oregon: Culver, Oregon: 97734 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97734
The city of Culver, located on a high-desert plateau immediately to the north of Bend, in the heart of Central Oregon, has a zip code of 97734. The city is well known as a place to purchase a vacation property and as a recreation hub for people who enjoy spending time outside. 
The residences in Culver exude an impression of contemporary style, surrounded by lush greenery and trees on all sides. Many homes are situated on ample acreage, providing buyers with various choices. Culver is home to a diverse collection of neighborhoods and is just minutes away from some of … (1 comments)

oregon: La Pine, Oregon: 97739 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97739
Zip Code 97739 belongs to La Pine, Oregon. La Pine is a small frontier town nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, surrounded by open meadows, lakes, and rivers. Incredible and with unparalleled access to the wonders of Central Oregon, La Pine is a community that is indeed coming of age. 
With lots of trees and forested areas, La Pine neighborhoods bring the country to the city while being near to all the facilities that any community requires. Tall Pines is one of the affordable neighborhoods nestled amongst the trees. The location gives a city feel while still being … (0 comments)

oregon: Powell Butte: 97753 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97753
Zip Code 97753 belongs to Powell Butte, a small rural area between Redmond and Prineville. There are many things to do in this small town. For any outdoor enthusiast, Powell Butte's rural environment is perfect. All year round, residents have access to a wide range of activities. The homes in the area typically sit on several acres of land, flanked by beautiful mountain scenery. Many homes are rustic in style and offer unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. Although ranked as the 107th largest community in Oregon, Powell Butte consists of only one neighborhood named itself. With numerous building … (0 comments)

oregon: Prineville, Oregon: 97754 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97754
97754 is the zip code of Prineville, located in Crook County, which sits approximately 35 miles Northeast of Bend and a quick 20 miles East of Redmond. The inviting town of Prineville is well-known for its quiet appeal, proximity to outdoor leisure opportunities, ease of access to the local labor force, and yearly rodeo and horse race events. Respected real estate developers have created lovely neighborhoods in recent years and positioned their investments to keep up with the expected increase of retirees wanting a quiet rural lifestyle and young families seeking inexpensive houses in Prineville.
The neighborhood of Powell Butte … (0 comments)

oregon: Redmond, Oregon: 97756 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97756
97756 is a sparsely populated zip code in Redmond, Oregon, that sits in the top eastern corner of Deschutes County. Redmond has many features that make Bend a great place to live but on a smaller, cozier scale. It has a suburban feel perfect for families looking for more space than larger densely packed cities for the money and an excellent area to raise children. Redmond is a thriving, fast-growing city with neighborhoods that continue to expand with numerous property and rental options. Some of the popular neighborhoods in the city are:
Terrebonne is famed for its beautiful desert views, … (0 comments)

oregon: Sisters Oregon: 97759 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97759
Located in Deschutes County, Oregon, the city of Sisters lies at the foot of the majestic Cascade Mountains. The area is included in the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Bend, Oregon, and has the zip code of 97759. Sisters is a thriving arts community that boasts charming facades from the 1880s and a quaint, small-town atmosphere. Despite being a part of the urban area, Central Oregon's stunning scenery surrounds the place, which includes the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests to its immediate West and the wide-open spaces of the high desert region to its east.
Sisters have a wide range of … (0 comments)

oregon: Terrebonne: 97760 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:28 PM
Neighborhoods and Cities Within 97760
Terrebonne, Oregon, is a city primarily located in Deschutes County and has been assigned with 97760 as the only ZIP code. Another portion of 97760 belongs to Jefferson County— an area surrounding Bend. 97760 provides lots of space for outdoor recreation and enjoying Central Oregon's breathtaking scenery. Real estate in the area typically comes with larger plots of land because of the town's remote location. If you love the outdoors and want to live in a rural village where farming is the dominant sector, Terrebonne might be the place for you.
Beautiful homes worth millions of dollars are … (0 comments)

