minneapolis: Dayton’s Bluff, St. Paul, MN - 10/22/19 05:19 PM
Dayton’s Bluff, St. Paul, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood
Dayton's Bluff is a well-preserved historic district in the southeastern part of the city of Saint Paul, MN. The region is located east of Downtown Saint Paul and borders the Mississippi River to the north. The district provides lovely communities with welcoming suburban residential areas.
Real estate in the district includes the older residences in historic neighborhoods and a few newer multi-family developments. Single-family homes in the area have retained classic architecture with brick chimneys and wood panel exteriors typical in the region during its early years. Newer home models in the … (1 comments)

minneapolis: Como, St. Paul, MN - 10/22/19 04:38 PM
Como, St. Paul, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Como Neighborhood
Como is an idyllic residential neighborhood in the northwestern part of the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. The community is located west of the North End neighborhood and north of the similarly named, South Como neighborhood. Residents living in the district invest on a 30-minute drive to the downtown area of the city, making it an ideal home for families looking for a suburban home in the region.
Real estate in Como is mostly single-family homes in suburban subdivisions. These residential communities feature scenic tree-lined streets along with well-built and beautifully designed houses. These residences typically come … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Battle Creek, St. Paul, MN - 10/22/19 04:24 PM
Battle Creek, St. Paul, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Battle Creek Neighborhood
Battle Creek - Highwood or more commonly known as Battle Creek, is a mixed-use neighborhood located east of the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. The neighborhood features beautiful residential properties that serve as ideal homes for the many industrial and manufacturing companies in the region. The nearby 3M Corporate Headquarters situated northeast of the community is a perfect example. 
Real estate in Battle Creek is a mix of older residences built during the early years of the city and newer residential developments. These provide home buyers with several options to properly match … (0 comments)

minneapolis: University, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 04:05 PM
University, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe University Neighborhood
University is a district in the central part of the city of Minneapolis which is located southeast of the downtown area. The University neighborhood, as the name implies, is comprised primarily of the University of Minnesota campus. On the other hand, the campus is comprised of various school buildings and other structures to support the staff and students of the school. There are various residential developments, public parks, commercial areas, dining establishments, sports facilities, libraries, and more that are available to residents.
Due to the high demand of housing in the University community for staff … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Southwest, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 03:49 PM
Southwest, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Southwest Neighborhood
Southwest is one of nine residential neighborhoods in the southwestern corner of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Other areas next to Southwest are Linden Hills, East Harriet, King Field, Fulton, Lynnhurst, Tangletown, Armatage, Kenny, and Windom. Like other communities in the region, Southwest serves primarily as a bedroom community for professionals working in Downtown Minneapolis. There are ample public parks and schools available to families living in the subdivision providing a convenient and welcoming living environment to families looking for a new home in the city.
Real estate in Southwest is primarily beautiful single-family homes … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Powderhorn, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 03:33 PM
Powderhorn, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Powderhorn neighborhood
Powderhorn is a residential community in south-central Minneapolis, Minnesota. The district features eight neighborhoods namely, Bancroft, Bryant, Corcoran, Lyndale, Powderhorn Park, Standish, Whittier, and Central. There are many upper-class luxury subdivisions in the community that provide beautiful custom-designed home models with beautiful exteriors and spacious living spaces. There are also older neighborhoods with single-family homes that were built during the 1920s and 1930s. Other residential real estates in the district are low-rise apartment buildings that provide affordable housing options to families looking for a new home in the area.
Check out our original neighborhood post at https://grumdahlgroup.com/.
Powderhorn Amenities
There are … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Phillips, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 02:30 PM
Phillips, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Phillips Neighborhood
Phillips is a mixed-use urban community located south of Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The district is divided between four neighborhoods which are Ventura Village, Phillips West, East Phillips, and Midtown Phillips. The area is perfect for busy professionals working in the downtown area who want to live within a short drive from work. Since it is centrally located, residents also have easy access to the many dining, recreational, and retail establishments in the city.
There is a variety of housing options available to families looking to buy a home in the area. Most of them are … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Northeast, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 12:43 PM
Northeast, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Northeast Neighborhood
Northeast Minneapolis is a vast land area in the northeastern part of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The districts incorporate the communities of Audubon Park, Beltrami, Bottineau, Columbia Park, Holland, Logan Park, Marshall Terraces, Northeast Park, St. Anthony East, St. Anthony West, Sheridan, Waite Park, and Windom Park. The well developed community features a right mix of residential areas and commercial districts. Families living in the region are a short drive to schools, hospitals, public parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and more. If you are looking for a family-friendly living environment with welcoming neighbors, you'll love … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 11:42 AM
Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Nokomis Neighborhood
 Nokomis is a beautiful suburban district comprised of several residential areas centered around Lake Nokomis. These include Regina, Northrop, Ericsson, Keewaydin, Minnehaha, Morris Park, Wenonah, Diamond Lake, Page, Hale, and Field. The district is in the southern edge of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, northwest of the Minneapolis − Saint Paul International Airport. Families looking for a home within a short drive from Downtown Minneapolis with beautiful and refreshing lakeside views will love the many homes for sale in Nokomis.
Homes in Nokomis are primarily single-family homes that come in a variety of bungalow-type designs. … (1 comments)

