rochester hills: Top 10 Restaurants in Rochester Hills, MI - 12/19/19 05:59 PM
Restaurants in Rochester HillsStreet Food
Street Food, as the name implies offers a fast dining experience of various treats and meals. Enjoy a variety of cuisines in this wholesome and comfortable dining establishment.
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Mitchell’s Fish Market
Mitchell’s Fish Market is a local favorite serving fresh seafood direct from the nearby market. The long-standing restaurant is now at three locations - thanks in part to its quality service and delicious meals.
Lipuma’s Coney Island
Lipuma’s Coney Island is a famous hot dog joint known for its classic Coney Island treat. The family-owned restaurant serves delicious dogs served with onions, mustard, and chili. 
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rochester hills: Closing Costs in Rochester Hills, Michigan - 07/17/19 03:37 PM
Closing CostsClosing costs are the various fees a home buyer or seller has to pay to complete a real estate transaction. These expenses are an essential consideration before you finalize a home purchase. If you plan to work with a real estate professional, you will want to familiarize yourself with the various charges involved in real estate deals in the city of Rochester Hills, Michigan. If you are a first-time buyer or seller, it is essential to note that closing costs are not set in stone and you will want to ask a trustworthy real estate professional about these charges. Feel free … (0 comments)

rochester hills: Schools in Rochester Hills, Michigan - 03/14/19 03:40 AM
Best Schools in Rochester Hills, MichiganThe city of Rochester Hills is part of two school districts which are Rochester Community Schools and Avondale School District. The local school network provides the many families living in the area with an easy access to excellent educational institutions for their children. Rochester College and Oakland University are also in the city and they both offer a variety of higher learning courses and research facilities to its student body. If you plan to move into the region with your kids, you can rest assured that you'll have excellent school options available for them.
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rochester hills: West Rochester, Rochester Hills, MI - 10/30/18 12:12 AM
West Rochester, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportWest Rochester, Rochester Hills neighborhood
West Rochester is primarily a residential neighborhood in the heart of Rochester Hills, Michigan. The neighborhood borders the Oakland University Campus in between the Georgetown and Christian Hills neighborhoods. Real Estate in West Rochester is a combination of several subdivisions offering a wide variety of homes to choose from. These subdivisions include Meadowbrook Hills, Foxboro, Stratford Village Manor, Spring Hill, Stratford Knolls, Meadowbrook, and Meadowbrook Valley. Homes in the community are single-family homes, luxury properties, ranch-style homes, townhouses, custom-built homes, apartments, and many more. Students and faculty from the … (0 comments)

rochester hills: Valley Stream, Rochester Hills, MI - 10/29/18 10:55 AM
Valley Stream, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportValley Stream, Rochester Hills neighborhood
Valley Stream is a suburban cul-de-sac neighborhood in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The community is located west of Downtown Rochester, in between the Sargent's Crossing and Great Oaks West neighborhoods. The community is in an excellent location allowing residents to easily access the center of the city as well as several commercial and recreational establishments in the area. If you are looking for a convenient and comfortable home in a family-friendly suburban region of the city, Valley Stream has some excellent properties available for you. Homes in the neighborhood include … (0 comments)

