north carolina: Things to Do in Asheville NC - 09/09/23 06:11 AM
Romantic Things to Do in Asheville, NC for Couples
Love is in the crisp mountain air of Asheville, North Carolina. The charming city is ideal for families, friends, adventure-seekers, and couples seeking quality time. Aside from the boutique hotels and historic bed and breakfasts that set the stage for an exceptional experience, there are more romantic things to do in Asheville, NC. For couples who find wonder in the night sky, a trip to Mount Mitchell promises an unforgettable night. This towering peak's height and rural location, far from urban light pollution, make it a celestial paradise. It's an opportunity to … (1 comments)

north carolina: Luke Perisich - 07/24/23 09:50 PM
Luke Perisich: Western North Carolina Luxury Real Estate Expert
Luke Perisich, a real estate expert, advocates to assist you throughout the purchasing process, like in Western North Carolina. North Carolina is a great place to live and visit because it offers a variety of landscapes, a thriving job market, a low cost of living, and a variety of rich cultural events that residents may participate in. The opportunity to experience both nature and culture simultaneously exists in North Carolina. There are always events to recognize North Carolina's history and culture because the state hosts several yearly celebrations and events. There may … (1 comments)

north carolina: Lowest Cost of Living in the NC - 07/24/23 09:44 PM
Lowest Cost of Living in NC: Overview
Since it is neither excessively expensive nor too inexpensive, living in Western North Carolina can be considered neutral. It depends on the comparison point. Compared to the average U.S. City, the Lowest Cost of Living in the NC area is 4%. The cost of living did rise in Western North Carolina in 2023, especially in Asheville, the area's central city, where it increased by up to 1.5% from the previous year. The most significant price increases were in housing, food, and transportation. Saving a little money is normal if you live in a pricey … (1 comments)

north carolina: Moving to North Carolina - 07/06/23 08:28 PM
10 Things to Know Before Moving to North Carolina
North Carolina is an ideal destination for everyone, offering not only its diverse landscapes and vibrant job market but also its reasonable cost of living and rich cultural activities that locals can enjoy. Living in North Carolina allows you to experience nature and culture altogether. The state celebrates numerous festivities and activities annually, so there is always some event to honor North Carolina's history and culture. 
This article will explore the essential things you need to know before moving to North Carolina and discover what makes North Carolina a fantastic place to … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Home in Transylvania County, NC - 05/24/23 03:16 PM
Neighborhood Information
Homes for sale in Transylvania County NC, offer homebuyers several options for those seeking a tranquil and nature-rich lifestyle. Transylvania County boasts an awe-inspiring natural landscape, earning its reputation as the "Land of Waterfalls," providing a refuge from the chaos of modern life. Beyond its natural wonders, Transylvania County is also home to vibrant and close-knit neighborhoods, each offering unique characteristics and convenience of nearby amenities. Whether you want breathtaking mountain views, proximity to recreational opportunities, or the small-town charm, you will find one among the county's neighborhoods. And with all the county has to offer, its real estate market … (2 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Home in Haywood County, NC - 05/24/23 03:05 PM
Neighborhood Information
The prosperous county of Haywood is located in the picturesque state of North Carolina's wooded hillsides. One of the country's most well-known national parks is the Great Smoky Mountains. Its location in Haywood County's northwest gives the town a distinctive feel. General Thomas Love's bill to create Haywood County as a separate town from Buncombe County was approved. Haywood County was formally founded in March 1809, three months after the legislation was passed on December 23, 1808. If you have any questions regarding the market, please get in touch with one of our expert consultants, or you would like additional … (2 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Home in Jackson County, NC - 04/03/23 11:25 PM
Neighborhood Information
Aside from being a renowned tourist destination, Jackson County is often considered one of North Carolina's most attractive places to live. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, spanning a staggering half a million acres of spectacular beauty, is conveniently located close to the county's major urban centers. The medical and educational communities of Jackson County are widely recognized as among the best in the state. Western Carolina University, Southwestern Community College, and Harris Regional Hospital are just a few of the area's most notable educational institutions. Jackson County, nestled in the serene highlands of southern North Carolina, is also famous … (2 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Home in Buncombe County, NC - 04/03/23 11:25 PM
Neighborhood Information
Buncombe County is a picturesque North Carolina county known for its scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and outdoor recreation opportunities. The county has seen a significant increase in property values in recent years, making it a popular choice for investors and homebuyers looking for a stable return on investment. Buncombe County homes for sale also offer a variety of features and price points to meet buyers' needs, attracting families and young professionals. One of the reasons for this growth is the county's strong economy, which has created a demand for housing in the area. Asheville, in particular, has a thriving job … (2 comments)

