green: Give Line Drying a Try - 11/26/08 01:47 AM

Our resident "green" expert just posted this article on line drying clothes:
Line drying was how many of our parents did their laundry; it was just a way of life.  Today line drying is only what we do when the dryer breaks and the new dryer hasn't been replaced yet.  But consider this: "Did you know that you can reduce your energy bill by an average of $75 to $100 a year by switching to line drying?" Here are some quick facts on Line Drying courtesy of
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green: Top Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly, without Scaring Your Neighbors - 10/02/08 02:46 AM

Our resident "green" expert just posted this article on being environmentally friendly without scaring the neighbors:
So your might be dabbling in this whole "green movement" and are seeking out some easy tips where you don't have to stop wearing deodorant or wash your hair! Rest assured you won't have to do that anytime soon if you just want to start slow.  (Although I DO have some alternatives to deodorant if you want them!)
Here are some of my favorite tips to help the environment that are beyond just changing out a light bulb or breaking the bank!
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green: Bottled Water - Friend or Foe? - 09/10/08 04:20 PM

Our resident "green" expert just posted this article on bottled water:
Bottled water to you may be a necessity or a luxury. You've probably read a lot about PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or BPA (Bisphenol A) possibly leeching into your liquids from the plastic which hopefully has given you some pause when purchasing bottled water. Bottled water is something that is particularly harmful to our environment. For starters, the Pacific Institute tells us that it takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water! Thats a lot of water to package water!
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green: Farmers Markets - 07/31/08 02:44 PM
Marcie K, our resident expert on all things green, just dropped a great post on farmers markets. Here's a taste...
Now that summer is officially here, the local Farmers Markets are in full swing! Farmers Markets are great to find local and organic produce. In my last post, I discussed Organic Foods and how to better understand what Organic foods you should or shouldn't bother purchasing. Farmers Markets are a great place to be green and discover what is organic and local in your neighborhood.

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