rochester: Hidden Gems of Rochester, MI - 09/26/19 03:09 AM
6 Hidden Gems in RochesterThere are many beautiful spots, both locals and tourists should try out for themselves. Our list of the six best well-kept day tour destinations is the perfect getaway for couples and families alike.
1. Meadow Brook Hall
Meadow Broke is a historic home built by automotive industry leader, Matilda Dodge Wilson. The landmark structure was constructed between 1926 and 1929, amounting to a total cost of 4 million dollars at the time. The mansion has a beautiful Tudor-revival architecture with beautiful brick exteriors that match the well maintained gardens. A truly picture-perfect place to visit, make sure to bring … (0 comments)

rochester: Closing Costs in Rochester Hills, Michigan - 07/17/19 03:37 PM
Closing CostsClosing costs are the various fees a home buyer or seller has to pay to complete a real estate transaction. These expenses are an essential consideration before you finalize a home purchase. If you plan to work with a real estate professional, you will want to familiarize yourself with the various charges involved in real estate deals in the city of Rochester Hills, Michigan. If you are a first-time buyer or seller, it is essential to note that closing costs are not set in stone and you will want to ask a trustworthy real estate professional about these charges. Feel free … (0 comments)

rochester: Rochester, Michigan Cost of Living - 05/03/19 04:31 AM
Cost of LivingCost of living is the total budget that families and individuals would need in order to maintain a certain quality of living in a particular area. Families who plan to move into a new city will want to consider the costs of living in the community. The city of Rochester can be quite expensive with transportation and real estate expenses increasing the overall amount. Families who are looking to buy a home in the city will have to buy properties that are higher than the state and national average.
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Rochester, Michigan Cost of Living Index
The … (0 comments)

rochester: Stoney Creek, Rochester, MI - 09/11/18 01:14 PM
Stoney Creek, Rochester, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportStoney Creek, Rochester neighborhood
Stoney Creek is a large district in the northeastern part of Rochester, MI. The area features several residential neighborhoods and communities, developed commercial areas, and a large nature park. Residential subdivisions in the community are mostly suburban luxury neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have lovely custom-built luxury homes with multiple bedrooms, ample parking spaces, open floor designs, and beautiful yards. If you are looking for your family's dream home, then Stoney Creek has some excellent properties that are move-in ready.
Homes for sale in Stoney Creek, Rochester, MI
Stoney Creek, Rochester Amenities
Stoney Creek offers terrific … (0 comments)

rochester: Kingspointe, Rochester, MI - 07/15/18 12:48 PM
Kingspointe, Rochester, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportKingspointe, Rochester neighborhood
Kingspointe is a luxury community northeast of Rochester, Michigan. The properties in the area are large custom built homes that are great for families looking to find a home in the region. The area has easy access to schools, hospitals, golf clubs, and many commercial establishments. If you are eyeing for a new home in Rochester, you may consider the Kingspointe neighborhood which features some of the most beautiful homes in the market.
Homes for sale in Kingspointe, Rochester, MI
Kingspointe, Rochester Amenities
Residents in the Kingspointe neighborhood have convenient access to Downtown Rochester and … (0 comments)

rochester: Pointe Place, Rochester, MI - 05/16/18 11:57 PM
Pointe Place, Rochester, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportPointe Place, Rochester neighborhoods
Point Place is a residential neighborhood in Rochester Michigan. The area is one of the most convenient places to live in the city of Rochester. You are a short drive from Downtown Rochester and Rochester Hills, close to outdoor parks, and easy access to commercial areas of the city. The neighborhood is beautiful, with beautiful custom-built luxury brick homes. If you are in the market for a new luxury property in Rochester, Pointe Place has several Real Estate opportunities currently available for purchase. 
Homes for sale in Pointe Place, Rochester, MI
Pointe … (0 comments)

rochester: Parkdale, Rochester, MI - 04/12/18 06:09 PM
Parkdale, Rochester, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportParkdale, Rochester neighborhoods
Parkdale is a neighborhood in the eastern part of Rochester, Michigan. The neighborhood is bordered by Runyon Road, Dequindre Road, Parkdale Road, and Stony Creek Road. A suburban neighborhood with several single-family homes built during the early and mid-1900's. Properties here have varying degrees of upgrades and modifications done throughout the years. There are also some luxury homes in the area you can consider, for families looking for a larger home. If you are looking for a starter home in the City of Rochester, Parkdale has several homes available for purchase. 
Homes for sale … (1 comments)

rochester: Barrington Rochester Hills MI - 12/18/17 12:47 AM
Barrington Rochester MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Barrington Rochester neighborhoods
Barrington Hills Real Estate is a neighborhood in between luxury and comfort. Very relaxing open townhome floor plans with a large variety of interior finishes. There are 148 single-family attached units with 2-car attached garage in the community. Barrington is close to retail, dining, and entertainment at Hampton Village Shopping Center. Enjoy maintenance free living as well as easy access to the more significant metro Detroit area.
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Barrington Rochester Amenities
Barrington Park is near the intersection of Rochester Road and Auburn Road, surrounded by a variety of retail, … (0 comments)

rochester: Goodison Place Rochester MI - 12/17/17 10:15 PM
Goodison Place Rochester MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Goodison Place Rochester neighborhoods
Goodison Place is one of the most beautiful suburban neighborhoods in Rochester Michigan. The subdivision is in the north of Silver Bell Rd and east of N Adams Rd. The homes in this area are all colonial in style with 4 to 6 bedrooms on average. An open floor plan provides spacious rooms which are perfect for everyday living and fashionably scaled for entertaining. The approximate price range of properties varies from $440,000 going up to $3 million for the larger ones with daylight basement and walkout access.
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rochester: Downtown Rochester - 11/21/17 11:47 PM
Downtown Rochester MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Downtown Rochester neighborhoods
Rochester is a city north of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, in Oakland County, Michigan. The city contains three regions namely Stony Creek, The Bluffs, and Yates. The town has a total area of 3.83 square miles of land. Neighborhoods in the area are mostly urbanized commercial and business districts. Homes here are mostly apartment and condominium buildings, single-family and luxury homes. Famous landmarks within the city include Rochester Public Library, the Rochester Art Center and the Mayo Civic Center. 
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Downtown Rochester Amenities
There are many amenities available in the highly … (0 comments)

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