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IRS Raises Gas Mileage Tax Deduction In a rare midyear move, the Internal Revenue Service is increasing the tax deduction you can take for using personal vehicles for business. On July 1, if you use your personal vehicle for business, you’ll be able to deduct 55 cents a mile from your taxable inc...
WAL-MART GREETER  SENIOR-WORKER You  just have to appreciate this one.  Young  people forget that old people had a career  before they retired...... Charley, a  new retiree Senior-Worker at the store,  just couldn't seem to get to work on  time. Every day he was 5, 10, 15  minutes late. But he wa...
Really? Home prices have come down 20, 30, 40% or more in the last three years and mortgage rates are lower than they've been in 50 years and you still haven't bought a home.  Really? Housing affordability is over 180, an all-time high when 100 is considered good and you're still renting.  Really...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwritten conventional, FHA and VA loans account for the vast majority of mortgages chosen by buyers to finance their home purchase. While buyers have the choice on which product to use, there are some considerable advantages to FHA. More tolerant for credit challeng...
So very tired of the FEW ruling the MANY in this country then read The Sneeze. What the heck is wrong with us anymore?   Love what these kids did and I applaud them with gratitude!!   Gives me some hope for the future of our country!!   Spread this around if you agree    They walked in tandem, ea...
Recently, a homeowner had a burglary and part of the insurance claim was denied because they didn't have proof of purchase or a current inventory of their personal belongings.  This is something that could happen to anyone.  Even if you had an inventory but it was several years old, it could cost...
What is a Father's Tribute? "It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was." - Anne Sexton What do you remember about your father? Was he someone who was always there or was he never there? Did he spend time teaching you to fish, hunt or perhaps some sport? Was he someone ...
A man was selling a property which was currently rented but had previously been his home for over two years.  After discovering it had been rented for the last 2.5 years, it was asked if he had planned on taking the principal residences capital gain exclusion.  He said he hoped it would be possib...
Here is an example. It is so unbelievable that you may need to read through more than once. IndyMac was seized by FDIC June 2008. FDIC sold IndyMac’s assets to OneWest Bank March 2009. Guess who owns OneWest? 3 guys: GoldmanSachs vice president Steven Munchin, and big time GoldmanSachs billionair...

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