miamidade county: Miramar, Miami-Dade County, FL, Commercial Submarket - 12/27/20 12:59 PM
Miramar, Miami-Dade County, FL, Commercial SubmarketSubmarket Information
Miramar is a city in Miami-Dade County serving primarily as a bedroom community for Miami and Fort Lauderdale's metropolitan city centers. The city sits northwest of Downtown Miami, south of Pembroke Pines, and northwest of Miami Gardens. Although mostly residential, there are ample commercial supplies available to investors looking at the region. Notable highways that pass through the community include S State Road 7, the I-75, the Florida Turnpike, and US Highway 27, which provide access to various business and commercial centers in the region. The area is also a short drive away from the … (1 comments)

miamidade county: South Dade, Miami-Dade County, FL, Commercial Submarket - 12/27/20 12:32 PM
South Dade, Miami-Dade County, Commercial SubmarketSubmarket Information
South Dade or Southern Miami-Dade is the vast land expanse south of the county. This submarket includes multiple municipalities bordered by the Everglades to the west, Biscayne Bay to the east, Miami to the north, and the Florida Keys to the south. Unincorporated communities part of the submarket includes Redland, Leisure City, Naranja, and Princeton. Although South Dade makes up a significant portion of the county's land area, only about 10% of available industrial real estate is within this submarket. However, as demand is continuously increasing, there is a significant move to increase development in … (1 comments)

miamidade county: Miami Lakes, Florida, Commercial Submarket - 12/26/20 12:31 PM
Miami Lakes, Florida, Commercial SubmarketSubmarket Information
Miami Lakes is a well-established town north of the city of Hialeah in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city borders include NW 170th Street and NW 167th Street to the north, Red Road to the east, the Gratigny Expressway to the south, and I-75 to the west and south. The suburb is mixed-use with a good combination of residential neighborhoods, commercial sections, and extensive business parks. Development of the region began in 1962 headed by the Graham Family and has continued throughout the years. Significant industrial properties and residential developments have been build in the town providing … (0 comments)

miamidade county: East Hialeah, Florida, Commercial Submarket - 12/26/20 09:52 AM
East Hialeah, Florida, Commercial SubmarketSubmarket Information
East Hialeah is the eastern section of the city of Hialeah, Florida, split from the western part of the city via the Palmetto Expressway. The city, which was incorporated in 1925, serves as the sixth-largest population center in the county. The city has easy access to both metropolitan centers in Ft Lauderdale and Miami, making it an excellent investment option for businesses looking to service both regions. Planned development in the region has kept up with the growing demand for commercial real estate. Buyers and renters will find fantastic property options throughout the city, creating ample … (0 comments)

miamidade county: Opa Locka, Florida, Commercial Submarket - 12/26/20 09:31 AM
Opa Locka, Florida, Commercial SubmarketSubmarket Information
Opa Locka is a city in Miami-Dade County located about 15 miles north of Downtown Miami. The city is situated north of Hialeah and Westview, east of Miami Lakes, south of Miami Gardens, and west of Golden Glades. Industrial areas in this submarket offer an excellent location for businesses interested in easy access to Downtown Miami. The area also offers affordable alternatives for warehouses and logistics facilities compared to other options in Doral and similar neighboring cities and submarkets. Facilities in Opa Locka have easy access to major highways, including FL-924, Gratigny Expressway, and the I-95. … (0 comments)

miamidade county: Airport West and Doral, Miami, Florida, Commercial Submarket - 12/26/20 06:41 AM
Airport West and Doral, Miami, Florida, Commercial SubmarketSubmarket Information
The Airport West submarket is an industrial district incorporating commercial real estate in the cities of Doral, Sweetwater, and the neighborhoods directly west of the Miami International Airport. This submarket caters primarily to businesses that require easy access to the airport. Many logistics companies and warehouses supporting air freight services in the airport are also available in this area. There are office parks and other commercial real estates in the submarket available to buyers and renters looking at investing in Miami.
A downside of the submarket, however, is the price range of available supply … (0 comments)

miamidade county: Key Biscayne, Florida - 12/25/19 11:20 PM
Key Biscayne, Florida Community Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Key Biscayne, Florida
Key Biscayne is a town in Miami-Dade County, Florida located southeast of Miami across the Rickenbacker Causeway. The town is on a barrier island in between Crandon Park and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. The community is one of the most luxurious districts in the region featuring some of the best properties you can buy in Florida.
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Key Biscayne Amenities
The masterfully-planned community of Key Biscayne comes complete with some of the best recreational attractions you can find in the region. The two public parks surrounding the town provide … (0 comments)