new jersey: The Regency Club, Livingston, New Jersey - 11/17/19 09:01 PM
The Regency Club, Livingston, New JerseyReal Estate in The Regency Club
The Regency Club is a residential development in the southwestern part of the township of Livingston, New Jersey. The neighborhood is located in a well-developed part of the city next to various corporate headquarters, a shopping mall, a school campus, a hospital, and manufacturing companies. Professionals working in these companies will find convenient home options within the Regency Club subdivision.
Real Estate in The Regency Club has attached townhouses that come in one or two-level models. These units come in one of seven layouts, which offer between two to three bedrooms and two … (0 comments)

new jersey: Livingston Square, Livingston, New Jersey - 11/17/19 08:45 PM
Livingston Square, Livingston, New JerseyReal Estate in Livingston Square
Livingston Square is a new condominium development in the southwestern part of the township of Livingston, New Jersey. Conveniently located next to several corporate headquarters, offices, and manufacturing companies, the subdivision provides an excellent home option for professionals working in them. Real Estate in the neighborhood is primarily townhouses with beautiful three-level designs. There are thirty buildings in the community ranging between three to eight units per structure. Each unit features a two-car garage parking and a small driveway. Upon entering the room, you'll find an L-shaped open floor layout, which includes your living … (1 comments)

new jersey: Harding Township, New Jersey - 10/16/19 11:06 AM
Harding Township, New JerseyReal Estate in Harding Township
Harding Township is a small town situated right in the heart of Morris County, New Jersey. The township is home to some of the most beautiful pre-colonial homes in New Jersey, with beautiful multi-acre properties and are available to home buyers looking to get their dream home. These residences come with beautiful designs, classic architecture, modern amenities, and spacious living areas. The large home lots provide large yards that you can landscape and upgrade to your heart's desire. 
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Community Amenities
There aren't that many commercial establishments within the small town of Harding … (0 comments)

new jersey: Hanover Township, New Jersey - 10/16/19 10:52 AM
Hanover Township, New JerseyReal Estate in Hanover Township
Hanover Township is a mostly residential town in Morris County, New Jersey. The township is bordered by Morris Township and Morristown to the south while Parsippany-Troy Hills borders to the north. The region is split between two large neighborhoods namely, Cedar Knolls to the west and Whippany to the east. These neighborhoods feature beautiful single-family homes that are ideal housing options for home buyers looking to get a new suburban home for their family. These residences usually come with spacious lots with private yard, attached parking garage, full kitchen, and living room area.
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new jersey: Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, New Jersey - 10/16/19 10:37 AM
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, New JerseyReal Estate in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township is a well-developed residential community in Morris County, NJ. The town is centered in between the I-80 and I-287 intersection, which connects the area to other towns and business centers of the region. The city serves primarily as a bedroom community - thanks to the many subdivisions and residential developments in the district. And because of its relatively affordable homes, families looking for their first house should consider buying a property in Parsippany-Troy Hills.
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Community Amenities
There are plenty of amenities in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township including a well-developed … (1 comments)

new jersey: Morris Township, New Jersey - 10/16/19 09:54 AM
Morris Township, New JerseyReal Estate in Morris Township
Morris Township is a beautiful town in the heart of Morris County which surrounds the similarly named Morristown. Centrally located, residents have easy access to the many townships in the county and is a short commute to Downtown New York.
Residential real estate in Morris Township is primarily suburban single-family homes. You can also find residential developments that feature attached townhouses as well as a few low-density apartment units. These residences range between three and five-bedroom designs in beautiful pre-colonial architecture. 
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Neighborhood Amenities
Morris Township, like the historical district of Morristown that it … (0 comments)

new jersey: Scotch Plains, New Jersey - 09/10/19 07:26 PM
Scotch Plains, New JerseyReal Estate in Scotch Plains
Scotch Plains is a U-shaped residential township in Union County, New Jersey bordered by Fanwood and Plainfield to the southeast while Mountainside and Westfield to the northeast. Like most districts in the region, Scotch Plains serves primarily as a bedroom community to other business centers in New Jersey and New York City. 
There is a variety of residential neighborhoods in Scotch Plains which include a few gated communities, golf communities, and suburban residential areas. The varying residential developments in the district provide a diverse selection of residential real estate that home buyers can choose from in … (0 comments)