minneapolis: Near North, Minneapolis, MN - 10/22/19 11:28 AM
Near North, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Near North Neighborhood
Near North is a lovely mixed-use community in the northern part of Minneapolis, MN. The district is located northwest of Downtown Minneapolis bordered by the neighborhoods of Jordan, Hawthorne, North Loop, Sumner-Glenwood, Harrison, and Willard-Hay. The community is conveniently close to the central business districts of the city, making it an ideal option for busy professionals who want to live close to work. The area is also filled with various parks, retail establishments, schools, churches, restaurants, and other businesses which makes the community ideal for home buyers who plan to move into … (0 comments)

minneapolis: Longfellow, Minneapolis, MN - 10/20/19 09:35 PM
Longfellow, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Longfellow Neighborhood
Longfellow is a mixed-use community along Hiawatha Avenue in the east-central part of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The neighborhood is an ideal bedroom community for professionals working in Downtown Minneapolis which is only a 30-minute train ride. There are ample well developed commercial and residential areas in the district that offer convenient amenities to families living in the region.
Residential subdivisions in Longfellow primarily feature suburban single-family homes that come in two or three-bedroom models. Houses in the community are a bit smaller, with most properties designed in a bungalow-type which is common with older homes in the region. … (1 comments)

minneapolis: Central, Minneapolis, MN - 10/20/19 09:13 PM
Central, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Central Neighborhood
Central, as the name implies, is the central business district of the city, or more commonly known as Downtown Minneapolis. The urban city center is home to various businesses and commercial establishments. Although structures in the community are mostly office buildings and similar structures, there are also many residential developments available for home buyers looking at a new home in the area.
Real Estate in Central Minneapolis serves primarily as convenient housing options for busy professionals looking for a home close to work. There are various apartment buildings and condominiums throughout the community providing ample opportunities … (1 comments)

minneapolis: Camden, Minneapolis, MN - 10/20/19 08:50 PM
Camden, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Camden Neighborhood
Camden or Webber-Camden is a residential neighborhood in the northwestern district of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The community is bordered by the Mississippi River to the east, Folwell and Mckinley to the south, and the Humboldt Industrial district to the north. 
Real estate in Camden is primarily suburban single-family homes that range from two to four-bedroom models. These houses are quite affordable, with a Median List Price of about $170,000. If you are in the market for your first home purchase or are looking to get a starter home, you may find a property … (1 comments)

minneapolis: Calhoun Isles, Minneapolis, MN - 10/20/19 07:49 PM
Calhoun Isles, Minneapolis, MN Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Calhoun Isles Neighborhood
Calhoun Isles is a mostly residential district in the west-central portion of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The area covers parts of the uptown business district and various residential neighborhoods including several lakeside communities. There are three notable bodies of water in the community namely, Lake Calhoun, Cedar Lake, and Lake of the Isles. These lakes typically feature various outdoor attractions such as parks, beaches, and scenic trails.
Neighborhoods in Calhoun Isles are mostly upper-middle class communities that feature beautiful residential areas and subdivisions. There are many residential real estates available for purchase … (1 comments)

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