north carolina: Is Western North Carolina Affordable? A Cost of Living Analysis - 03/03/23 08:20 AM
A comparison of the cost of living in major U.S. cities and that in Western North Carolina reveals a savings of 4%. The cost of living in Western North Carolina rose in 2023, with the main town, Asheville, experiencing an increase of up to 1.5% over the previous year. 
Everyday needs in North Carolina are less expensive, so if you're from an expensive city, you can expect to save some cash. However, if you're from a low-cost state, you should expect to see an increase.
An annual minimum of $38,295 or $3,191.25 per month is recommended for a single North Carolinian to cover … (3 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Sylva, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood Information
Located in North Carolina, Sylva is a popular destination for families and their children, thanks to its quaint atmosphere, recreational amenities, and friendly community. If you decide to make Sylva, North Carolina, your permanent home, you may look forward to living the quiet suburban lifestyle. In this region, the neighbors are kind and very helpful to each other. You have the opportunity to build rapport with them and their families. When it comes to entertainment and places to visit for dine-ins, there are plenty of places to eat, shop, and unwind within easy walking distance. Furthermore, the Sylva NC real … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Lake Toxaway, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood Information
Lake Toxaway is a suburb in North Carolina that offers prime waterfront lodgings and the best waterfront lifestyle. Lake Toxaway was established in the 1890s, and since then, it has provided for multiple generations of families. Today, it has a well-deserved reputation as part of the most appealing locations to live in the state. One of the best highlights about living in Toxaway, NC, is it is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Western North Carolina. Many people looking for a new place to call home are drawn to the Lake Toxaway neighborhood because of the area's excellent amenities … (1 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Sapphire, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood Information
The neighborhood of Sapphire is a one-of-a-kind hidden enclave nestling in the western area of beautiful North Carolina. On top of being part of the most prosperous cities in North Carolina, Sapphire has also earned the title of one of the most exciting and adventurous destinations for residents and tourists. The location offers the most desirable living conditions and is an outstanding choice for a vacation spot. Living in the neighborhood of Sapphire is living a vacation-like life every day. People who enjoy being close to nature while accessing various exclusive amenities, such as golf courses, fitness centers, playgrounds, and … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Highlands, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood information
North Carolina's The Highlands is an affluent neighborhood known for its many grand and beautiful real estate properties. It is one of the state's most treasured neighborhoods. The Highlands area has spacious houses ideal for small to large families. Most of the homes on the market were constructed with the wants and needs of today's homebuyers, including their priorities in terms of amenities, design, and general quality of life. As a residential area, Highlands benefits from a pleasant setting and peaceful surroundings because of its proximity to numerous scenic spots in North Carolina. A home in the Highlands is a … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Cashiers, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood information
Cashiers are one of the most affluent areas you will ever find in North Carolina. The neighborhood's affluent status is thanks to its many high-end real estate properties. These properties are ideal for those needing a second or vacation home close to the state's beautiful mountain ranges.
The Cashier, North Carolina region is perfect for those who want peace and tranquility in their daily lives and appreciate nature's beauty. One of the most loved features of homebuyers in the Cashiers neighborhood is its real estate. The properties have large windows that frame picturesque vistas of the surrounding landscape. The outstanding location … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Lake Junaluska, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood information
