social networking: Real Estate Video Blogging - Who's making it work? - 08/11/10 02:29 AM
Seeing as this is about video blogging I've recorded a video instead of writing about it! Makes sense really. In the video I discuss examples of where video blogging is working successfully and wonder why I can't find any estate agents that are really making it work for them. Am I missing something here? … (4 comments)

social networking: Should you bother with Facebook and Twitter for business? - 02/01/10 08:46 PM
Over the past year I've been playing around with Twitter and Facebook not just on a social level but also on a business level.
I wanted to understand if these social networking sites can really help to increase traffic and conversions for my sites.
What I did was that I put a couple of buttons on my sites:
"Be my friend on Facebook" and "Follow me on Twitter".
As of today I have 466 friends on Facebook and 346 followers on Twitter.
Neither are huge numbers and considering I get around 10,000 people on my sites evey day the figures look … (3 comments)

social networking: It's time to stand out from crowd - 11/05/08 02:57 AM
I know very few people in the real estate world who have not been affected in some way by the worldwide economic climate.
Many of my realtor friends have shut up shop whilst others are hanging on for dear life hoping things will improve soon.
However, what I have noticed is that so many are not changing the way they do business.  Many are not embracing the latest methods of communicating with their customers instead of at them.
I've spent the past few months playing around with video sites.  The potential from these is just huge and that's the direction we're … (0 comments)

social networking: Why you need to be more social - 07/01/08 03:35 AM
I am very heavily involved in the overseas property markets.  I run some "social" sites and I've been observing over the past few months how some of the real estate agents have been coping in collapsing markets.
One thing stands out above all else.  Those that are active on forums, e-communities and blogs are the ones still in business.  Those who I know (and there are many) who have no online social involvement are literally on the verge of closing their doors.  In countries like Spain and Bulgaria this is very much the case.
Let's take Spain for example.  The property … (6 comments)


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