tampa: Tampa, FL 33624 Homes for Sale - 01/25/23 09:22 AM
Neighborhood Information
The 33624 neighborhood in Tampa is a small charming residential area that offers homebuyers properties priced significantly lower compared to other neighborhoods of Tampa city. 
The Tampa region is one of the most popular and densely populated areas in Florida, so looking for a humble new home might take a lot of work for some homebuyers. Although this might be true, communities in big cities like Tampa still offer great housing opportunities, and they are regarded as hidden gems. The 33624 residential area of Tampa is an excellent example of a hidden gem neighborhood. The area offers amazing housing for individuals, … (1 comments)

tampa: Tampa, FL 33647 Homes for Sale - 01/25/23 09:22 AM
Neighborhood Information
If you are looking for pleasant yet reasonably priced homes in an idyllic setting, you will love Tampa, Florida’s 33647 neighborhood. The residents of the 33647 area relish access to both bay area features and suburban harmony. 
Living in Tampa gives access to a wide variety of entertainment and food options, as well as professional sports teams and museums, pros that you get in typical major metropolitan areas. However, if you are the type of homebuyer who value both suburban charms and urban features, the 33647 area of Tampa is your best option. The neighborhood has a collection of stunning homes … (1 comments)

tampa: Tampa, FL 33619 Homes for Sale - 01/25/23 09:22 AM
Neighborhood Information
The neighborhood of 33619 in Tampa, Florida, is a quaint residential area that covers a vast part of the Tampa area. Many residents here love the community's suburban vibe and the availability of reasonably priced single-family homes. 
Compared to Miami and other neighboring cities of Tampa, the area of Tampa is a more laid-back and affordable option for homebuyers who wish to relocate to Florida. You feel like you're in a sunny, warm, and relaxed Hispanic-influenced tropical waterfront city. The Tampa area also offers residents great employment and career opportunities, fantastic housing options, great quality of life, and exciting recreational activities. … (2 comments)

tampa: Buying a Beachfront Home in Tampa Florida - 12/01/22 11:42 PM
Neighborhood Information
Florida's beautiful state is home to the bustling metropolis of Tampa. Some of the most desirable beachfront real estate in the United States may be found in Tampa, Florida, thanks to the stunning shoreline. Tampa is the ideal destination for both families and singles because of its warm water all year round, active nightlife, and pleasant climate. Tampa is the place to be if you want accessibility, variety, and low living costs. Numerous affordable options are available that include all the comforts of beachside living. Send our team a message if you're considering keeping your tan and taking advantage of … (1 comments)

tampa: MacDill Air Force Base Housing, Tampa, FL - 09/13/22 11:23 AM
Neighborhood Information
Aside from being a top-notch U.S. Air Force Base, the community surrounding MacDill Air Force Base is beautiful and welcoming to families. It's worth checking out the MacDill Air Force Base area of Tampa, Florida. Despite its proximity to a major military installation, the city is still home to many stunning residences. Homes at MacDill Air Force Base are modern masterpieces that come fully furnished. Homebuyers with young children or those nearing retirement age will find the area a tranquil haven. The base also serves a sizable population of veterans settled in the Tampa Bay area. Please get in touch … (0 comments)

tampa: Buying a Home in Interbay, Tampa, FL - 09/13/22 11:23 AM
Neighborhood Information
Interbay is a highly desirable and pleasant area of South Tampa. If you're looking for a great place to call home in Florida, look no further than Interbay in Tampa. All the homes in the area are works of art, and the land it sits on is pristine. It's not hard to find a place to live here because there are many options. Beyond that, there is a wide variety of exciting destinations and activities throughout the city. One of the most popular things in Tampa is going on a cruise, and another is eating at one of the area's … (1 comments)

tampa: Buying a Home in West Riverfront, Tampa, FL - 09/13/22 11:23 AM
Neighborhood Information
The West Riverfront in Tampa is a great place to call home because it is centrally located. This is also where you'll find most of Tampa's tourist attractions. In addition to all the amenities of downtown Tampa, residents of West Riverfront can enjoy a relaxed, suburban lifestyle. Vibrant nightlife results from the proximity of the West Riverfront's many entertainment options. If you have any questions about the West Riverfront area of Tampa, FL, please don't hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable team members. If you're looking for help finding the home of your dreams in Tampa, Florida, our professional … (1 comments)