Just outside of Waynesville, NC, and close to Maggie Valley, NC, lies the picturesque lakefront residential hamlet of Lake Junaluska. One of Haywood County properties' most valuable and favorite features is the beautiful Lake Junaluska. Luxury home buyers searching for tranquility are enticed by the unsullied beauty of Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, where residences are situated amongst gorgeous mountain views, abundant wildlife, and a beautiful lake. There is a wide variety of places for residents and visitors to stay, including the lakeside Contemporary Terrace Hotel, the historic Lambuth Inn, a holiday rental property, and the Lake Junaluska Apartments. The master … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Maggie Valley Club, Maggie Valley, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood information
North Carolina's Maggie Valley Club is a beautiful small town resting between the towering peaks of the famous Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge. The Maggie Valley Club provides its residents with a comfortable way of life by combining the best features of living in a rural area with those of a more central one. The neighborhood is also home to a stunning golf course where residents can spend their free time unwinding and relaxing. Residents can enjoy a round of golf in the stunning local landscape by scheduling a tee time at one of the area's courses.
Buying a … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Maggie Valley, NC - 12/17/22 05:20 PM
Neighborhood Information
Maggie Valley, North Carolina, is a picturesque community that stands out for its magnificent setting and friendly, small-town vibe. Maggie Valley is a popular place for retirees and vacation homeowners to settle in Western North Carolina. Many people seeking a new home in an affluent neighborhood have been drawn to the beauty of Maggie Valley. The area has expanded greatly during the past year, and its management plans even more expansion and development to ensure that the residents and visitors enjoy consistently excellent living standards. 
Maggie Valley has a more affordable cost of living than the rest of North Carolina and … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Smoky Mountain Retreat, Waynesville, NC - 12/17/22 05:04 PM
Neighborhood Information
Nestled in the heart of Maggie Valley and Waynesville in North Carolina sits the Smoky Mountain Retreat, a magnificent private community. Numerous stunning homes in Smoky Mountain Retreat are available for homebuyers. The Smoky Mountain Retreat is a gated neighborhood with two entrances, and it's perfect for anyone who particularly loves log cabins. There's a wide variety of log homes in the area, from large estates with multi-tiered mountain views to cozy cottages nestled in the woods. One is sure to fit your needs, wants, and budget. 
What makes Smoky Mountain Retreat even better compared to other neighborhoods is that it … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Crestview Pointe, Waynesville, NC - 12/17/22 05:04 PM
Neighborhood information
Crestview is an established neighborhood in Waynesville, North Carolina. The area is known for its high-quality and gorgeous homes and amenities like trusted security systems for the homeowners' privacy, paved roads ideal for walking and biking, and underground utility lines.
Crestview Pointe's prime location makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. If you love outdoor activities, try hiking, fishing, viewing elk in Cataloochee Valley, and touring the Blue Ridge Parkway, which offers stunning vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains. These are just a few outdoor pursuits that may be enjoyed in the area's outstanding natural settings. Residents of Crestview Pointe also … (0 comments)

north carolina: Buying a Luxury Home in Smoky Mountain Sanctuary, Waynesville, NC - 12/17/22 05:04 PM
Neighborhood Information
The Smoky Mountain Sanctuary is a lovely gated residential development tucked away in the southeast area of Waynesville, North Carolina. Residents of Smoky Mountain Sanctuary have access to a laid-back and tranquil way of life and a spectacular view of the scenery around the neighborhood. Smoky Mountain Sanctuary was founded in 2009 and is a rapidly expanding town. Waynesville's many facilities and services are easily accessible from this serene haven, which is just a short drive from the city's center. If you want to learn more about this lovely neighborhood in North Carolina and the current inventory of Smoky Mountains, … (2 comments)

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