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Buying or selling a home in Orleans or Ottawa? This blog will give you real estate tips, open houses in the area, listings available, and more. Real Estate... it's all about You!



When preparing an offer and requesting in Schedule "A" for a an existing survey showing all the structures, garages, additions and easements.  All paties (Seller and Buyer) agreed that an existing survey showing structures, etc. would be provided within 48 hours of acceptance of the Agreement of ...
Fantastic you are being transferred/relocated to the capital of Canada - Ottawa.  If you've never been here its an awesome place to live.  The house selection is fantastic.  Anything you want, single detached (average price $327K); townhouses ($300+K); condo townhouses (under $250K).  These price...
WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A STATUS CERTIFICATE ?  Its a document issued by the Condominium Corporation Management Company containing details regarding the operational, legal and financial situation of the condominium corporation.  The corporation is required to give each person, if requested, a Stat...
Quite often Home Buyers rush into purchasing a home without doing their homework and then they become all stressed out because so much is being thrown at them.  So here`s the easy way to purchase a house. 1.  Meet with your mortgage broker and determine how much you can afford. 2.  Interview a fe...
IS THE PRICE RIGHT?????  How often are you asked by a Buyer is this house priced right?  Sometimes it is but sometimes its not - either over or under - and you wonder what was the agent thinking?  How did she/he come to this figure? Over the last week or so, I've been showing a Buyer single famil...
A few little tidbits. 1.  Many houseplants prefer a humidity level of 40 to 50 percent. Unfortunately, the relative humidity found in many homes during the winter months may be only 10 to 20 percent -- a level too low for many houseplants. Humidifiers are an excellent way to increase the relative...
Has your real estate agent ever sat down with you and explained in detail what every clause in an Offer of Purchase and Sale means?  If not, do you know what you are signing?  Its not just about the price, its time lines, dates, conditions and much much more. If all goes well - no problem but wha...
Believe it or not its past the January mid point and even though its -24 Cel. people have started looking for their dream home.  Some are just visiting new model homes others are going to Open Houses and some have even retained the services of a Buyer Agent. Why a Buyer Agent?  This is the person...
Caution must be taken when purchasing a home with an oil tank in the house, investigate carefully to ensure that there are no signs of oil spills around the house; on the basement floor, etc.  Have the oil tank tested or ask when was the last time the tank was checked.  An oil furnace is quite ef...
What you don't want in a real estate agent: 1.  Someone that reminds you constantly the he/she has been in the business for a 1000 years and know everything there is to know about the ins and outs of real estate. 2.  Someone that thinks that he/she knows the type of home you wand and need. 3.  So...

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