indiana: Unexpected Ways to Boost a Carmel Selling Price - 09/16/14 01:04 AM

For just about everyone who will soon be preparing to list their home in Carmel, selling price is a principal focus. What price will this fall’s market support? How will that number affect the time it takes to attract serious buyers? Are there ways to maximize the ultimate selling price without squandering a lot of time and capital?
While there certainly are broad market factors that contribute to a Carmel home’s final selling price, there are others that can be controlled by the seller—and … (0 comments)

indiana: Maintenance Free Golf Course Living! - 09/12/14 12:21 AM

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Welcome to your new lifestyle! Golf Course living is calling your name. Your new home has been meticulously maintained by the original owner. Condo features 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, master suite, loft, sun room full of natural light and vaulted ceilings for an open feel.  Easily access deck from sun room or master suite to enjoy your view of the 8th fairway. Curb appeal is enhanced with extensive plush landscape. Irrigation for low maintenance. Just relax or schedule a tee time!     
       Rodney Heard
       The Heard Real Estate Team

        8555 N River … (1 comments)

indiana: Schools Can Play a Leading Role in Westfield Home Buying - 09/11/14 03:47 AM

Westfield residents don’t have to have children at home to know when we’ve gone through the familiar back-to-school rituals. Just turn on a radio or TV, step into a retail store, or drive past a school and the calls to educational muster are evident. At the same time, it’s hard not to be reminded how significant education is when it comes to Westfieldhome buying—how likely it is for schools to be on the forefront of many buyers’ minds.
Most people know intuitively that top-notch schools carry significant weight in the searching and home buying processes—but the result of … (0 comments)

indiana: An Open House in Fishers Deserves Maximum Prep - 09/10/14 03:47 AM

Once your property appears in the Fishers listings it’s time to prepare for the all-important initial open house. Whether it’s really “all-important” (or just very important) is a matter for debate—you can’t really pin down exactly how important the initial open house is because some of its effect isn’t immediately measurable. Word-of-mouth takes time to spread—and sometimes prospective buyers take weeks or months of comparison shopping before they return to a property that made a lasting impression.
Less subject to speculation is that a Fishers open house will expose your home to an array of interested consumers. The impression … (0 comments)

indiana: First, Find Your House—Second, a Hamilton County Property Inspection - 09/07/14 11:26 PM

Rodney Heard 317-800-5537
You’ve successfully located the home that fits your wish list! The listing agent says the home is in “great condition!” Financing is pretty much a done deal! Time to relax!
Er—maybe not just yet.
When you are buying a home, among the scores of thoughts that might be racing through your head (“Is this the best one for the money?” “Will everyone be comfortable in it?” “Will it be enough house over the long haul?”), one you definitely don’t need is “Will this house become a money pit?” 
The home that looks perfect may … (0 comments)

indiana: Carmel Home Showings Keep Busy Households Hopping - 09/04/14 10:59 PM

Selling your home quickly and for the highest price possible demands that the showings be proactively appealing: that is, more than just a passive display of the residential “merchandise.” To make the most of the advantageous situation that any showing or open house should be, both you and your Realtor® must adopt the approach of any successful salesperson—namely, being certain every potential customer is shown the best aspects of the product. When it comes to Carmel home showings, that means staging.
Most of the advice you’ll read about staging follows the same general formula: organizing rooms; maintaining exterior landscaping; … (0 comments)

indiana: Fall Can Be Prime Time for Selling Your Zionsville Home - 09/01/14 11:39 PM

