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I was in a Real Estate office last week, and noticed a new home inspector's brochure on the shelf. Since I didn't recognize the name, I picked it up out of curiosity. I was very surprised to see that he said he had been an inspector for 12 years. He also said he was an officer in a home inspectio...
Found these photos while looking for something else. Note to self - You really need to catalog your photos in a more systematic way. They brought to mind traveling on holidays to see family and friends. That brought up the memory of a Thanksgiving trip to see my Mother. We were living in Long Bea...
I know we all get them. Those e-mails from someone we don't know, and they are going to trust us enough to give us millions of dollars (for a slight fee to ensure OUR honesty), just for being a nice person.  OK, that isn't really what I wanted to talk about. I want to discuss those e-mails we get...
Today I'm cooking chili verde. I usually only cook it once a year, since it takes so much time. This is the main reason I grow green chilis and roast and freeze them during the summer. It's also one of the few times we eat pork, since we try to keep a relative healthy diet most of the time. I sta...
When I started inspecting homes, I would sometimes spend time looking at cool built in bookcases, or interesting cabinets, or odd furniture. After a while, it took something out of the ordinary to catch my attention. I mean, just how many Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass windows do you need...
Last night my dogs were going crazy in the dining room. They were barking and jumping around, and pretty much acting like a couple of 13 year old boys that have spent the day drinking Red Bull, eating candy, and well, being 13. They were out of control. They usually act that way (well, not THAT b...
We see this stuff frequently during inspections of attics. Usually it isn't quite as extensive, or free flowing. I was at a home inspectors meeting a few years ago and a slide came up that showed this stuff on a rafter, and one of the inspectors started talking about toxic mold, and health risks,...
Two of the worst things you want to see in a crawlspace, poor ventilation, AND wet conditions. The house I inspected yesterday, had three things going against it. 1. Poor ventilation. The house was built about 1 block too low, so most of the vents were not about the ground. Not only did they not ...
I was looking through my photo library to make a new screen saver. A good portion of my library just happens to be inspection photos (who would guess), but then there are also the yard photos, the dog photos, photos of my daughter, vacation shots, and the general, "Just happen to have the camera ...

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