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I been there done that so here we go...  I know you've seen those agents (people) who constantly say "Oh I can't go there, or I can't do that." I just don't understand because I believe if you want something and are physically and mentally able nothing is unattainable (there are exceptions under ...
I've been around for awhile and every place I have worked in has had them so I speak from experience.  They are out there and they are negative from the word go.  It's either too hot, cold, shoes to tight, not enough sleep and so on...  Then there is the person you want to be around the one like ...
Yes Sir... finally I'll get that long awaited 765.00 pay check.  Oh by the way did I mention I have invested over 1200.00 in the deal?  If not I'm doing so now.  You may wonder (or not) why I would hang on to a client for so long and be upside down in this transaction?  Good question and I think ...
Have a little respect for your fellow agent...   If you are one of the proud or the few I'd love to hear from you and if you're not but have figured out a way to end this madness let me know also. Here's one of the scenarios:  You have this property and you call the listing agent for some more in...
Whatever you do don't lose heart your hard work and efforts will pay off.   In this time with all the headlines about foreclosures, banks are collapsing, large corporations shutting their doors kind of hints at doom and gloom.  It is if you are listening to the headlines.  You can however write v...
What do you really believe in?   Think about it what do you believe in?  I'm not talking about your religious beliefs I'm talking about other ones.  Do you believe you're a real estate professional? How about a great salesperson, negotiator?  Are you better at getting that listing, finding that e...
Listen to your inner voice, listen to your intuition.   Some call it that itch, twitch, hair standing (not in my case) up on the back of your neck whatever terminology you wish to use you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't yet you will come into one of those situations in real estate.  Y...
Don't get ahead of me here people.  Nothing and I mean nothing will take the place of making that all important phone call, door knock, neighborhood walks.  What I'm talking about is Activerain, Twitter, Facebook, me2everyone (new one) and it seems one is being launched almost daily.  It's hard t...
Think negative thoughts, get negative results.   Simple statement but all so true if you think about it.  I'm guilty as most of us are.  Before you pick up that phone you look at the expired listing its 500,000.00 and you've never talked to a client with a home worth that much.  You think to your...
When you learn to late what was really important in the beginning.    I had an agent the other day call me and asked for my assistance.  This agent told me he had a client who wanted to see some property in an adjoining State; however he did not have a license in that State.  Knowing I did he ask...

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