecture. Homeowners can design their dream home to perfectly match what they are looking for in a new house. If you're in the market for a new home in the quiet countryside of the region, Pear Blossom offers excellent properties you can buy for your family.
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meridian: Shelburne, Meridian, ID - 02/18/19 03:04 AM
Shelburne, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Shelburne, Meridian, ID
Shelburne is a new suburban residential development in the southern part of the city of Meridian. The neighborhood is in a primarily agricultural region with several farmlands located south of the community. Residents can enjoy the private neighborhood that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the central business districts of the city. Real Estate in Shelburne comes in three to four-bedroom home models developed by Blackrock Homes and Hammett Homes. These residences feature lovely suburban architecture, classic single-family home with open floor layouts, and living spaces with family-friendly features. Each kitchen comes with … (0 comments)

meridian: Century Farm, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 11:58 PM
Century Farm, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Century Farm, Meridian, ID
Centrally located between the cities of Meridian and Boise, Century Farm Homes is one of the most coveted addresses. This fairly recently developed home community south of I-84 on Eagle Road prides itself for its eco-friendly residences suitable for growing families. Century Farm Homes consists of 675 modern and elegant farmhouses of varying sizes, from massive homes to smaller villas, each designed with a selection of elevations and floor plans primed for efficiency. Home units in Century Farm are built with an average of 2,000 square feet of living space … (0 comments)

meridian: Silverwater, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 11:47 PM
Silverwater, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Silverwater, Meridian, ID
Located in the best part of Treasure Valley, Silverwater Homes sits on the southern part of Meridian. Like its neighboring residences, Silverwater Homes is a tranquil and lovely place to live that comes in a varying price range. One of the best neighborhoods developed in Meridian, Silverwater Homes boasts of large new ranch style homes ranging from 1,500 to 2,700 square feet of living space along with additional open building lots. Silverwater’s huge homes offer varying floor plans from three to five-bedroom units accompanied by garages that can accommodate two to three … (0 comments)

meridian: Oakwood Estates, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 10:55 PM
Oakwood Estates, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Oakwood Estates, Meridian, ID
Oakwood Estates is a private residential community located in the southwest corner of Meridian, Idaho. The charming neighborhood of Oakwood is a homeowner’s dream come to life. Oakwood residents enjoy the open air and the breathtaking sunset views that the community has to offer. Oakwood homes are beautifully created with individual unique looks that appeal to different homebuyers. Home units in Oakwood range from 2,000 to about 3,200 square feet of living space built with three to four bedrooms accompanied with two to three and a half bathrooms, and equipped with … (1 comments)

meridian: Caven Ridge, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 10:44 PM
Caven Ridge, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Caven Ridge, Meridian, ID
One of the more newly developed estates in the city of Meridian, Caven Ridge is conveniently located at the crossroads of Victory Road and Meridian Road. This two-phase residential of about 50 home units is situated on an area with easy access to an Interstate. Caven Ridge homes boast of sweeping views of the Boise Foothills. Each Cavern Ridge household sits on 0.12 acres of land with three to four bedrooms, each is accompanied with two to three bathrooms. Caven Ridge Estates Subdivision is a community that warmly welcomes its … (0 comments)

meridian: South Ridge, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 07:31 PM
South Ridge, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in South Ridge, Meridian, ID
South Ridge Subdivision is one of the newest home communities situated on south of Meridian, Idaho. Located on American Fork Drive at first glance, South Ridge residences is just a few minutes drive from the freeway. This charming neighborhood features streets and walking paths lined with trees providing a quiet country-like atmosphere. South Ridge is a community of 250 households that sits on about 4,000 to 7,500 square feet of ideally low-maintenance land. Units in South Ridge are all equipped with granite kitchen countertops and stainless steel appliances. South Ridge … (1 comments)

meridian: Iron Horse, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 01:59 PM
Iron Horse, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Iron Horse, Meridian, ID
In the south of Meridian sits the quaint community of Iron Horse Estates. Located just around the way from Indian Creek in the outskirts of town, Iron Horse is perfect for residents who have always wanted to live in the countryside but couldn’t afford to live far from the convenience of the city. With its expansive one-acre lots at the front and backyards, Iron Horse homes are perfect for families who enjoy big private spaces for gatherings or just quiet evenings. Iron Horse lavish homes give homeowners a chance to … (1 comments)

meridian: Carmel Subdivision, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 01:51 PM
Carmel Subdivision, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Carmel Subdivision, Meridian, ID
One of Meridian City’s visually appealing and popular neighborhood along the southeast corner of Victory and Eagle roads, the Carmel Subdivision boasts of elegant custom traditional ranch style homes, expansive grassy fields for recreation and a small water feature position in the northeast corner of the subdivision. This lovely community is ideal for families looking for comfortable, well-built homes in a safe and secured neighborhood. Carmel Subdivision homes average around three to four-bedroom units of approximately 2,800 square feet in living space. With varied floor plans for one to two-storey … (0 comments)

