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Certified Mortgage Planner, Certified FICO Pro and Certified Military Housing Specialist blogging about mortgages, real estate, economics, politics and community events.
Did you hear the big news today? White House: 650,000 jobs created or saved under President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan. As is in my nature I wanted to know a little bit more about how this number was figured and how is that possible with such high unemployment. So I clicked over to REC...
I was playing with my son this evening and was kindly reminded about the simple joys in life. He didn't do anything extraordinary or say something ridiculously funny. He just looked at me and I could see the love in his eyse and happiness in his smile. As I was absorbing in this magical moment, a...
Last week, I attended what has grown into one of the biggest business-to-business networking events in Porter County, Indiana. This event has become an annual event and is known as Chamber Network Night. Through the efforts of the Porter County Chamber Coalition, over 150 businesses were represen...
While reading some morning articles of interest, I stumbled upon an article by Kelle Sparta of Sparta Success Systems with the headline Play The "Everything I Remember About This Client" Game. In the article, Kelle alludes to the fact that clients at the end of a transaction simply become a maili...
Did your hear that President Obama declared earlier this afternoon that H1N1 flu (aka swine flu) outbreak a national emergency? According to the press release, there have been a 1000 deaths associated with swine flu. Of the 1000 deaths nearly 10 percent have been children. It is sad to hear about...
When ever I have an opportunity to speak with Realtors throughout Northwest Indiana about real estate market trends, there is always confusion about the value of their listings relative to the competition. The first evidence that is always presented is the comparative market analysis that if done...
Since early fall 2008, much has been said and written about the importance of first time home buyers to the stability of the housing market. Most tenured real estate professionals understand the domino affect that can occur by way of the first time home buyer. Historically speaking this mind set ...
Last weekend my 4 year old son and I made a field trip to Fair Oaks Farms located in Fair Oaks Indiana based on a recommendation from Wende Burbridge who is the Assistant Sales Manager with Lakeshore Public Television. Growing up on a farm as a kid, I initially did not want to make the trek as Fa...
Did you hear this morning's headline? J.P. Morgan Crushes Profit Expectations  How could a big bank in an industry that was on the brink of total colossus failure a year ago produce earnings of $3.6 billion for one quarter? First of all, let's examine the simple concept that all financial institu...
Today kicked off the 4th annual Money Smart Week® Wisconsinand will continue until Saturday, October 17th. For those who are not familiar, Money Smart Week is a series of more than 200 free educational classes, seminars and activities designed to help consumers better manage their personal financ...

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