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There are many websites out there for Foreclosure Help.  There are many websites posing as Foreclosure Prevention, and Foreclosure Solutions. & or companies that I work with.  If your looking for help online and your facing foreclos...
( Post Courtesy of Arizona Short Sale Office, LLC Phoenix Foreclosure Company. )Hardship Letter SubmissionThe reality is lender's really don't care what the person's situation is, they simply want their money. The best option, regardless, is to have the Arizona Short Sale Office contact the lende...
Homeowners facing foreclosure? Who can you trust? If your behind on payments, who should you turn to?  There are plenty of choices, realtors, non-profits, loan officers, family and friends, the bank, 3rd party companies, or investors?  The logical choice would be?  NONE OF THE ABOVE.. In General....
Realtors today must have a speciality?  I have specialized in preforeclosures and short sales for the last four years. It's very important to have a niche market and making it work for you. I am really good at negotiating short sales, so I have begun marketing to realtors who have listings that a...

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