tampa: Discover the Best Restaurants in Hyde Park, Tampa, FL - 07/02/22 07:15 AM
Try one of the many restaurants in Hyde Park, Tampa, Florida, for a sumptuous meal without breaking the bank. You can get a great meal at these restaurants without breaking the bank. All of them are conveniently located within a short walking distance.
Bern’s Steak House
Bern's Steak House, one of the best restaurants in the world, can be found in a nondescript red brick building. In spite of this, for well over fifty years, this Tampa institution has been garnering praise and attracting fans from all over the world.
On Swann
Hyde Park is home to On Swann, a popular restaurant in Tampa. The … (1 comments)

tampa: Home Purchase in Tampa, FL - 07/01/22 07:12 PM
Mortgage Lenders in Tampa
With an urban-suburban feel, Tampa, Florida, is a vibrant, diverse city that offers tranquil beaches, scenic hiking, parks, and natural preserve within a short drive of the area. Tampa offers a wide range of fantastic neighborhoods, from historic districts to resort-style communities, suburban enclaves, vibrant multi-family residences on the downtown waterfront, to more laid-back single-family detached areas tucked under giant oaks, and lively metropolitan regions. Tampa indeed does have "something for everyone," as the saying goes. If you want to use a home loan to pay for a good deal of real estate in Tampa, these are the … (0 comments)

tampa: Buying a Home in Tampa, FL - 06/01/22 10:43 AM
Mortgage Lenders in Tampa
Work, recreation, and relaxation may all be enjoyed in Tampa's picturesque setting to its fullest. It has a mix of old and new, a culture that is infused with Cuban and Spanish features, vibrant business districts, and awe-inspiring waterways. Check out the rest of this post if you're looking for a good deal of property in the neighborhood and want to finance it with a house loan. Several mortgage lenders in the Tampa Bay area are confident in their ability to help you find the most acceptable non-traditional loan option for your situation. There are numerous financing possibilities … (0 comments)

tampa: Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Tampa, FL - 12/03/21 04:03 AM
The city of Tampa is one of the best places to reside in Florida. It is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metro region, which is one of the largest in the Southeast United States and provides a wealth of benefits to its people, including a low cost of living, wonderful tropical weather, easy access to the beach, and much more. If you're thinking about moving to Tampa, we'd like to show you a few of the city's perks.
It’s More Affordable to Live in Tampa
A Great Alternative to Miami’s Sky-High Cost of Living
Tampa is a viable alternative to Miami if you're searching … (4 comments)

tampa: What You Need to Know About Tampa, FL - 06/16/21 02:57 AM
Tampa, FL
Neighborhood Spotlight: Tampa, FL
The wonderful city of Tampa in Florida has numerous tourist attractions that you will surely love. This article highlights the best spots you can visit so you could get the most out of your trip!
The Florida Aquarium
One of the top aquariums in the country, The Florida Aquarium offers interactive guest-dive programs like 'Swim with the Fishes' or 'Dive with the Sharks' which will allow you to swim with the fishes and experience aquatic life. More than that, the Aquarium's latest exhibit, Journey to Madagascar will give you a glimpse of the Island of Madagascar and its animals. … (0 comments)

tampa: Property Taxes in South Tampa, FL - 12/08/20 01:07 AM
Property TaxesProperty taxes are the various fees and taxes you have to pay in a given locality in the United States. Typically, taxes are split between your local municipal tax and state tax, which varies depending on where you're home is located. There are also specialty taxes to consider, which affect specialty areas that are zoned for various uses. If you're planning to purchase a property, reviewing the taxes you have to pay is an important consideration to ensure you can properly pay for your home without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we'll share the various property taxes involved … (0 comments)

