economy: BLACK FRIDAY MANIA - 11/23/09 05:25 PM
                                                   Buyer Beware!
While I love the holiday season, I do NOT like shopping during the holiday season.
There are many reasons for my lack of enthusiasm but my BIGGEST reason is the rampant consumerism that has turned an otherwise joyous time into one of greed, envy and in some instances, an out right disregard for our fellow man. Let me show you what I mean by addressing the annual kick off to the holiday shopping season:  BLACK FRIDAY
In recent years, Black Friday has turned into a battle field. What used to be an annual … (7 comments)

economy: How to be Wealthy in any Economic Situation - 04/12/09 03:21 AM
Recently I was lamenting to a close friend of mine about how I wish I would have made some different career decisions back in 2004. "I would be in a much better financial position than I am today" I told her. Her response to me will stick in my mind and heart forever.
She said: "Micki, if you had made different decisions, think of all the people who wouldn't be in your life right now"
And you know what? She is 100% right.
So this got me to thinking about how wealthier I am today than I was back in … (0 comments)

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