southwest missouri real estate: Always be “apologetic” to your clients. - 10/20/10 11:08 PM
Here again don't go reading anything into the heading (topic) until you hear the rest of the story as Paul would say.  But I have news for you; you do this every day if you're in the business.  Why you may ask well I'll be glad to tell you.  You do this because that's what you were taught to do.  The meaning of (a pal e jet' ik), defending in writing or speech; vindicating.  Now there are those who might not agree with me but if it's not in writing it did not happen.  If it's not in writing it does … (6 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Do you listen? - 10/19/10 11:41 PM
Ok imagine yourself in class and the instructor is talking but are you listening?  If the instructor stopped in the middle of a sentence and asked each student to write on a piece of paper what he just said how many do you think would get it right?  First is the instructor communicating and of course he (she) is but are you receptive?  Do you actively listen and act or do you hear what is being spoken?  All good questions and the only one that can answer them is you.  So I ask you again do you listen.  It's a great … (15 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Don’t get caught in a “gulfy”. - 10/19/10 12:06 AM
Man I have only been involved in this once in my real estate career.  Don't want to do it again.  The taste is not a good one and it lingers for awhile.  It depends on you but I can assure you it will happen to you sooner or later.  It can't be avoided and all I can hope for is that it does not happen more than once.  Oh by the way the meaning of (gul' fe) full of whirlpools.  Stay out of the whirlpools and enjoy the day.  Join wordsmith on Activerain.

southwest missouri real estate: Serve your clients from a “nappy”. - 10/17/10 11:04 PM
Ok I can see it in your faces "he said what"?  Yep I said it and I'll stand by it.  I serve my clients from a nappy.  While looking over the Webster © I found this word and immediately thought to use it.  Don't go reading anything into this as you know the English language is tricky at best.  Anyway the meaning of (nap' e) a small shallow, flat bottomed dish for serving food.  Serve you clients from a nappy through the real estate procedure and it will be a feast for all.  Join wordsmith on Activerain.

southwest missouri real estate: Don’t “oppugn” another agent. - 10/16/10 11:12 PM
You can do this if you want.  I don't recommend it but I know it happens.  Yes I have done it myself but I have regretted it as soon as it left my mouth.  Sad to say it happens often in our business.  Remember what go around comes around and it might come back to haunt you.  The meaning of (e pyoon') to oppose with argument, criticize adversely; call into question.  Unless you're a perfectionist in everything you do don't throw stones I have and when they bounce back they hurt.  Join wordsmith on Activerain. 

southwest missouri real estate: Anger is one letter short of danger. - 10/15/10 11:53 PM
When I was in law enforcement I could not tell you the times I responded to a domestic call.  That is one of the most dangerous calls you can respond to.  If you arrest the relative, spouse, or friend the other one you did not arrest may turn on you and now you're fighting with two not one.  The point, don't let another agent or client get under your skin and get angry and don't give them the opportunity to do that to you.  The results will come back on you no matter if you win.  Word will get out and … (7 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: The older I get the more I “depilate”. - 10/14/10 11:05 PM
It all started years ago when of course I was younger.  It was something I could not help and I had no control over it.  As the years went on I just came to understand it happens to some people not only males.  Now what happened to me is "in" as that a lot of people do this and it's stylish to have this.  The meaning of (dep' e lat): to deprive of hair, to remove hair from a part of the body.  I know you can't tell or notice but I'm follicle deprived.  Join wordsmith on Activerain. 

southwest missouri real estate: Be a “karyo” to your clients. - 10/13/10 11:01 PM
I never knew I was doing this but I do it daily.  You influence people you never knew and those around you.  You do this to your clients each time you take a listing.  You do this to your buyers also.  The meaning of kar'e o: the nucleus of a cell.  Be the nucleus and hold the seller and buyer close to you and complete the real estate transaction.  Join wordsmith on Activerain.