Your Home Value Here for Free!
Springtime is correctly known near and far as the peak season for selling your home—in Zionsville; elsewhere in the U.S.; probably on Mars, too. Everybody knows it. This has created a most unfortunate side effect: namely, the notion that if you missed the spring home sales binge, you’d best cancel all plans and hold your house off the market until next year (even if you’re actually ready to list).
So…should you give up on selling your home in Zionsville as we move into the cooler months?
Far from it! In fact, many agents … (1 comments)

indiana: Time-Savers for Buying a House in Noblesville - 08/26/14 11:34 PM
According to last month’s National Association of Realtors® announcement, existing home sales are up across the U.S., at the same time that home inventories are on the rise. In Noblesville, it may point to a brisk fall market, with more prospective buyers deciding the time is right for buying a house.
It’s true that a few lucky prospects will find the perfect home after just an afternoon or two. But that’s not often the case: for most people, buying a house requires a good deal more shoe leather. Buyers who aren’t really certain of what they want in their … (1 comments)

indiana: Hamilton County Virtual Tours Can Be Shot with Your Own iPhone - 08/22/14 03:59 AM
A newly-updated NAR survey confirms that 51% of agents with smartphones use iPhones. This fact is hardly startling, since these phones have been such a boon to the real estate business. Today’s agent can use apps to quickly scan and electronically sign documents, instantly get property details for clients, access key boxes—it’s almost hard to remember how we got along before!
But what about the 9% of homeowners who choose to go the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route? As many a do-it-yourself home seller has learned, just planting a sign in the front yard does not constitute … (0 comments)

indiana: Zionsville Luxury Home Sales Ramp Up for a Bustling Fall Market - 08/21/14 12:03 AM

With summer drawing to a close (say it isn’t so!), it’s time to cast an eye towards the prospects for this year’s fall home sales market. Fall can be a great time to list a home, but it can be especially opportune for luxury home sales in Zionsville. It’s a season that traditionally brings out serious buyers—those looking to find a home and complete the move before the holidays. If you are selling a property that falls into the luxury home category, before you roll up your sleeves and get to work in earnest, here are some broad-brush pointers … (0 comments)

indiana: Alternate Programs Sometimes Aid Fishers First Time Buyers - 08/19/14 02:57 AM

In an improving residential real estate market, first time buyers may flinch at the greater loan amounts that accompany larger price tags. Lending standards have also put some first time buyers through a tougher gauntlet than faced during many previous eras. Although some easing is now beginning to take place, some Fishers first time buyers can still find it difficult to secure the level of funding they seek. For them, there are a number of alternative funding possibilities that first time home buyers in Fishers may wish to explore. Here are some of the assistance programs that can serve … (0 comments)

indiana: Credit Score Overhaul to Affect Carmel Mortgage Outlook - 08/17/14 11:25 PM

For any Carmel resident who has ever been stymied by seemingly arbitrary (or, put another way, nutty) lowering of his or her all-important credit score, next month’s beginning rollout of Fair Isaac’s new credit score model should be welcome news. It will be known as “FICO 9”—and promises to correct a few of the previous model’s inadequacies.
Why now? It’s been six years since San Jose’s Fair Isaac Co. last tinkered with their credit score methodology. Hmmmm…it’s been six years, too since the financial crisis of 2007-08, which Wikipedia correctly describes as “a major global recession characterized by various … (3 comments)

indiana: In Brownsburg, Accessible Homes May Get Sales Boost - 07/29/14 05:17 AM

  When the American Institute of Architects reports on emerging trends, sooner or later they’ll be showing up in the Brownsburg listings. That’s been true of one trend the AIA started reporting in 2010: the move to ever-larger square footages.
But now a more interesting finding is developing. It’s one of the principal findings in the AIA’s 2014 Home Design Trends Survey—one that falls into the category of “emerging home characteristics”—one likely to become more commonplace in coming years. Combining several different attributes, it is best summarized by the single term “accessibility.”
“Residential architects report that the most significant … (0 comments)

indiana: Easy Weekend Projects to Boost a House for Sale’s Appeal - 07/24/14 11:27 AM
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
It’s a saying that job applicants (at least the successful ones) take to heart. It’s why a lot of serious primping goes on before a blind date. It’s why movie directors spend as much time as it takes to light and prepare the first shot that will introduce their lead actress. And if you’re going to have a house for sale in Indianapolis this summer, it’s why it’s worth it to take pains to make its first impression as strong as possible.
Making any Indianapolis … (1 comments)

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