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I am attaching a Sample of A QWR. As a foreclosure specialist specializing in stopping foreclosure for my clients, I wanted to provide realtors with a sample of a QWR. Subject: Loan number xx My Name & addressTo Whom It May Concern: This is a "Qualified Written Request" under Section 6 of the Rea...
Stop Foreclosure Due To Mortgage Violaton.  There are plenty of ways to stop foreclosure for clients, one is by requesting a QWR "Qualified Written Request" based on Section 6 of Respa.Section 6 Section 6 of RESPA provides borrowers with consumer protections relating to the servicing of their loa...
If your a realtor looking to market and sale short sales on your multiple listing service, here is a sample of the short sale addendum that i have potential buyers sign off on..  This is an addendum originated by the Seller. This is an Addendum to the Contract dated _______________ between the fo...
If you are behind on payments and wanted to know what options are available, many time professionals forget the simple options to homeowners. For professionals in the foreclosure business, we use terms such as deed-in-lieu, foreberance, loan mod, and other terms that homeowners may not.  I have c...
To save your self time and headache, it's a good ideal to obtain a few documents before contacting the banks. Most banks will request the following information;CHECKLIST OF DOCUMENTS             Needed from the Homeowner•·       Personal handwritten Hardship Letter - See Attached Example•·       ...
What Is a Short Sale? A "short sale" is an agreement with your lender to accept less money than they're owed as full payment for your loan.  This solution often makes sense when you owe more than the property is currently worth.  Basically, you have no time or equity to sell your home traditional...
 Are you a realtor who specialize helping homeowners who are in foreclosure?  Do you have homeowners seek you out because of your experience and reputation as a foreclosure expert?  How do you fight all of the negative press about the amount of foreclosure scams and realtors who do nothing for th...
Arizona Short Sale Office Launches Foreclosure Assistance ServicesPhoenix, Arizona- Record-high foreclosure rates in Arizona have thousands of Phoenix homeowners reeling for options to help them avoid losing their homes. In response to this historic level of need, Arizona Short Sale Office recent...

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