bella vista arkansas real estate: In my next life I want to be a “bonvivant”. - 01/17/12 10:30 PM
In my next life I want to be a “bonvivant”.
Yes ladies and gentlemen I would like to do this when I return but if it was offered to me now I would drop real estate and take my place with this profession.  I say profession but I really am torn to call this a profession.  Without further adieu the meaning of (ban vi vant’) a person who enjoys good food and drink and other luxuries.  Good food and drink the first person that comes to mind would (other than me) be Roger Mucci.  From his writings I believe me … (9 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: A modest man - 10/12/11 11:40 PM
This is my friend David Aguirre. 

Even though he’s from Texas A & M I still like the man.  Sometimes he comes up to my area to play a few rounds of golf.  This past Sunday we were playing one of the courses and on the 18th hole I hit a monster of a T shot for me.  We got into the cart and headed over to my grandsons ball.  When we arrived I noticed a group of people in the area where we were to hit the second shot.  After a few minutes with no one moving … (11 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Hearing aid!!! - 10/09/11 12:06 AM
A man got a new hearing aid and called a friend to tell him about it.  The friend asked him to come on over to his house so he could see it.  When the man arrived the friend looked at it, the man put it back in his ear.  The friend stated “That’s a great looking hearing aid what kind is it?”  The man was looking at his watch and said “It’s about 6.”  So how often do we really listen to our clients or like the man with the hearing aid do we to concentrate on what is being … (14 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Dumpster Diver - 10/04/11 11:00 PM
My wife and I go by our local dumpster a couple times a week and retrieve huge garbage bags of their leftover popcorn to take just down the road and feed to the ducks at our local walking trail.  Yesterday I was shocked to peek inside only to find the carcass of some huge unidentifiable dead animal.  I called the local police to tell them of my find and they told me, and I quote “That’s normal.”  Tell me people, is it normal in your city to dispose of dead animals in a business dumpster?

bella vista arkansas real estate: A Homeless Man's Funeral - 10/04/11 12:38 AM
Had to change things around a little but you’ll get the full version with a twist…Enjoy
As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Kentucky back country.
As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn't stop for directions.
I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had … (9 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Grandpa's in trouble - 09/30/11 12:38 AM
Tyler was 4 years old and was staying with his grandfather for a few days.
He'd been playing outside with the other kids, when he came into the house and asked, 'Grandpa, what's that called when two people sleep in the same bedroom and one is on top of the other?' His Grandpa was a little taken aback, but he decided to tell him the truth. 'Well, Tyler, it's called sexual intercourse.'
'Oh,' little Tyler said, 'OK,' and went back outside to play with the other kids.
A few minutes later he came back in and said angrily, 'Grandpa, it … (12 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Things to Consider - 09/29/11 12:14 AM
To everyone who is calling for stricter gun laws in light of the tragedy in Tucson, may I offer this little tidbit: If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat! Remember: Hold the person accountable for their actions, not the means they chose to utilize!!!
"Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed."
Dear God, My prayer for 2011 is a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don't mix these up like you did last year. Amen

bella vista arkansas real estate: Did you ever see GOD grandpa? - 09/26/11 10:52 PM
Did you ever see GOD grandpa?
Grandson was fishing with grandpa and asked him, “Grandpa have you ever seen GOD?”  The grandfather looked at the sunset, the calm waters and the fish in their bucket.  After some consideration he said: “Son all I see lately is GOD and his wonders.” 
How often do we not see the obvious when trying to get to the end of the task at hand?  Take some time before you answer just as grandpa did.  Now what say you?

bella vista arkansas real estate: Interstate 40 - 09/25/11 12:11 AM
As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his cell phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife's voice urgently warning him, 'James, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on Interstate 40. Please be careful!' 'James,' James said, ‘it’s not just one car... It's hundreds of them!'
What say you?

bella vista arkansas real estate: SUPERSEX!!! - 09/23/11 11:47 PM
A little old lady was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she walked, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say 'Supersex...' She walked up to an elderly man in a wheelchair. Flipping her gown at him, she said, 'Supersex.' He sat silently for a moment or two and finally answered,
Are you ready?
Scroll down some more
Just a little more
Here is the punch line….
'I'll take the soup.'

bella vista arkansas real estate: Wedding Party - 09/19/11 11:25 PM
At a wedding party recently someone shouted, “All the married men please stand next to the one person who made you life worth living.”
The cocktail waitress was nearly crushed to death, followed by the bartender.  I just couldn’t resist this one.  Enjoy the day or what’s left of it.