new jersey: Fanwood, New Jersey - 09/10/19 07:09 PM
Fanwood, New JerseyReal Estate in Fanwood
Fanwood is a small residential borough located in the western part of Union County, New Jersey. The district is in between the boroughs of Plainfield and Scotch Plains. The borough is a combination of suburban neighborhoods that feature some of the most affordable single-family homes in the region. Residences in the community are primarily older home models with classic American architecture. These homes come with beautiful wood panel exteriors, large windows, spacious backyards, well-maintained lawns, and attached parking garage. Each home interior features three or four bedrooms, multiple baths, full kitchen, living room, dining area, and basement.
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new jersey: New Providence, New Jersey - 09/10/19 06:51 PM
New Providence, New JerseyReal Estate in New Providence
New Providence is a well-developed borough in Union County, New Jersey offering a wealth of family-friendly features to families living in the district. Serving primarily as a bedroom community to most residents in New Providence who work outside the town. The New Providence Train Station and Interstate-78 offer convenient transportation options to major business centers in the region, including Downtown Manhattan, which is an hour commute away.
The real estate market in New Providence provides a good mix of well priced single-family homes in suburban neighborhoods. There are affordable starter homes throughout the community perfect for … (1 comments)

new jersey: Berkeley, New Jersey - 09/10/19 06:10 PM
Berkeley, New JerseyReal Estate in Berkeley
Berkeley or Berkeley Heights is a suburban township in the northwestern part of Union County, New Jersey. The town serves primarily as a bedroom community to major city centers in the region as well as to a few professionals working in New York City. Individuals and families who want to live outside the noisy urban neighborhoods of New York will find fantastic move-in ready homes in the area.
Real estate in Berkeley Heights is comprised primarily of suburban single-family homes spread through various neighborhoods and subdivisions in the community. There are older ranch style homes in town that are … (0 comments)

new jersey: Morris Plains, New Jersey - 09/10/19 05:48 PM
Morris Plains, New JerseyReal Estate in Morris Plains
Morris Plains is a borough in the central part of Morris County, New Jersey known for its historic landmarks, well-preserved nature trails, and classic stone buildings. The relatively small town is home to a population of about 5,500 residents living in the many suburban neighborhoods in the district. The region is primarily a bedroom community with most adults living in the area work outside of Morris Plains. Convenient public transportation hubs such as the Morris Plains Train Station and nearby highways connect residents to primary business centers in the region.
Homes for sale in Morris Plains … (0 comments)

new jersey: Florham Park, New Jersey - 09/10/19 04:55 PM
Florham Park, New JerseyReal Estate in Florham Park
Florham Park is a mixed-use borough in the eastern part of Morris County, New Jersey. The district is one of the most affluent communities in the region with many multi-million dollar properties for sale throughout the town. The town center also features a well-developed commercial area complete with shopping malls, restaurants, stores, grocery shops, and other local businesses.
Real Estate in Florham Park is a mix between exclusive gated subdivisions, private golf communities, and affluent suburban neighborhoods. Home buyers in the market who are interested for a luxury home will find excellent property options throughout the … (2 comments)

new jersey: Livingston, New Jersey - 09/10/19 04:15 PM
Livingston, New JerseyReal Estate in Livingston
Livingston is a well-developed township occupying a large portion of the western part of Essex County, New Jersey. The town is a long-standing community that features a proper mix of commercial and residential areas. Real Estate in Livingston is comprised primarily of suburban single-family homes that come in a variety of three to five-bedroom models. These residences typically come with classic American architecture, spacious backyards, open floor layouts, and beautiful wood panel or brick exteriors. Home buyers can also choose from a good number of private subdivisions and golf communities in the area. There are excellent luxury … (1 comments)

