carmel: First, Find Your House—Second, a Hamilton County Property Inspection - 09/07/14 11:26 PM

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You’ve successfully located the home that fits your wish list! The listing agent says the home is in “great condition!” Financing is pretty much a done deal! Time to relax!
Er—maybe not just yet.
When you are buying a home, among the scores of thoughts that might be racing through your head (“Is this the best one for the money?” “Will everyone be comfortable in it?” “Will it be enough house over the long haul?”), one you definitely don’t need is “Will this house become a money pit?” 
The home that looks perfect may … (0 comments)

carmel: Carmel Home Showings Keep Busy Households Hopping - 09/04/14 10:59 PM

Selling your home quickly and for the highest price possible demands that the showings be proactively appealing: that is, more than just a passive display of the residential “merchandise.” To make the most of the advantageous situation that any showing or open house should be, both you and your Realtor® must adopt the approach of any successful salesperson—namely, being certain every potential customer is shown the best aspects of the product. When it comes to Carmel home showings, that means staging.
Most of the advice you’ll read about staging follows the same general formula: organizing rooms; maintaining exterior landscaping; … (0 comments)

carmel: Credit Score Overhaul to Affect Carmel Mortgage Outlook - 08/17/14 11:25 PM

For any Carmel resident who has ever been stymied by seemingly arbitrary (or, put another way, nutty) lowering of his or her all-important credit score, next month’s beginning rollout of Fair Isaac’s new credit score model should be welcome news. It will be known as “FICO 9”—and promises to correct a few of the previous model’s inadequacies.
Why now? It’s been six years since San Jose’s Fair Isaac Co. last tinkered with their credit score methodology. Hmmmm…it’s been six years, too since the financial crisis of 2007-08, which Wikipedia correctly describes as “a major global recession characterized by various … (3 comments)

carmel: Empty Nesters Have Alternatives to Simple Downsizing - 03/04/14 04:00 AM

The children have grown; home feels…a little empty…
Many people assume that an empty nest means it’s downsizing time—time for a smaller house or condo. In truth, for many a homeowner in the Indianapolis area, downsizing is just one of a number of appealing directions.
It may sound obvious, but it’s your interests and plans that should guide your next step. After a lifetime of deferring to other people’s priorities, many of us are ill-prepared to think creatively about what it is we want. When we do, downsizing might not necessarily be the springboard to life’s next great adventure.
For instance: consider Upsizing. Moving … (2 comments)

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