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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 !!  As we enter a new year we all have something to be thankful for. Count your health as a blessing , without good health , I believe it puts limits on our abilities to do    the best we can in our lives. Does that mean keeping our New Years Resolution ? Yes it does, if it is...
This is a re-blog from Julie VOSMIK of Scottsdale, Az. to Russel-Ray of San Diego,Ca any comments or questions ,please direct to them . This is great information.   Irene Durocher         Be sure to get those permits! In addition to my previous post, this post was also inspired by Juli Vosmik of ...
A TRAIN FOR RUSSEL , I came across this train while I was on vacation. I thought it would be perfect for Russel, since he posted a very unique restored train. A TRAIN FOR RUSSEL is also to say Thank You for all the help and comments he has given me and also other friends in Active Rain . Now all ...
WHAT TO DO WITH THE HOLIDAY SCARVES?? You know the ones you get from friends and relatives that do not match  anything.There are many things to do with them. Re-gift to someone else, hide them in a  drawer, use them as a wind sock. I think I have come up with a great solution. We all have those "...
SNOW IN BOCA RATON,FLORIDA it is true ,there was snow in Boca Raton,Florida, if for only a few hours. Snow was brought into Mizner Park for the children to enjoy, since many have never even seen snow. SNOW IN BOCA RATON,FLORIDA is rare indeed. Every winter, yes it is winter here in Florida as wel...
BOCA RATON, HIGHLAND BEACH ,FLORIDA OVER RUN WITH THE ALLIGATORS !! It is true, I live here and saw it for myself. So you better stay away unless you have your camera. BOCA RATON, HIGHLAND BEACH, FLORIDA OVER RUN WITH THE ALLIGATORS !! I went to the mall to take advantage of all the great sales a...
BOCA RATON,HIGHLAND BEACH,DELRAY BEACH BOAT PARADE is this Friday and Saturday. December 16 and 17. It is really neat. The boats or should I say " yachts " because most are longer than 40  feet. They are decorated with holiday lights and they all have a different theme.  I am fortunate because th...

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