new jersey: Maplewood, New Jersey - 09/10/19 04:01 PM
Maplewood, New JerseyReal Estate in Maplewood
Maplewood is a lovely suburban township in the southwestern part of Essex County, New Jersey. The district is bordered by the South Mountain Reservation to the west and the South Orange Township to the north. Conveniently located along I-78, residents are an hour drive to Downtown Manhattan. The Maplewood Train Station situated in the center of town provides a convenient transportation hub that connects residents to most business and commercial centers in the district.
Maplewood, like most suburban communities in the region, primarily offers a selection of suburban single-family homes to home buyers planning to buy a property in the … (1 comments)

new jersey: South Orange, New Jersey - 09/10/19 08:50 AM
South Orange, New JerseyReal Estate in South Orange
South Orange or officially the Township of South Orange Village is a suburban community in the southwestern part of Essex County, New Jersey. The district is primarily a residential suburb with a small commercial area in its center. The convenient amenities in the village center makes South Orange an ideal home for home buyers who want to live close to everything they need. As the area is mostly residential, most professionals who reside in the township commute to other business centers in the region including New York City which is an hour away from the … (1 comments)

new jersey: Millburn, New Jersey - 09/10/19 08:34 AM
Millburn, New JerseyReal Estate in Millburn
Millburn is a beautiful suburban township in the southwestern corner of Essex County, New Jersey. The town is bordered by Summit and Springfield to the south, Maplewood to the east, Livingston to the north, and the Chatham Township to the west. Millburn is known for its private golf communities, exclusive subdivisions, and wooded suburban neighborhoods. Most homes in the city are built alongside mature trees that provide a refreshing living environment where life is right next to nature. Business and commercial centers are within a reasonable distance to town, making the area quiet and especially great for families who … (0 comments)

new jersey: Short Hills, Millburn, New Jersey - 09/10/19 08:09 AM
Short Hills, Millburn, New JerseyReal Estate in Short Hills
Short Hills is a beautiful residential neighborhood in the north-central part of the city of Millburn, New Jersey. The district is considered as an unincorporated community and census-designated place, and is one of the wealthiest areas in New Jersey. Short Hills is primarily residential with most residents commuting daily to work in New York City. Located close to I-78, the drive to Downtown Manhattan typically takes an hour while a train ride from the Short Hills Train Station takes about an hour and 12 minutes. Home buyers looking for a luxury bedroom community will … (0 comments)

new jersey: Summit, New Jersey - 09/10/19 06:08 AM
Summit, New JerseyReal Estate in Summit
Summit is a well-developed city in the northern part of Union County, New Jersy. New Providence borders the town to the southwest, Chatham to the northwest, Interstate-78 to the southeast, and Morris Turnpike to the northeast. The area is known for its well-preserved historic district which features beautiful brick buildings that are being used by various local businesses.
Ranked as one of the most affluent communities in the country, the city offers some fantastic luxury residential real estate properties to potential buyers looking to move into the area. There are exclusive subdivisions and golf communities within the community that … (1 comments)

new jersey: Chatham, New Jersey - 09/09/19 02:19 PM
Chatham, New JerseyReal Estate in Chatham
Chatham or The Chathams is a mostly residential borough in the southeastern part of Morris County, New Jersey. The district serves primarily as a bedroom community with many suburban neighborhoods and subdivisions covering a majority of its land area. Chatham is an ideal location for home buyers looking for a house detached from the hustle and bustle of the city center but still close enough where the daily commute is relatively easy. Homes in the community are beautiful single-family residences with the classic American-style suburban design. Each home typically comes with wood panel exteriors and large windows with … (0 comments)

new jersey: Madison, New Jersey - 09/09/19 01:52 PM
Madison, New JerseyReal Estate in Madison
Madison is a borough in the central part of Morris County, New Jersey. The town is located directly southeast of Morristown and northwest of Chatham. The city is relatively small, incorporating a land area of 4.2 square miles. Like many in the region, Madison is also known for its abundant historic landmarks and well-preserved cultural attractions. The town is known as the home of Drew University which occupies a large portion of the western part of the district.
Real estate in Madison is a combination of suburban neighborhoods with beautiful single-family homes and housing developments that provide affordable lodging … (0 comments)

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