newport beach: Buying a Home in Big Canyon, Newport Beach, CA - 08/11/22 11:27 PM
Neighborhood Information
Many people looking to buy a house in the Newport Beach, California area are drawn to the Big Canyon Country Club because of its unique location within a master-planned gated community. Big Canyon Country Club is an amazing, spacious community that sits on a stunning golf course. The golf course is always open for locals to try and show off their talents. The wealthy folks here ensure the neighborhood is always well-kept and secure. In addition, the area is home to several excellent educational institutions. Feel free to contact us whenever it is most convenient for you if you have … (0 comments)

newport beach: Buying a Home in Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA - 08/11/22 11:27 PM
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In the scenic region of Newport Beach, California, you'll find the beautiful urban neighborhood of Balboa Island. The waterfront location on Balboa Island welcomes visitors and locals alike with breathtaking views. Gorgeous real estate properties can be found alongside exciting and fun-filled recreational areas and picturesque scenery. Balboa Island real estate is known for its exquisite design and well-maintained properties. Homebuilding experts on Balboa Island conceived, designed, and oversaw the construction of the community's affordable, high-quality residences. Contact us anytime to learn more about the quaint Balboa Island neighborhood. Our top priority is finding the perfect home in Newport Beach, … (1 comments)

newport beach: Buying a Home in Harbor Island, Newport Beach, CA - 08/11/22 11:26 PM
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The enchanting city of Newport Beach, California, is home to the breathtaking gem of Harbor Island. The fact that it is artificial sets it apart from other islands and makes it a popular choice for potential homeowners. Harbor Island is a great place to live in Newport Beach because of its convenient location and wide range of facilities. Newport Beach's Harbor Island is an artificial island that began construction in the early 1900s. Residents of this area are served by the highly regarded Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Please contact us via phone or email if you want additional details about … (1 comments)

newport beach: Buying a Home in Lido Isle, Newport Beach, CA - 08/11/22 11:26 PM
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Among the most beautiful real estate in Newport Beach, California, can be found in the community of Lido Isle. Several stunning luxury homes can be found in Newport Beach's affluent Lido Isle neighborhood. Fantastic Lido Isle real estate options are located in a beautiful island community and include a wide range of house types to suit any buyer's needs. Everything you could want is right here on Lido Isle. Please contact us if you have questions about Lido Isle or a specific home.
Lido Isle's allure shines through in the classifying characteristics of its surrounding area. There is a low crime … (1 comments)

newport beach: Newport Beach Spotlight – Is It as Good as Advertised? - 08/10/21 10:05 AM
Newport Beach, located in Orange County, California, is typically described with outstanding and excessive hyperbole. . . . Learn about the refined appeal of Newport Beach, California. Once you've had a taste of the perfect life, you'll go back for more. Our activities range from sunset cruises and surf instruction to wine tastings and harborfront promenades. . . Newport Beach is made up of ten different communities, each with its own personality, natural beauty, and tale to tell.
“Paradise is what we call it.”
It sounds too wonderful to be true, doesn't it? See whether that is the case. . . Is it … (0 comments)

newport beach: Cost of Living in Orange County, CA - 03/09/21 11:28 AM
Cost of Living in Orange County, CAAre you looking to move into Orange County, California? Then this article would be a great read for you. We breakdown notable cost of living factors you need to consider for your move to help you identify if this would be a viable community for you and your family financially. After reading this article and you decide you would like to find a home in the region, our team would be glad to represent you in your purchase and walk you through the best deals in the county. Please don't hesitate to contact us if … (0 comments)

newport beach: Coral Canyon, Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA - 01/19/21 11:44 AM
Coral Canyon Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Coral Canyon is one of several luxury subdivisions within the Crystal Cove master-planned community in Newport Beach, California. The subdivision sits on the northeasternmost section of the community and features breathtaking views of the beautiful surrounding Californian hillsides. Homes are well built, featuring exquisite designs that reflect the community's amazing Spanish and Mediterranean architectural themes. These properties are also well-priced perfect for buyers looking at purchasing an entry-level home in the Crystal Cove community. For more information on the area, please feel free to give us a call.
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newport beach: Coral Crest, Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA - 01/19/21 10:58 AM
Coral Crest Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Coral Coast is a subdivision within the Crystal Cove community in Newport Beach, California. The subdivision sits on an elevated location on the northernmost section of the community with beautiful overlooking views of the surrounding hillsides. Homes in this cul de sac suburb are beautifully built hacienda-style residences priced around the $10,000,000 range. Houses offer lavish living areas and resort-themed pool areas, and living room spaces perfect for hosting guests and small parties. If you would like to get the chance to view one of the homes in the community, please don't hesitate to give us a … (0 comments)

