jackson hole: We can't work ALL the time... - 12/13/11 03:34 PM

Not that you needed another reason, but Forbes magazine just rated the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as the best ski area in the United States. 
4,139 vertical feet of uninterrupted downhill, an average of 450 inches of snow each year, and it's the lightest, fluffiest champagne powder you could ever want. Heaven on earth, come for a visit and stay as long as you like! I've been here since 1999, and it just gets better each year.
Or take your dog our for a cross-country jaunt and take in the view...

jackson hole: Become a Realtor®! Make Millions! - 09/16/11 04:56 AM
As a mountain resort town, Jackson Hole has a high cost of living. It's expensive to live here, primarily because housing is (or was) so expensive, and because you can't actually grow food here. We do brew really good beer though. But I digress.
My last blog rambled a bit about hitting cats with a dead Realtor® and about how easy that was here, because there are so many of us. But why are there so many? Is it something in the water?
Word on the street is that it's an easy living. And with a median home price north of … (46 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Town Square Antler Arches - 06/08/11 09:02 AM
How many antlers does it take to make one of the Antler Arches on the Jackson Hole town square?
The Town Square has an antler arch on each of its four corners, which have served as the backdrop for countless photographs taken by visitors to Jackson Hole. We get an estimated 3,000,000 visitors each year, and I'll bet that half of them stop for a photograph in front of the arches before they head over to the Cowboy Bar for another photo op on a saddle at the bar.
The arches were built around 1950, and have slowly deteriorated. Over the … (7 comments)

jackson hole: Did you know that unpaid HOA dues can survive a foreclosure? - 06/07/11 04:22 PM
That's right, the foreclosure does not necessarily wipe out a lien for unpaid HOA dues. I didn't know that, and apparently, neither did Bank of America.
Here's the story. I represent a buyer for a house in Melody Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY. The seller is  Bank of America, who acquired the house via foreclosure a few months ago. The previous homeowner quit paying their homeowner's association (HOA) dues months before the foreclosure, and the HOA placed a lien on the property for the unpaid dues. After the lien was filed, the bank foreclosed.
My buyer put the property under contract, and … (20 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: As nice as Abbottabad? - 05/07/11 03:42 PM
What do Abbottabad, Pakistan and Jackson Hole, Wyoming have in common?
A. Home to wealthy second homeowners
B. Beautiful mountain setting with wildlife, wild rivers, and wild nightlife
C. Politically tolerant haven in a conservative stronghold
From the Yahoo News story about Abbottabad:
"Abbottabad  is a mountain city of approximately 120,000 people in the northern region of Pakistan. It has a reputation for greater tolerance than many other cities in the conservative northern region—largely because it has been home to many foreigners and outsiders over the years. It is a retirement town known for protecting the privacy of its wealthier inhabitants—the … (13 comments)

jackson hole: Today was a good day - 05/06/11 04:16 PM
It's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks, with lots of deadlines weighing on me. I haven't gotten to a yoga class or gotten any exercise all week, and I'm wearing thin.
But today was a good day. I closed a lease, finished an appraisal, got a new office building listing, got a funny email from a friend, got a free lunch, and saw my not-quite-one year old daughter take a few triumphant steps.
Hell, it was a GREAT day!
Tim BradleyOwner/BrokerContour Investment Properties172 Center Street, Suite 200PO Box 1152Jackson, WY 83001(307) 733-6400www.contourproperties.com

Tim Bradley is an owner of … (12 comments)

jackson hole: David Topples Two Goliaths - 03/27/11 12:36 PM
There are two very large real estate companies in Jackson Hole, and a host of smaller ones. Sotheby's International Realty, with some 119 licensed agents, loves to advertise their dominant market position, created, of course, by virtue of the number of agents in the office. The second largest firm, weighing in at around 88 agents, is Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, and their advertising emphasizes that they are the largest locally owned real estate company. They both love to tout their international affiliations.
Contour Investment Properties has three agents in Jackson. And it turns out, it's not how big you are, … (6 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: 115 West Broadway / Wort Plaza - 03/10/11 11:14 AM
This historic Jackson Hole building, formerly known as The Roundup, was sold on February 11, and the new owner has wasted no time renovating the building. The interior has been completely gutted, and with a lucky break in the weather, the roof was completely torn off yesterday. Everyone hopes the clear weather holds, since the new roof trusses don't arrive til next week. If not, they'll be shoveling snow off of those hardwood floors!
Tenant interest in the building has been strong, no doubt spurred on by two front page newspaper articles discussing the sale and renovation. This has been a … (6 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: 115 West Broadway / The Roundup Building - 02/14/11 10:12 AM
It's the end of an era for this historic building in Jackson Hole, and the start of a new one. The Roundup building, as it has come to be known, was originally built in 1947 as a small retail store. In 1980, the original 1,750 square foot building was enlarged to over 12,000 square feet. The original structure was retained, and a new building was added on to the back of the first building.
One tenant occupied the building for the virtually all of its life: The Roundup. The Roundup sold cowboy boots and hats, and for the last 30 years, … (5 comments)

jackson hole: Never Too Weak to Wander - 02/13/11 06:31 AM
A common theme in Jackson Hole is the story of the person who came here it visit for a week or a summer, and who finds themself still here years later. Jackson has a magnetic pull on people's souls. Why?
Well, it's certainly a stunningly beautiful place, but I don't think that's why people stay. They stay because our community is simply amazing. This is a community that looks out for its members, a community that is incredibly supportive. And as part of that community, I'd like to tell you about a local non-profit established in Jackson Hole.
It's called Never … (2 comments)

jackson hole: In Jackson Hole, we don't complain about the snow, we PLAY in it! - 02/12/11 02:42 PM

Don't get mad at the snow...come live in a winter wonderland! It was a beautiful day today, with temperatures in the high 20s, and the sun was shining brightly. We snowshoed out to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park, and made it home in time for fresh chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and a spectacular sunset over the Snake River.

