norman: First Courthouse Norman OK - 02/27/18 08:46 AM
First Courthouse Real EstateFirst Courthouse is a neighborhood in the heart of Norman, Oklahoma. East Robinson Street, North Porter Ave, East Gray Street, Acres Street, and North Carter Avenue bounds the neighborhood. The neighborhood is most known for the EMSSTAT hospital building located at the northwest end of the neighborhood. Homes in First Courthouse are mostly single-family houses with spacious backyards. There are many Real Estate opportunities available in the area with many of the properties being priced quite well. If you are looking for a new home or rental property in Norman, First Courthouse may be the place for you.
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norman: Old Silk Stocking Norman OK - 02/27/18 07:06 AM
Old Silk Stocking Real EstateThe Old Silk Stocking neighborhood is an old luxury neighborhood that is located in the heart of Norman, Oklahoma. The neighborhood was built during the early 2000's. It was named for buyers who preferred to wear expensive silk stockings during the time. Houses here are custom-built luxury homes with a variety of designs. If you are looking for well-built luxury homes with an amazing location in the city, Old Silk Stocking is perfect for you and your family. 
Homes for Sale in Old Silk Stocking Norman OK.
Old Silk Stocking AmenitiesThe Old Silk Stocking neighborhood is located close to several dining, shopping, and … (0 comments)

norman: St James Park Norman OK - 12/19/17 05:20 PM
St James Park Real EstateSt James Park is a residential, housing development neighborhood in South Norman, Oklahoma. It is south of the crossing of Interstate 9 and 24th Avenue SE. Then area has brand new and well-established homes available for new residents. Choose from custom built or design the interior yourself. It’s one of two neighborhoods to feature a festival show home last 2016. The community provides a variety of options for buyers. It has high-quality facilities, which adds incredible value to the price of your property. The median price of homes ranges from $180,000 to $300,000+. The perfect combination of convenience and luxury is located here. … (0 comments)

norman: Summit Lakes Norman OK - 12/19/17 05:00 AM
Summit Lakes Real EstateSummit Lakes is a neighborhood in Central Norman, Oklahoma. Alameda St borders it to the north, 36th Avenue SE to the east and Summit Lake to the east. The community is environment–friendly; it offers excellent landscapes. The area provides a stress-free living environment within a budget. Summit Lakes have one and two-story classically designed townhomes with an option to customize the interior. The community includes new construction as well as established homes. Take advantage of the location and its features as the price surge. The resale value of homes in the area is excellent. They sell very well even with newly … (0 comments)

norman: Royal Oaks Norman OK - 12/19/17 04:50 AM
Royal Oaks Real EstateThe Royal Oaks community is in the northeast portion of the city of Norman, Oklahoma. Exclusive yet reasonably priced which provides an equal break for newcomers in the area. The neighborhood offers proper standards for every criterion available. Every home is unique as it can be customized accordingly. A tranquil and relaxing community with affordable home prices that starts from $120,000 to the mid to high $200,000s. Royal Oaks has a private park and lake which adds a relaxing view with a nearly one-mile walking trail fit for a healthy lifestyle. The park and lake is a perfect complement to this … (0 comments)

norman: Rivendell Norman OK - 12/19/17 04:42 AM
Rivendell Real EstateRivendell is an exclusive and luxurious community in southern Oklahoma. It is considered to be one of the best housing developments in the area and an epitome of a perfect neighborhood, surrounded by some waterfront areas. The community mostly has single-family brick homes. Wrought-iron balconies and details are also common characteristics of these homes. Equal opportunity to be in waterfront locations, cul-de-sacs, and tree-lined streets. Every home in this area is quite enticing because of its price and value over time. The appreciation of its value is also an advantage these days. The median price of homes is $487,400, and the … (0 comments)

norman: Highland Village Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 09:49 AM
Highland Village Real EstateHighland Village is a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma. The area like many neighborhoods in Norman is composed mostly of suburban brick homes, with big lawns and large lot areas. The streets here are filled with well-maintained gardens and big trees to complete a suburban neighborhood feel. The community is relatively safe with a low crime rate. Schools and public amenities are within a short driving distance. 
If you want to get a long-term home for your family, this is the neighborhood for you. The area is spacious; you get a friendly atmosphere in a quiet neighborhood. Residents here are mostly … (0 comments)

norman: Eagle Cliff Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 09:42 AM
Eagle Cliff Real EstateThe neighborhood is one of the most popular locations to live in if you want to move to Norman OK. Most of the neighborhood homes are large, with a few smaller properties as well. Homes in Eagle Cliff have great interior designs with many exciting features like hardwood flooring. The neighborhood has big green lawns that you would expect from homes in Norman. The area is close to the downtown area but is still relatively quiet. There are many long-term residents in the community. People here are friendly; the region is one of the best places to live in Norman.
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norman: Hallbrooke Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 09:10 AM
Hallbrooke Real estateHallbrooke is a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma. Houses here like many in Oklahoma are single-family brick homes. Newly built properties come with garage areas, young trees, and emerald green lawns. Hallbrooke is a place you want to consider if you are looking for a new home. The region is a uniquely suburban neighborhood. It is close to the Downtown Norman area. Home prices here vary from expensive to affordable, and there are real estate opportunities to be had. The district has a luxurious feel with spacious streets and friendly neighbors. Homes here are built to last and can be … (0 comments)