southwest missouri real estate: Do you feel sometimes the real estate market is just a game of “jackstraws”? - 10/12/10 10:44 PM
If you don't know the game just stay in this market and sooner or later you'll know what I'm talking about.  In this game (market) by the time you go through all the hoops and loops to get a home under contract there still is the anticipation it may all fall apart.  The meaning of jackstraw: a narrow strip of wood, plastic etc. used in a game played by tossing a number of such strips into a jumbled heap and trying to remove them one at a time without moving any of the others.  Aren't some of the deals your trying … (6 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Do you have faith in what you do not see? - 10/11/10 09:55 PM
When I started in this business I thought okay I'll get my license and sit at a desk.  People will line up to call me and I'll make money and not do much.  Goes to show you what I knew.  Anyway do you have faith the market will turn around?  Do you believe it has hit its low?  If so hold onto your wallet while I don't think it has hit its low I do believe it is close and the market will come back like gangbusters.  Have faith wait and see.  It's a great day to buy or sell a … (40 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: “Connotation” between the agent and client is essential. - 10/10/10 11:41 PM
I bet when you first read the heading thought or visions started creeping into your mind.  Maybe it was a client you have now or one you had in the past.  Of course you know this is going to be real estate related so how can I use connotation in real estate?  Well the meaning of kan' e ta'shen is: logic possessed by all the objects in a term's extension.  The terms extension is the real estate contract.  Keep your clients abreast of all that's going on so there are no surprises.  Join wordsmith on Activerain.  It's a great day to … (4 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Well I can’t say I never again. - 10/09/10 10:00 PM
Yesterday I had nothing to do in the morning.  No lawn work, no golf nothing.  I am an early riser that is to say about 04:00 to 05:00 AM I am up and greeting the day.  I did this for years and I do not need an alarm to wake up.  Anyway there I was in slumber land and my eyes popped open at 04:31.  I thought just a minute more since there was nothing to do.  Next thing I knew it was 07:10 and the day was shot.  I wasted about 3 whole hours sleeping.  At my age I can't afford … (17 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Be in “consort” with you clients - 10/09/10 01:40 AM
Now don't read anything into this.  As you know the English language with any one word it can have several meanings.  So what were the visions you had when you read the title shame on you? J  Ok now that is out of the way the meaning of (kan' sort) to be in harmony or agreement; be in accord.  So be in harmony and agreement with your buyers or sellers.  Go over the real estate contract with them and counsel them along the way.  Be the agent you would like to have if you were in their shoes.  Join wordsmith on … (8 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Are you righteous in your own eyes? - 10/07/10 11:08 PM
Don't read anything into this.  No revenge here just straight up talk.  Put yourself in your client's shoes and tell me do you keep them informed about what's going on?  If it were you would you feel comfortable?  If so congratulations and my hats off to you if not then work on it.  Have a good day.  It's a great day to buy or sell a home.

southwest missouri real estate: We are the “cadre” to the public - 10/06/10 11:16 PM
Don't you just love it when you're thinking of a word and you think you know how to spell it? As your looking another one jumps out at you that fits what you're trying to say better than the original.  That's what happened here.  The meaning of (ka'dre) a small unified group organized to instruct or lead a larger group.  We are the cadre to your clients.  Take control and lead them through the real estate transaction.  Join wordsmith on Activerain.  It's a great day to buy or sell a home.

southwest missouri real estate: Don’t “nixie” your client’s mail. - 10/05/10 10:56 PM
This is why I don't do this.  I have wasted a lot of money and time when I do this that is why I type everything because of my handwriting.  I just hate it when I did this in the past.  But never fear I don't have the worse of this it is reserved for my buddy.  His hen scratch is by far in illegible in anyone's imagination.  The meaning of (niks' e) a piece of mail with an incorrect, incomplete or illegible address usually not deliverable.   Make it deliverable in your writing or contracts you'll be happy and so will … (9 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Be careful of what you say or be sued for “malediction”. - 10/04/10 09:56 PM
Ok in my former line of work we did this all the time.  Of course this was not about the general public but other law enforcement people it was just common practice.  Was most of it true of course it was so maybe we did not do this?  But and I caution you in this "politically correct" society that we live in you need to be cautious.  What is the meaning of (mal' e dik' shen) a calling down of evil on someone, evil talk about someone?   Don't give your clients anything to be malediction about you.  Be honest and fair … (5 comments)

southwest missouri real estate: Ugly faces - 10/04/10 12:08 AM
So as the story goes a young man was making faces in class.  The teacher approached him and told him this.  "When I was young I was told if I made faces my face would get stuck and it would look that way for life".  The young man thought for a moment and told the teacher "Well you were warned".  Don't make faces when you tell your clients about the market, you've been warned...J

southwest missouri real estate: Keep your fork the best is yet to come. - 10/03/10 12:19 AM
You've been there time and time again.  When you go to a restaurant and you finish with the main course you keep your fork for the dessert.  How about when you're at a family outing and the host comes around and tells you to keep your fork the best is yet to come.  What visions goes on in your head.  How about that apple pie your so fond of or the bowl of homemade ice cream.  So save your fork cause in real estate the best is yet to come.

southwest missouri real estate: Real estate past, present and future - 10/02/10 12:52 AM
For those who are still in the business remember when you represented the seller no matter who you were working for "buyer beware" phrase.  Now there are forms for this and forms for that some are good and some are not so good.  So I was wondering what the future holds for agents and how many more forms are there going to be.  Anyway by the time it gets to bad I'll be retired again but it gets one to wonder when the forms will stop.  Just thinking out loud.  It's a great day to buy or sell a home.

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