London has its sunfest this weekend.  Great music, crafts and lot's of food.   July 9 - 12, from 11 to 11 everyday.  Travel to Southwestern Ontario.
I just wrote a comment on the blog " A little lesson on scale - no pun intended".  I have seen clients and stagers use very small area rugs under dining tables.  When you place an area rug under a table with  chairs, you should be able to pull the chair out and the chair should  still be on the r...
Here is a simple one. Maybe it is not so simple and straight forward. I need to change my email address and I am not able to.  I have been sent emails that I can not receive.
Before you read on, I do love to stage.  My business is primarily consultation based. I have been working at building my business for 2 years.  As much effort as you put into the staging work itself, you have to put more into working at building the business. I have received a number of calls fro...
Re-blog. This is new.  I only been for the last couple of days and have been away for some time.  I not only have to catch up on reading but look at the new AR.
Doing a full staging is not as frequent as I would like it, and money is the issue.  Today our economic condition (here in Canada  is not as bad as the States) is a direct result of credit overload. The cash is not there and the credit is less available.  That is why many people do not want to ha...
When I first started this business almost 2 years ago.  I had quite a bit of time to market.  I could spend all day planning and executing my strategies. Now that I have work, marketing has fallen by the side.  I run a design and staging business.  I spend my day sourcing, meeting with clients, c...
I have tried now twice.  It has been a while since I have been on AR and I am having difficulty once again loading up pictures.  Has anything changed.  I see that you can now upload videos.  It must just be me.  If there is anything I should be doing that makes it easier could you let me know.
It has been a while since I have been on.  Things have really gotten busy with family and work.  I have found no time to even answer e-mails.  I am looking forward to catching up.  So I am going to make a pot of tea and take over the computer for the next few hours.  Wait.  It just may take me days.
Training, Education. Only time will tell where it will end up. Since I have been on AR.  I have read the blogs and comments written with regards to  the types of training and no training, professionals or hobbists, certified or non certified.  Each have been defended.Hopefully, sooner that much l...

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