oregon: Bend, Oregon & Surrounding Areas Zip Code Map - 07/19/22 06:19 PM
About Bend Oregon
The charming city of Bend seats in Deschutes County, central Oregon, and offers plenty of outdoor pursuits and pristine beauty. Bend is one of the best places to live, work, and visit. It is considered one of Oregon's safest cities and is brimming with family-friendly activities and excellent schools. The area provides a distinctive blend of urban sophistication with outdoor activity capable of keeping even the most restless individuals entertained.
Zip Code Summary
Bend is big enough that it has been divided into several different zip codes. In addition, the city of Bend is surrounded by the counties of Jefferson, Klamath, … (0 comments)

oregon: Bend, Oregon: 97701 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:19 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97701
Bend has a ZIP code of 97701 and sits along the eastern edge of Oregon's Cascades Mountain range, with the Deschutes River as its central north-south artery. It covers a large land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. The neighborhood on 97701 includes:
Boyd Acres
Boyd Acres is the northernmost neighborhood of 97701. The area boasts mountain views and numerous parks. One notable park in the area is the Pine Nursery Park, which features a disc golf course, dog park, and athletic fields on the east. Outside the city limits is a wilderness area with trails and … (0 comments)

oregon: 97702 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:19 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97702
Bend is A vibrant city full of beautiful scenery, activities, culture, and history. Since Bend, Oregon is huge, the town was divided into different zip codes, one of which is 97702. The zip code 97703 falls under Deschutes County of West region and Pacific division. The neighborhood on 97703 includes:
Century West is a master-planned community in Bend with a family-friendly atmosphere, perfect for raising young children while enjoying the outdoors. It is home to an affluent real estate market meant to provide a refined living in a luxurious environment.
In the Southern Crossing neighborhood, homes are mostly detached single-family homes. … (0 comments)

oregon: 97703 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:19 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97703
97703 zip code is tucked away in the Bend city of Oregon area. It falls under Deschutes County of the West region and Pacific division. The neighborhood on 97703 includes:
Old Bend Neighborhood includes the Old Town Historic District, Drake Park Neighborhood Historic District, the Mill Addition, Mirror Pond, and Miller's Landing. Craftsman and Bungalows predominate the Old Bend. River West is one of the popular neighborhoods in 97703. Most homes were built in the early 20th century, although you will see new construction dispersed throughout the area. Summit West neighborhood begins on the western edge of River West and … (0 comments)

oregon: Sunriver, Oregon: 97707 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:19 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97707
The zip code 97707 is assigned to Sunriver, located south of Bend's Deschutes River Woods and north of La Pine. Sunriver is a 3,300-acre resort development with 4,200 private homes, townhomes, and condos, and each property has 5 miles of beautiful Deschutes River frontage. Sunriver and its surrounding areas offer culture, recreation, solitude, and breathtaking scenery. 
Sunriver has four neighborhoods that offer their charms and amenities. Sunriver Resort is a fantastic place to kick back, relax, and enjoy what Central Oregon offers. Sunriver's Caldera Springs is a 400-acre gated private neighborhood with lots between a quarter of an acre and … (0 comments)

oregon: Camp Sherman: 97730 Homes for Sale - 07/19/22 06:19 PM
Neighborhoods Within 97730
Camp Sherman is tucked away on the banks of the beautiful Metolius River in the Deschutes National Forest, and its zip code is 97730. It features some of the most magnificent scenery in central Oregon and provides convenient access to a wide variety of options for leisure activities. Camp Sherman consists of a School, Store, Post Office, and Church, as well as several seasonal restaurants, lodges, and camps. People in Camp Sherman would say that the Camp Sherman Store and Fly Shop are the true heart of the community. Residential areas at Camp Sherman include Southwest Metolius Meadows Drive, … (1 comments)

oregon: Old Bend, Oregon: A Charming Neighborhood with Rich History - 07/14/22 08:59 AM
Prospective homeowners searching for a historic and quaint community should look no further than Old Bend, Oregon. Prospective homeowners can choose from architectural styles, such as bungalows, Victorians, and Craftsmans. In addition, the area is rich in cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, making it an ideal spot to people-watch while sipping a latte or shopping. Since there is no need to worry about long commutes or finding parking, city dwellers can focus on taking advantage of all this dynamic city offers.
Best Places in Old Bend Oregon
Newberry National Volcanic Monument
The Newberry National Volcano Monument is a striking natural landmark not far from Bend. … (1 comments)