bella vista arkansas real estate: Ever see someone with a “lapidify” face? - 09/18/11 12:33 AM
Sure you have I’ve seen my number and had one myself.  Everyone has one the question is when do you use it?  I did use it almost every day in my former profession it was a requirement of the job.  Now not so much as I don’t see the need.  I see this in some of my clients faces but usually not.  Now with that out of the way the meaning of (le pid’ e fi’) to turn into stone hence the term stone or stoned face. 

bella vista arkansas real estate: “Cacophony” has been used on me more than I can count - 09/13/11 11:42 PM
When I was a cop I had people do this to me and if I had a dollar for every time I would be relaxing on a beach in an undisclosed location with an adult beverage.  Anyway, having said that I have not had this happen to me since I became an agent.  I wonder has it happened to you and if so will you share this?  Now for the meaning of (ke kaf’ e ne) is harsh-sounding, bad or evil.  So tell me the story I’ve got all day

bella vista arkansas real estate: Are we operating under a “pandect”? - 09/12/11 12:26 AM
Are we operating under a “pandect”?
No I don’t think we are because this is changing every year.  The attorneys need to have something to do and they are good at it.  The problem I have is the agents who make these possible and required.  Now for the meaning of (pan’dekt) a complete body of laws; legal code.  The laws keep changing because of agents doing something they know they shouldn’t do and therefore making it possible for the law to change or a new one to be enacted.     What say you?

bella vista arkansas real estate: Bad Pun Day - 09/08/11 12:27 AM
Martians are born with just a head. No body, just a head. A Martian came to earth and wanted to be like humans. The doctors said they could add each body part. Each surgery slowly drained him, but he insisted on continuing. During the surgery to attach the final leg, he died. The President asked 'what happened'? The surgeon replied, "He was on his last leg. He should've quit while he was a head.”
My tenth grade grandson just tried to explain his chemistry homework to me.  I tried to look interested, agreed with everything he … (13 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Planet of the Apes - 09/06/11 11:20 PM
I took the wife to see Planet of the Apes today. I hear some of my close relatives have starring roles. I'm gonna try and not make any trouble today but if some buffoon is sitting in front of me texting, I can't make any promises.

bella vista arkansas real estate: Favorite subject MATH - 09/04/11 01:02 AM
Favorite subject MATH
Thought that would get your attention now for the rest of the story.  It seems there was this math professor who took five of his top students and gave them a difficult problem to solve.  He also said the problem could be solved.  Until they solved the problem they had no other assignments.  As time wore on the students began to throw up their hands and fall out exclaiming they could not solve this perplexing and difficult problem. 
Finally all the students except one had given up.   The one student who didn’t with some more time … (8 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Confidence - 09/02/11 11:04 PM
I was at church this last Sunday and the pastor was talking about confidence.  Of course as one who always am interested in boosting my business this got me to thinking. 
You as an agent do you exude confidence to your clients?  Do you know the listing, buyer, contracts and are you comfortable with them or do you really know them?  The difference is not much but people can tell by the way you present the contracts whether you know them or not.  Be confident and show confidence in yourself and your work.  Remember if you don’t someone … (7 comments)

bella vista arkansas real estate: Just Because - 08/31/11 11:03 PM
Took a muscle relaxer for my back and I am suddenly sooo sleeeeepy…ZZZ-zzzz-ZZzzz-hngGGggh-Ppbhww-zZZzzzZZ
The front door was accidently left open and our dog was gone.  After unsuccessfully whistling and calling, my wife got in the car and went looking for her.  She drove around the neighborhood for some time with no lick.  Finally she stopped beside a couple out for a walk and asked if they had seen our dog.  “You mean the one following your car?”

bella vista arkansas real estate: Dallas TX and parkin - 08/28/11 01:07 AM
This was just brought to my attention so I checked it out and it is true.  I put my own slant so not to copy someone else’s’ work
Beginning January 1, 2009 the Dallas Police Department will begin enforcing the Uninsured Motorist Ordinance, approved by the Dallas City Council on May 28, 2008. Under this ordinance drivers stopped for a traffic violation who cannot show proof of auto insurance meeting state requirements will be issued a citation and will have his or her vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. The City already tows the vehicles of uninsured motorists involved … (8 comments)

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