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Tidbits, advice and listings from the High Country of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, covering Boone, Blowing Rock, Linville, Banner Elk, Fleetwood, Jefferson & Foscoe.


Love to know what green gifts you have given to your clients. I was inspired to come up with some thing unique today after re-reading the october Issue of realtor NMagazine. Page 14 shows a Eco Hatchery Starter Kit containing Appliance Energy Monitor Home water Quality test Reusable Filtered Wate...
Deconstruction is the event that takes place when a building is torn down piece by piece and not demolished. Makes sense. You can save windows, doors sinks counters and more. Just today on HGTV I saw a segment where a GREEN bathroom had recycled BLACKBOARDS from a school as flooring. Fantastic lo...
Median age of US home sis said to be 25 years, though some dispute that number to be 30. There are three main ways to go with sustainable living in an existing home and they are shown here in order of complexity and size. Retrofit being the least amount of expense and work.: Retrofit examples: in...
If you plan to build Sustainable or GREEN in the state of North Caolina, one of the best information websites to explore early on might be The North Carolina Healthy Built Homes Program website. Here you will find a myriad of information. One topic that is of interes...
Judy,  We can't thank you enough for your help through all of this.  Your professionalism and knowledge is second to none.  I'm going to send and email to each of the Florida soccer parents with a link to your website and contact info. Thanks again for everything....LB  
Opening Round Game: March 17, 2009 First Round: March 19-20, 2009 Second Round: March 21-22, 2009 Third Round: March 26-27, 2009 Fourth Round: March 28-29, 2009 Final Four: April 4 & 6, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan
In North Carolina, we have the privilege of having our own healthy green home certification.: Healthy Built. Greta name don't you think? As REALTORS, this site provides a vast amount of information that might help you to help your clients discover what it is that they really want, & find what the...
I am proud of myself. For a Grandmom, I actually got thru this intense GREEN class. I originally thought it was a two day classroom course and Voila....we would be Green Realtors. Well, the first thing we discovered is that we had to complete another course online before we were awarded the GREEN...
This winter is predicted to be a cold and snowy one. Good news to all the local Ski Slopes and skiers. Me? I prefer ice Skating. Mostly on a sunny 32 degree day absent of wind. What can I say? I am a wuss! At least that's what my grandson says. They have been making snow at Appalachian Ski Mounta...

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