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  Flummery is the new word of the day. This is so good I will tell you right up front its origin is Welsh. I’ve had clients and so called friends do this to me and I was not impressed.  So what I would like to know is how often it has happened to you and do feel it’s happening now?  The meaning o...
  Macadam is the new word of the day… So tell me have you been on one of these?  Bet me just bet me cause I know you have.  It’s a common thing so want to make a wager?  OK all joking aside I still say you have been on one of these can you guess what it is?  Alright I’ve held you in suspense for ...
  Pecker is the new word of the day. This ought to get you blood flowing on a Monday morning. I can just the thoughts going through your mind now...  OK once you get your mind out of the gutter and stop laughing let’s get on with this word.  To tell you the truth I’m laughing with you, just can’t...
  Mesne is the new word of the day. Having been to real estate school I don’t recall this word showing up.  Just looked in the booklet provided and sure enough it’s not there.  But anyway it does exist so having found it I thought I would write about it.  Have you guessed its meaning?  If not joi...
  Portend is the new word of the day. OK it’s not pretending it’s portend.  I bet most of you have had dreams that seems so real this could and maybe has happened.  I know when my incident in 1987 happened I had a thought in the back of my mind it would happen but not to the extent it did or to t...
  Pomander is the new word of the day. Haven’t worn one of these but after reading its meaning I might start with some homes.  Not really but it would be nice if these things work.  So now would be as good as a time to tell you the meaning of (po’man der) a mixture of aromatic substances balled t...
  Expiate is the new word of the day. Have I been there done that, you bet ya I have more than once.  I didn’t know they had a word for this but apparently they do so I’m introducing you to it.  Do I think I’ll do this again you bet ya I will but hopefully not too many more times?  Now for the me...
  Frog is the new word of the day. Now, now you people ought to know me by now not to jump to conclusions as you know I usually have a few surprises.  So I know what the first thought you had in mind and I would also but let’s examine this a little closer.  Frog has many meanings but the ones I’v...
  Felsenmeer is the new word of the day. Don’t know about you but I see them on a daily basis.  In my newest listing if you look at the photos you can see this.  Got you curious?  Well let’s see if I can give you a hint Huuuummm let me see it has to do with land.   Now that you know the meaning f...
  Adamantine is the new word of the day… Morning all it’s a lovely day today and the sun hasn’t came over the tree tops.  Anyway before I get too off the subject I’ve had clients with this problem.  There have been times I’ve had this problem.  Now come on and tell me it will be just between us a...

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