rochester hills: University Hills, Rochester Hills, MI - 09/11/18 03:41 PM
University Hills, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportUniversity Hills, Rochester Hills neighborhood
University Hills is a lovely suburban neighborhood in the city of Rochester Hills, MI. The neighborhood is a family-friendly community with amazing custom-built homes, paved roads and walkways, mature trees, green spaces, and exceptional amenities. Homes in the area are large with open floor designs, multiple bedrooms, well-maintained yards, and ample garage parking. If you are in the market for a new home in Rochester Hills, the University Hills community has excellent Real Estate opportunities available in the market.
Homes for sale in University Hills, Rochester, MI
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rochester hills: Sugar Creek, Rochester Hills, MI - 09/11/18 02:25 PM
Sugar Creek, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportSugar Creek, Rochester Hills neighborhood
Rochester Hills is a beautiful suburban community in the city of Rochester Hills, MI. The neighborhood features lovely single-family brick houses that are perfect for families looking for a new home in the city. These properties have multiple bedrooms, garage spaces, open floor designs, and well-maintained front yards. Sugar Creek is perfect for large families looking for a house in Rochester Hills with convenient access to the Downtown area of the city as well as other facilities like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.
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rochester hills: Rochdale, Rochester Hills, MI - 07/15/18 01:50 PM
Rochdale, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportRochdale, Rochester Hills neighborhood
Rochdale is a residential neighborhood on the western edge of the city of Rochester, Michigan. The community can be accessed from Walton Boulevard directly across the Rochester Hills Plaza Shopping Center. Residents have convenient access to malls, hospitals, schools, and other businesses. Properties in Rochdale are primarily large brick single-family homes with beautiful front yards, long driveways, three to four bedrooms, and open floor designs. 
Homes for sale in Rochdale, Rochester, MI
Rochdale, Rochester Hills Amenities
Residents will enjoy visiting Rochester Hills Plaza Shopping Center just outside the neighborhood. The Shopping Center is home to several stores … (1 comments)

rochester hills: Rochester Hills, MI Real Estate Buyers Guide - 05/28/18 02:30 AM
Buying a Home in Rochester HillsRochester Hills is a city in the northeast of Oakland County, Michigan, United States. The city is on the northern outskirts of the Detroit Metropolitan area. The area is well-known for its safety and security with residents feeling comfortable letting their children play on the streets. Residents in Rochester Hills have a higher average adult educational attainment as well as higher median family income in comparison to the National Average. The region has several amenities you would expect from a city, including great restaurants, nightlife, community activities, and more. The city is an excellent place to call … (0 comments)

rochester hills: Christian Hills, Rochester Hills, MI - 05/16/18 11:48 PM
Christian Hills, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportChristian Hills, Rochester Hills neighborhoods
Christian Hills is a suburban neighborhood in Rochester Hills, MI, United States. The neighborhood is in a residential area surrounded by several subdivisions. Pheasant Ring and Heritage Oaks to the south, Eyster's Avon Estates and Riverside Highlands to the East, W Avon Road to the north, and S Adams Road to the west borders the neighborhood. If you are looking for a suburban area in Rochester Hills for your new home, moving into Christian Hills is an excellent option. The area is relatively safe, with a low crime rate. … (0 comments)

rochester hills: River Oaks, Rochester Hills, MI - 04/12/18 07:30 PM
River Oaks, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportRiver Oaks, Rochester Hills neighborhoods
River Oaks is a neighborhood in East Rochester Hills, Michigan. The neighborhood has three suburban subdivisions which are Butler Ridge, Quail Ridge, and Rookery Wood. The area also has several apartment complexes on the northeastern edge of the neighborhood. West of the neighborhood is a commercial district with several buildings and banks. Housing options in River Oaks include beautiful luxury homes, single-family properties, and apartment buildings. If you are looking to move into River Oaks, there are several properties available for purchase.
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rochester hills: Georgetown, Rochester Hills, MI - 03/12/18 08:12 PM
Georgetown, Rochester Hills, MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportGeorgetown, Rochester Hills neighborhoods
Georgetown is a neighborhood in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The neighborhood is in the center of Rochester Hills and has easy access to many areas of the city. Residents of Georgetown has easy access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and many more destinations in the region. Georgetown is a suburban community with custom-built, single-family homes. Houses here are beautiful and priced very well. If you are looking to move into Rochester Hills and need a new home for your family, Georgetown may be the place for you.
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rochester hills: Rochester Hills MI - 11/21/17 06:22 AM
Rochester Hills MI Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Rochester Hills neighborhoods
Rochester Hills is a city northeast of Oakland County in Michigan. Rochester Hills has many subdivisions full of beautiful homes. Living in the area is excellent. The city is diverse with several amenities available for its residents. The average home income of Rochester Hills residents is double the state average. Wealth in the area can be seen in the quality of life in the area. The city is highly urbanized, but you still have neighborhoods with single-family and luxury homes. More significant and smaller developments and complexes are scattered throughout the city. If you … (0 comments)

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