meridian: Estates at Spurwing Greens, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 03:15 AM
Estates at Spurwing Greens, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Estates at Spurwing Greens, Meridian, ID
The Estates at Spurwing Greens is a luxury golf community in the northern region of the city of Meridian, Idaho. The Spurwing Greens residential development has direct access to Downtown Boise and Meridian via Highway 20 and North Ten Mile Road. Homes for sale in the neighborhood are beautiful custom-built luxury properties in a private community far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas. These houses have comfortable living areas, lavish furnishings, large home lots, custom architecture, open floor designs, and modern conveniences.
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meridian: Verado, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 02:20 AM
Verado, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Verado, Meridian, ID
The Verado subdivision is a new residential development in the northeastern part of Meridian, Idaho. You can find the subdivision in between North Locust Grove Road and North Eagle Road just west of the Mason Creek Retail Center. The lovely community provides an ideal home for professionals working in Downtown Meridian. Real Estate in Verado is primarily single-family homes that come in three to four-bedroom home models. These suburban houses feature comfortable living spaces, multiple bathrooms, large kitchens, dining area, large backyards, and ample parking space.
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Verado … (0 comments)

meridian: Three Corners, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 12:33 AM
Three Corners, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Three Corners, Meridian, ID
Three Corners is a small luxury subdivision in the northern part of Meridian, Idaho. Ideally located along North Locust Grove Road and West Chinden Boulevard, the neighborhood is a short drive from Downtown Boise and Meridian. Homes available for purchase in the community are premier houses in 1/3 to 1/4 acre home lots. These residences come in three to four-bedroom home models and feature open floor designs, large backyards, comfortable living areas, multiple parking garage, and multiple baths. Each home interior showcases custom cabinetry, breakfast island, stainless steel kitchen appliances, … (0 comments)

meridian: Solterra, Meridian, ID - 02/17/19 12:09 AM
Solterra, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Solterra, Meridian, ID
Solterra is a well-developed residential subdivision in the central part of the city of Meridian, Idaho. Ideally located in the heart of the city, residents have easy access to shopping centers, business districts, schools, hospitals, public parks, and many more attractions and businesses. If you're in the market for a suburban family home within Downtown Meridian, you'll love the great homes for sale in Solterra. Real Estate in the neighborhood are single-family homes that come in different home models. These houses have lovely open floor layouts, multiple bedrooms and baths, multiple parking … (1 comments)

meridian: Sawtooth Creek, Meridian, ID - 02/16/19 11:23 PM
Sawtooth Creek, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Sawtooth Creek, Meridian, ID
Sawtooth Creek is a new residential subdivision along North Linder Road in the northern part of Meridian, Idaho. The lovely neighborhood is conveniently located close to schools, hospitals, public parks, commercial centers, and business districts of the city. Families looking for a suburban home with excellent amenities, family-friendly living environment, well-landscaped surroundings, and spacious residences will love the properties for sale in Sawtooth Creek.
Homes in this residential development are single-family houses built by Amyx Signature Homes, Shadow Moutain Homes, Stacy Construction, and Tresidio Homes. These three-bedroom houses come in a … (3 comments)

meridian: Oak Leaf, Meridian, ID - 02/16/19 06:09 PM
Oak Leaf, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Oak Leaf, Meridian, ID
Oak Leaf is a beautiful suburban residential community in the northwestern edge of Meridian, Idaho. Located along West Chinden Boulevard and North Ten Mile Road, residents in the neighborhood have direct access to Downtown Meridian and Boise. There are also many retail and dining establishments along these highways including a Walmart Supercenter. Real Estate in Oak Leaf is single-family homes that range from three to five-bedroom designs. These residences come with standard features you would expect from a suburban home including parking garage, large master bath, full kitchen, living room, and … (1 comments)

meridian: La Mirada, Meridian, ID - 02/16/19 03:16 PM
La Mirada, Meridian, ID Building Information and Market ReportReal Estate in La Mirada, Meridian, ID
La Mirada is a beautiful residential neighborhood with fantastic mountain views in the northern region of the city of Meridian, Idaho. The community is conveniently located along North Meridian Road with easy access to Downtown Meridian to the south and Boise to the east. There is a good number of shopping and dining establishments along the main roads surrounding the subdivision including Fred Meyer Grocery Store which is found northwest of the community.
Real Estate in La Mirada come in 12 different home models that include well-designed villas featuring spacious one-level, three-bedroom … (0 comments)

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