norman: Hawthorne Place Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 09:04 AM
Hawthorne Place real estateHawthorne Place is a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma. The area has many beautifully made brick homes. Homes here are large with multiple garages, big lawns and good sized lots. You have several amenities within driving distance. The neighborhood has a definite suburban feel. Homes here are very affordable relative to the quality of the properties and houses. Streets are spacious and lined with trees. The area is a great place to live in, and you should consider Hawthorne Place as a place to call home.
Hawthorne Place amenitiesHawthorne Place has a lot of public and private facilities available for … (0 comments)

norman: Carrington Place Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 08:55 AM
Carrington Place Real EstateCarrington Place is a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma. Homes here look great, and most of them are pretty significant. From granite and marble, there are many materials used in most of the homes. The neighborhood is a new subdivision with beautifully built new houses. Living next to Carrington Lakes is also a great plus. The community is close to the I35 and many shopping districts in Norman. You get the peace of a suburban neighborhood with a relatively short drive to the downtown area.
Carrington Place amenitiesThe Carrington Place neighborhood offers a variety of facilities for its residents. If you … (0 comments)

norman: Cascade Estates Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 08:43 AM
Cascade Estates Real estateCascade Estates is a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma. The area is composed mostly of single-family homes that are built recently. The properties here are mostly brick homes, built with garages and comes with its lawn. You get to appreciate the streets with new trees that have been recently planted along with the development.
The neighborhood is perfect for families looking to move into a suburban area with competitively priced homes. The community is safe and quiet and is a short drive away from most of the commercial and business districts of Norman. Schools, churches, parks, and other amenities are also … (0 comments)

norman: Brookhaven Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 08:10 AM
Brookhaven Real estateBrookhaven is a neighborhood in Norman Oklahoma. The community is sought after for its luxurious homes and great location. The properties in this area offer significant real estate investments. The price range of homes here varies from affordable single-family homes to the more expensive luxury homes. The neighborhood is relatively safe and quiet, perfect for those looking for a long-term home for the family. The streets have green lawns and beautiful old trees. It makes a morning jog ideal for residents in the area.
Brookhaven Norman OK Homes for sale. 
Brookhaven amenitiesThere are many amenities in Brookhaven for residents and visitors alike. The … (0 comments)

norman: Alameda Park Norman OK Neighborhood and market report - 11/08/17 07:58 AM
Alameda Park Norman OK NeighborhoodAlameda Park is a beautiful neighborhood in Norman Oklahoma. Alameda Park is a growing community, with 53 homes and room for 45 more. The region is a short driving distance from the Oklahoma University. The area is perfect for a small family looking for a new home. Streets have many single-family homes with big emerald lawns and streets lined with trees. The neighborhood has a distinctly suburban feel with friendly and welcoming neighbors already living in the area. If you are looking for a great new home, then you will most likely be able to find it here.
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norman: Cascade Estates Homes for Sale in Norman OK | October 2017 - 10/26/17 01:56 AM
Cascade Estates Homes for Sale in Norman OK | October 2017 
Why do People Live in Cascade Estates?
Cascade Estates is a residential community in Norman, Oklahoma and is one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in in the area. It is a subdivision with both newer and older sections. It has detached, single-family homes built from ca. 1981-2005. It is possible for residents there to find really any type of homes they desire with what feels like the minimal effort. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with other people living at Cascade Estates. New houses on the market tend to … (9 comments)

norman: Carrington Place Homes for Sale in Norman OK | October 2017 - 10/26/17 01:42 AM
Carrington Place Homes for Sale in Norman OK | October 2017 
Why do People Live in Carrington Place?
Carrington Place is a residential community in Norman, Oklahoma. It is a new subdivision, which is growing increasingly popular due to its prime location right near the picturesque Carrington Lakes. Residents here enjoy its close proximity to the I-35, which is a 3-minute drive away. They are also happy to be close to various different shopping facilities, including a Target reachable in only 5 minutes by car. This means that everything is necessary is nearby to those who live in Carrington Place.
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norman: Alameda Park Homes for Sale in Norman OK | November 2017 - 10/26/17 12:59 AM
Alameda Park Homes for Sale in Norman OK  | November 2017
Why Do People Live in Alameda Park?
Alameda Park is one of the most interesting and beautiful places to live in Norman, Oklahoma. It is located off of SE 24th Avenue and Alameda, among the rolling hills of East Norman. Alameda Park is a growing community, with 53 homes and room for 45 more.
Not only does the neighborhood look wonderful, it has a unique sense of quality and value that is hard to find anywhere else. It boasts the convenience of living in a town, in a setting similar to living in … (1 comments)

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