You can see the red glow of the sun reflecting off the Snake River between the mountains and the houses. Just another gorgeous day in paradise...
For further information, or to learn more about the Jackson Hole commercial market, … (13 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: 150 E Hansen / Akasha Yoga - 12/08/09 10:08 AM
Here's another tidbit of Jackson real estate history. This building is located on the corner of Willow and East Hansen in east Jackson, but it started life as a schoolhouse on West Broadway where New York Subs (another Jackson Hole favorite!) is now located.
After the schoolhouse was moved, the building was home to Wind River Herb Factory, and then was the home to The Yoga Room, operated by Margot Snowden. I took my first yoga class from Margot in this building in 2000, shortly after moving to Jackson from Dallas. Neesha Zollinger took over the yoga studio in 2005, renaming … (16 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: 15 E Deloney / Jackson Drug Building - 11/29/09 12:50 PM
This iconic Jackson Hole building is right on the Town Square, and was home to Jackson Drug for decades. Generations of visitors to Jackson Hole remember getting an ice cream shake at the famed soda bar in the building. Built in 1932, the building has a stacked stone foundation, a basement, and two floors above ground. The ground floor was home to the soda fountain and Jackson Drug, and the second floor had an apartment that was home to many generations of ski bums.
When the druggists decided to retire in 2001, we brokered the lease of the building with a … (10 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: New Office For Lease - 05/20/09 11:45 AM
690 South Highway, Jackson, WY
The building will be complete and ready for occupancy in September 2009. Designed by Steve Dynia, the building will be anchored by a family style Italian restaurant on the ground floor. The building offers tremendous natural light with floor to ceiling glass walls providing views to the south, east, and west.
There is a retail unit still available on the ground floor, providing a tenant maximum exposure to the corner of South Highway 89 and Meadowlark. On the second floor, available office suites range from 735 square feet to as large as 2,746 square feet. Lease … (4 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: Town Square Office For Sale - 05/20/09 11:20 AM
Located at 36 East Broadway in downtown Jackson, this building is located on the south side of the Town Square. The building has been turned into a commercial condominium, and the unit offered here is on the top floor and contains 2,545 square feet. The space has been previously used as a day spa and as offices for an landscape design company. The unit is offered for sale at $1,081,000.
For further information, or to learn more about the Jackson Hole commercial market, please contact:
Tim BradleyOwner/BrokerContour Investment Properties220 East BroadwayPO Box 1152Jackson, WY 83001(307) 733-6400www.contourproperties.com

Tim Bradley is … (1 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole: Richest County in the United States - 05/11/09 06:01 AM
The federal government recently released its annual rankings of the most affluent counties in the United States. There are two different reports, and both put Teton County, Wyoming at the top.
The first report is from the Internal Revenue Service, which uses the income reported on tax returns as their data source. The second report is the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which takes in data from a variety of sources, including the value of real estate. Both reports conclude that in 2007, Teton County was the wealthiest county in the United States, when measured on a per capita basis.
Manhattan (NYC), … (4 comments)

jackson hole: Jackson Hole Retail Market April 2009 - 05/10/09 09:48 AM
The retail market in Jackson can be broadly defined as consisting of four areas: Town Square, Downtown Local Retail, Highway, and Strip Center. The market standard in Jackson is to quote retail rents on a NNN (triple net) basis, with the rental figures given as an annual amount per square foot. NNN expenses currently range from $3.00 to $7.00 per square foot per year, depending on the age and efficiency of the building.
Town Square
The Town Square submarket consists of those retail properties lining the Town Square, and those within a block of the Square along either Broadway, Cache Street, … (0 comments)

jackson hole: Sushi in Wyoming? Right. - 05/10/09 06:55 AM
Really, there is.
I became a sushi connoisseur many years ago when I was dating a Japanese woman. My wife and I just returned from a visit to Seattle and Vancouver, where good sushi is abundant. Here in Wyoming, you have to look a little harder.
In Jackson Hole, I personally recommend Masa Sushi (in the ski village), Nikai Sushi on North Cache street, and Blu Kitchen on Glenwood. Masa is the most traditional, while Blu is locally famous for their French/Asian fusion inventions. All are simply outstanding! Try the truffle fries at Blue for an appetizer.
Call me if you … (10 comments)

jackson hole: Six Year Old Tornado - 05/10/09 06:34 AM
My twin six year old nieces were here for a few days visiting, while their parents drove down to Denver to take in a Greatful Dead show and some well deserved vacation time. They all piled back in the car this morning and headed back to Montana.
I need a nap.
My father used to pat his belly and say "I look pretty good for a man who's had four children". He was careful to never say it within reach of my mother, and now I know why!
Happy Mother's Day to all you hardworking moms.
Tim Bradley is an owner … (4 comments)

jackson hole: 10 Year Overview of Home Sales Volume in Jackson Hole, WY - 05/07/09 03:56 PM
Here's an overview of how house, condominium, and vacant lots sales have trended in Jackson Hole, WY for the past ten years.
We had a peak in the market in terms of the number of sales in 2005, and the market fell off a cliff in 2008. In another blog, I'll present the total dollar volume of these sales. So far, 2009 has remained very slow, with only a handful of closings. This summer will be a telling time in Jackson, as the summer and fall are historically the strongest time for real estate closings in Jackson.
Tim Bradley is an … (1 comments)

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