newport beach: Crystal Cove Estates, Newport Beach, CA - 01/19/21 09:46 AM
Crystal Cove Estates Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Crystal Cove is a premier luxury residential development that features a collection of lavish hacienda-style homes for families looking to move into the community. Crystal Cove Estates is the newest subdivision within this community, offering a new selection of premier home builds designed to be better in every respect from the community's original houses. Properties are built on spacious home lots within elevated hillside locations that offer scenic views of the surrounding region. Houses have exquisite Spanish and Mediterranean architecture with impressive exteriors featuring tiled roofs, large windows, stucco walls, and beautiful stone accents. Yards are … (0 comments)

newport beach: Linda Isle, Newport Beach, CA - 11/22/20 03:00 PM
Linda Isle, Newport Beach, California Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Linda Isle is a historic U-shaped island in the Lower Newport Bay section of Newport Beach, California. The island has a single gated bridge that connects the island to the mainland. The island serves as an exclusive luxury subdivision home to some of the most affluent families in the city. These residences are some of the most affluent real estate options within the city featuring multi-million dollar price tags. All homes come with a small dock where you can park your yacht. Designs and architecture of these homes include custom home builds and more traditional … (0 comments)

newport beach: Port Streets, Newport Beach, CA - 11/22/20 02:27 PM
Port Streets, Newport Beach, California Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Port Streets is a masterfully crafted cul de sac subdivision in the city of Newport Beach, California. The neighborhood is conveniently in the city's heart, close to the various attractions in Newport Center. Borders of the neighborhood include Ford Road, San Miguel Drive, MacArthur Boulevard, and Baywood Apartments. The neighborhood is an attractive option for professionals working in the region in the market for a family-friendly community detached from the busy tourist-heavy sections of the city. Residents also enjoy access to well-built outdoor spaces and various school options within and around the suburb.
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newport beach: Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, CA - 11/22/20 01:54 PM
Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, California Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Corona Del Mar is a waterfront neighborhood occupying the southern portion of Newport Beach, California. The majority of the suburb's coastal areas face Newport Bay, which is lined by small ports and marinas. There are also a couple of exclusive beaches in the southernmost areas of the community. The neighborhood is primarily a residential district that incorporates several suburban developments and luxury subdivisions.
Although a coastal community, there are a limited number of waterfront properties in Corona Del Mar. Most subdivisions in the neighborhood are a lot more similar to suburban developments, with single-family homes … (1 comments)

newport beach: Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA - 11/22/20 01:00 PM
Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, California Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
Balboa Peninsula is a long stretch of land that protects Newport Bay, lining Newport Beach, California. The peninsula serves as the city's primary waterfront attraction and features a long stretch of beautiful white-sand beaches. Homes in this community cater to buyers interested in living close to the ocean or investors looking to leverage the area's thriving tourism industry. Home designs in this section of the community are uniquely built to withstand strong ocean storms that regularly pass through the region. Mediterranean designs are prominent in the area, but some custom builds feature outdoor balconies where … (0 comments)

newport beach: One Ford Road, Newport Beach, CA - 11/22/20 12:10 PM
One Ford Road, Newport Beach, California Neighborhood PostNeighborhood Information
One Ford Road is a premier residential neighborhood in the eastern part of Newport Beach, California. The area is to the north of the Big Canyon Country Club and east of the East Bluff subdivision. The community is beautifully designed with upscale single-family homes. These luxury residences feature award-winning designs and exquisite exteriors. Homebuyers looking at purchasing a house in the high-end real estate market within the city of Newport Beach will surely find fantastic home options within this community. 
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Community Amenities and Nearby Landmarks
The master-planned community of One Ford … (1 comments)

newport beach: Laguna Coast, California Cost of Living - 05/22/19 09:10 PM
Cost of LivingCost of living is the day to day expenses a family has to spend to maintain a good quality of life in a particular location. It is a useful tool in determining if moving into an area is financially suitable for you. Our guide provides a brief comparison and overview of the various factors affecting the cost of living of families in Laguna Coast.
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Cost of Living Index
The table below showcases the differences in cost of living between the various locations in Laguna Beach with the state and national average. The standard 100-point represents the … (0 comments)