tampa: Cost of Living in South Tampa, FL - 09/05/20 10:28 PM
Cost of Living in South Tampa, FLCost of Living
The Cost of Living is the total amount of funds a family or individual has to spend to maintain a good quality of life in any given community in the United States. There are several factors affecting the cost of living in an area, including groceries, healthcare, housing, utilities, transportation, and many more. We've created a friendly guide for those considering a move into the area. If you're new to Tampa or are moving in from a nearby city, compare the various costs and your potential new employer to see if the move … (0 comments)

tampa: Closing Costs in South Tampa, Florida - 07/21/20 07:05 PM
Tampa, FL Closing CostsClosing Costs
Closing Costs are the various fees you have to pay when finalizing a real estate transaction. There are many costs involved at the end of your deal, and it's essential to understand what these are and the reason you're paying for them. If you're a home buyer and you're looking for ways to save on your purchase, negotiating some of these closing costs and having the seller pay them is a great way to reduce your overall payment. Our team can walk you through the various closing costs involved when buying a home in South Tampa.
Check out … (0 comments)

tampa: Palma Ceia Pines, South Tampa, Florida - 07/15/20 12:50 AM
Palma Ceia Pines, South Tampa, Florida Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Palma Ceia Pines Neighborhood
Palma Ceia Pines is a highly developed urban neighborhood with a good mix of residential and commercial areas in the northern part of South Tampa, Florida. The community is bounded by Kennedy Boulevard, Henderson Boulevard, W Swann Avene, and S Armenia Avenue, with easy access to Downtown Tampa to the east and the Tampa International Airport and St Petersburg to the west. Homebuyers looking for a home that's moderately priced with easy access to the city center will find the area quite attractive.
Real Estate in Palma Ceia Pines is a combination … (0 comments)

tampa: Culbreath Bayou - Culbreath Heights, South Tampa, Florida - 07/14/20 11:27 PM
Culbreath Bayou - Culbreath Heights, South Tampa, Florida Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Culbreath Bayou - Culbreath Heights Neighborhood
Culbreath Bayou and Culbreath Heights are a couple of luxury subdivisions in South Tampa, Florida. The neighborhood is a short drive away from the downtown district of Tampa as well as the city center of St Petersburg. Families who have members working in both areas will find this neighborhood quite convenient, providing easy access to both city centers. Residents enjoy easy access to everything they need, including schools, shopping malls, public parks, restaurants, and many more community amenities.
Homes for Sale in both Culbreath Bayou and Culbreath … (0 comments)

tampa: Hyde Park, South Tampa, Florida - 07/14/20 11:04 PM
Hyde Park, South Tampa, Florida Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Hyde Park Neighborhood
Hyde Park is a mixed-use urban neighborhood in the northeasternmost part of the South Tampa district of the city of Tampa, Florida. The community is directly south of the University of Tampa and is a bridge crossing away from Downtown Tampa. Residents enjoy easy access to all the attractions in the city center, as well as the world-class educational institutions in the area. If you're a busy professional looking for a home a short drive away, you'll love the excellent property options in the Hyde Park neighborhood.
Real Estate in Hyde Park is … (0 comments)

tampa: North Hyde Park, South Tampa, Florida - 07/14/20 10:29 PM
North Hyde Park, South Tampa, Florida Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe North Hyde Park Neighborhood
North Hyde Park is a suburban neighborhood to the west of the University of Tampa bordered by the I-275 to the north, N Willow Avenue to the east, W Kennedy Boulevard to the south, and N Armenia Avenue to the west. The neighborhood is a convenient bedroom community perfect for busy professionals working in the city center or the nearby university. There are mostly single-family homes in North Hyde Park, which were developed in the early years of the city. If you're looking for a good deal and find an … (1 comments)

tampa: New Suburb Beautiful, South Tampa, Florida - 07/14/20 10:14 PM
New Suburb Beautiful, South Tampa, Florida Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe New Suburb Beautiful Neighborhood
New Suburb Beautiful, as the name implies, is a lovely suburban neighborhood in the northeastern portion of South Tampa, Florida. The community is bounded by Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway o the east, W Prospect Road to the south, S MacDill Avenue to the east, and W Morrison Avenue to the north. The suburb includes notable subdivisions such as Golfview and Parkland Estates. The area has easy access to the downtown district, which is a 10-minute drive from the neighborhood. Families looking for a new home close to the city … (0 comments)