oregon: Neighborhood Spotlight – Orchard District, Bend, OR - 07/14/22 08:59 AM
An Overview of Orchard District Bend, OR
The Orchard District includes the area around Hollinshead Park, Pilot Butte, Highway 20, and the Parkway. Central Oregon apple growers did some exploratory farming in the 1930s to see the area's agricultural potential. Many young families and working professionals live in the Orchard District. The Orchard District has a median household income of $47,000 and a per capita income of $21,329.
Orchard District, Bend, OR Housing Cost
A wide range of housing options, from modest starter apartments to sprawling dwellings, can be found in the Orchard District.   Thanks to the abundance of local retail, dining, and … (1 comments)

oregon: Neighborhood Spotlight – Awbrey Butte, Bend, OR - 07/14/22 08:59 AM
An Overview of Awbrey Butte, Bend, OR
Marshall Clay Awbrey was one of the first to establish a homestead in the region now known as Awbrey Butte, so the mountain was given his name in his honor. Mount Bachelor and the surrounding Cascade Range can be seen in all their splendor from this neighborhood's perch atop a large butte.  About 2.6% of families are considered low-income, while 7% are considered middle-income.
Housing Market in Awbrey Butte
The median home price in Awbrey Butte is $1.1M. Forty homes were sold this May, up from 38 in May 2021. Small starter homes sit alongside sprawling mansions … (1 comments)

oregon: Neighborhood Spotlight – Summit West, Bend, OR - 07/14/22 08:59 AM
An Overview of Summit West, Bend, OR
Summit West is well-known for its small-town charm and proximity to excellent skiing and hiking opportunities. Cyclists will be happy to know that a trail network serves the area well. Several establishments, including a supermarket, cafe, and bakery, are located in Summit West. Homesteaders in the late 1800s first populated the area. Summit West is now a thriving community that provides its residents with a good quality of life.
Summit West, Bend, OR Housing Market
Summit West is at the forefront of development in Central Oregon, one of the state's fastest-growing regions. Summit West is a desirable … (1 comments)

oregon: Learn the Cost of Living in Bend, Oregon - 07/14/22 07:40 AM
Are you seriously considering making Bend, Oregon, your new home? Congratulations! Bend is an attractive city that caters to people of all ages and walks of life.
How Much Does it Cost to Rent or Buy a House in Bend?
You can choose from many different home styles and price points. Bend, Oregon, has an average house price of $766,000. The national average rent is $1,760 per month. These prices might seem high at first, but they're actually relatively low when compared to those in other parts of the country.
What is the Cost of Groceries in Bend?
While the cost of ingredients for a … (1 comments)

oregon: Learning The Closing Costs in Bend, Oregon - 07/14/22 07:40 AM
Bend, Oregon, is located in Deschutes County and serves as the county seat for that area. Closing costs in Bend are typically between two and five percent of the purchase price. This ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 on a home purchase of $200,000.
Knowing the closing costs in advance can help you plan for and save money on your new home. So, if you buy a home in Bend, ensure you gain more insight about closing costs ahead of time.
Overview of Sellers' Closing Cost in Bend, Oregon.
It's common practice for Bend, Oregon, home sellers to pay various fees at closing when selling … (2 comments)

oregon: The 11 Best Neighborhoods in Bend, Oregon - 07/14/22 07:40 AM
Bend, Oregon, in Deschutes County, is one of the most stunning cities in the United States. City incorporation occurred on January 4, 1905, and the town's economy started in the logging industry. Outdoor activities and a thriving arts and culture scene have helped to make this city famous. Bend is a great place to visit for those interested in fine dining and craft beverages, as it is home to several breweries and distilleries.
Overview of the Best Neighborhoods in Bend Oregon
Southeast Bend
Southeast Bend is a thriving Oregon community. Its diverse ecosystems have served as an inspiration to artists and explorers for centuries. … (1 comments)